13 Best Portuguese restaurants in Montreal Updated 2022

There are tons of great restaurants in Montreal, but we’re not talking about those. We’re talking about the best Portuguese restaurants in Montreal that have a real edge on the competition.

Since that time, there have been a number of new restaurants open up that are very good. Some of them even outshine some of the older ones I previously listed as being among the best.

So, what I’ve done here is re-evaluated all the data, added a few new restaurants to the list, and updated the post with the new information.

We’ve rounded up 13 of the best Portuguese restaurants in Montreal. All are superb and offer a different experience. There’s something for everyone.

Best Portuguese Restaurants in Montreal

Aldea Cuisine Portugaise

Address: 4403 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Z8, Canada
Website: http://www.aldeamtl.com/

Phone: 514-843-6464

The traditional Portuguese food served at Aldea, which takes its cues from the country’s small towns, lends the restaurant a genuine Portuguese feel.

Quality seafood and meats are served in a bright, airy atmosphere with a distinct Portuguese flair. With a big wine cellar, you’ll be tempted to sample one of the many bottles of wine on offer.

Casa Portugaise

Address:  3060 Bd Saint-Joseph, Lachine, QC H8S 2P4, Canada
Website: https://www.casaportugaise.ca/

Phone: 514-637-2202

At Casa Portugaise, you may enjoy a beautiful view of the Lachine Canal as you eat.

This restaurant specializes on Portuguese cuisine and offers a wide variety of options, including chicken (thigh, breast, half-chicken), spare ribs, and octopus.

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It’s a seafood lover’s dream: the fisherman plate, which also includes cod fish cakes, is ideal. Casa Portugaise serves “flambé” natas as a delicious ending to your dinner.

Ferreira Café

Address: 1446 Peel St, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1S8, Canada
Website: http://ferreiracafe.com/en/

Phone: 514-848-0988

Ferreira, a downtown Montreal restaurant, has made a name for itself in the city’s dining scene. Authentic and generous Portuguese food is on offer here.

The dinnerware themselves, as well as the restaurant’s atmosphere, are works of art in and of themselves.


Address: 1108 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O, Montréal, QC H3A 1M7, Canada
Website: http://www.campomtl.com/

Phone: 514-903-9639

From the Ferreira family, Campo is one of our favorites. A canteen-style restaurant that specialized in chicken that is locally raised and fed only natural grains has our seal of approval!

Even if it’s served as guédille, sandwich or poutine, the chicken’s quality is unrivaled. Eat in the restaurant or have it delivered to your door.

Jano Grillades

Address: 3883 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1X9, Canada
Website: http://www.janogrillades.ca/

Phone:  514-849-0646

You’ve definitely heard of Jano Grillades before; they’ve been serving up grilled meats on Saint-Laurent Boulevard since 1947. They’re a household name.

You may experience the greatest regional delicacies in a pleasant and inviting atmosphere at this restaurant.


Address: 438 McGill St, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2G1, Canada
Website: http://www.restauranthelena.com/

Phone: 514-878-1555

Helena’s cuisine is nothing short of exceptional. You’ll be greeted in Montreal’s Old Port in a welcoming, vibrant, and contemporary setting. When you enter the doors, you’ll be greeted by an intriguing setting.

Chef Helena Loureiro has created a Portuguese-inspired meal. Indulge with a glass or two of Portuguese wine from their extensive range.


Address: 49 Chem. de la Grande-Côte, Boisbriand, QC J7G 1C8, Canada
Website: http://www.restaurant-escudo.ca/

Phone: 450-419-0000

Escudo is a modest restaurant with just seven seats accessible for diners who want to eat there. You’ll immediately realize that this is more of a location where you order a takeout than eat in.

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Let yourself be drawn to the 1/4 chicken, which according to regulars would be their favorite dish at Escudo, despite its diminutive size.

I highly recommend the 5 or 6 person combo if you’re intending to host a party at home with some pals.

Casa Minhota

Address: 3959 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Y4, Canada
Website: http://www.casaminhota.com/

Phone: 514-842-2661

You’ll be charmed by Casa Minhota’s “cachet” of the Mediterranean as soon as you enter. The little blue ceramic tiles that adorn the walls enliven the soul even before a single mouthful has been taken.

Many options are available on the menu to satisfy your cravings for traditional Portuguese fare. Their fish meals are quite tasty, so you should know that before you go there.

Boca Iberica

Address: 12 Rachel St W, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1G1, Canada
Website: http://www.bocaiberica.ca/

Phone: 514-507-9996

The service at Boca Iberica, a Portuguese restaurant on Rachel street, is so attentive that you’ll be surprised when you arrive.

This restaurant has a fun atmosphere that invites you to spend time with your friends and family as you eat.

Boca Iberica uses only the freshest and most flavorful ingredients in all of its meals, and you may enjoy your meal on the patio in the summer.


Address:  115 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2W 1C8, Canada
Website: https://www.romados.co/

Phone: 514-419-5515

Romados, a prominent and well-known chain of supermarkets, is tucked away in the rear. It’s been a great success in the Portuguese chicken stakes.

With their real chicken, enthusiasts would do everything it takes to get their hands on it. It’s known as one of the greatest places in Montreal to eat in, take out, or have delivered.

Romados is both a rotisserie and a bakery, serving up freshly baked Portuguese bread to everyone who visit.

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Portus 360

Address: 777 Bd Robert-Bourassa, Montréal, QC H3C 3Z7, Canada
Website: http://portus360.com/

Phone: 514-849-2070

Helena Loureiro’s Portus 360 is another another success story.

This restaurant is located on the 30th floor of a skyscraper that provides a stunning 360-degree view of the city of Montreal, and it serves up some of the best Portuguese cuisine you’ll ever taste. You’ll enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


Address: 8261 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2P 2M1, Canada
Phone: 514-389-0606

Braseiro is a charming restaurant in Montreal’s Villeray neighborhood that serves Brazilian cuisine.

With its warm and welcoming vibe, this is the perfect spot for a classic and family-oriented night out in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

They also use the traditional charcoal grilling process to guarantee that the natural tastes of the meat are preserved. We encourage that you make a reservation because the costs are low and the food is great, making it a popular spot.

L’étoile De L’océan

Address: 101 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2W 1C8, Canada
Website: http://letoiledelocean.ca/

Phone: 514-844-4588

There is a 100-year-old structure in Montreal’s Rachel street where L’Étoile de L’Océan restaurant has been established since 1971.

As one of the oldest Portuguese restaurants in Montreal, L’étoile de L’Océan’s varied menu necessitates a visit to Rachel street for all those who enjoy the food of the country.

There’s also a wide variety of Portuguese wines to choose from. Enjoy!


If you’re looking for some of the best Portuguese restaurants in Montreal, then check out this list! These are some of the best restaurants for a nice night out with friends or family.

Check out the menu for each restaurant, and be sure to read reviews from other customers to find the one that fits your taste.

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