The 10+ Best Restaurants Portuguese Chicken in Montreal 2022

It’s no secret that Portugal is a culinary powerhouse. With a booming economy and a long history as a seafaring nation, Portugal has had an outsized influence on food and drink.

Restaurants in Canada are all kinds of delicious. Some are old and quaint, while others are modern and sleek. One thing is for certain, they are all amazing! I’ve compiled a list of my favourite restaurants in Canada to date.

Today, I am going to introduce you to the 10 best restaurants Portuguese chicken in Montreal that have won the best food awards, and I am also going to explain why these are the top restaurants for Portuguese chicken.

The best Portuguese chicken in Montreal: our suggested addresses

Rôtisserie Portugalia

Address:  34 Rue Rachel Ouest Montréal QC H2W 1G1

Phone: 514-282-1519

Portugalia, a modest and unassuming restaurant on the Plateau Mont-Royal, serves excellent Portuguese-style grilled pork. Take-out meats and salads have been available since it first opened its little counter in 1994.

As the restaurant’s popularity grew, it was able to add a dining room to its original location on Rachel Street West.

All the grilled chicken and the fiery ribs are favorites of Neil’s customers, he admits, but he’s not the only one who thinks so.


Address: 1108 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest Montréal QC H3A 1M7

Website: http://www.campomtl.com/


With a focus on fresh and nutritious Portuguese chicken, Campo is a new fast-casual restaurant in downtown Los Angeles that launched in September 2016.

The Ferreira Group’s fourth establishment has been a resounding success. For the most part, Le Campo serves only the best in Portuguese grain-fed, hormone-free chicken.

The fact that they know this just enhances the flavor of their chicken.

Ma Poule Mouillée

Address:  969 Rachel Street East Montreal QC H2J 2J2

Website: http://mapoulemouillee.ca/

Phone: 514-522-5175

Ma Poule Mouillée, a Portuguese restaurant in Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood, was founded in 2013. You don’t come to Ma Poule Mouillée to sit for hours; you come here for a quick bite or to get takeout.

Poutine with So Jorge cheese, grilled chicken and chorizo, and grilled meats such as chicken, squid, octopus, sardines, and cod are among the options on the menu.

Cantine Emilia

Address:  7901 Rue Saint-Dominique Montréal QC H2R 1X8

Website: https://www.cantineemilia.com/

Phone: 514-543-4313

Cantine Emilia, a tiny gourmet restaurant in Villeray, has been open since August 2018 and provides great Portuguese dishes.

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Portuguese chicken is in the restaurant’s list of offerings. It’s delicious, tender, and perfectly roasted. It’s also great with their spicy sauce, which we prefer.

Coco Rico

Address:  3907 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal QC H2W 1X9

Website:  cocoricomtl.com

Phone: 514-849-5554

Coco Rico, a Portuguese rotisserie in Montreal, has been open since 1970! Chicken and potatoes fried in chicken fat are two of the most popular dishes at this family-owned restaurant in the area.

A wide selection of meats are also available to be cooked at the restaurant. This is a simple, no-frills eatery that serves take-out. Aside from that, there are around 10 chairs at the counter.


Address:  1292 Rue Jarry Est Montréal QC H2P 1X1

Website: http://www.imperiogrill.com/

Phone: 514-721-5665

The charcoal-grilled meats at Império Grill in Villeray, which has been open for several years, are some of the best in the area. There is a laid-back feel to the place, and everyone is quite welcoming.

We dine on grilled chicken, sausages, Portuguese sandwiches, and other delicacies from Portugal in a comfortable setting. Just the way we like it: a local hangout!


Address:  3883 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal QC H2W 1X9

Website: http://www.janogrillades.ca/

Phone: 514-849-0646

Jano, a Montreal institution, has been open for more than 40 years (!). Unpretentious restaurant on the Plateau Mont-Royal always attracts new customers who join the numerous regulars there.
It’s one of our most popular dishes: grilled chicken with a substantial serving of salad and potatoes. Other grilled meats on the menu include lamb and pig as well as rabbit.
Salmon and sardines are two of our favorite seafood dishes. A warm and welcoming location with a sense of community.

Chez Doval

Address:  150 Rue Marie-Anne Montréal QC H2W 1A5



There haven’t been any major changes to this quaint Portuguese rotisserie since it opened in 1974! Even though it’s little and doesn’t appear like much, the value here is outstanding.

Grilled meat, fish, and seafood are all on the menu at this restaurant. The wine list at the residence is also reasonably priced. Occasionally, a guitarist comes to play the bamba in the convivial ambiance.


Address:  115 Rue Rachel Est Montréal QC H2W 1C8

Website: https://www.romados.co/

Phone: 514-419-5515

A wide variety of Portuguese delicacies may be found at this counter, which provides rapid and efficient service. If you’re looking for something quick and easy to grab for lunch or supper, Romados is a wonderful option.

You may serve Romados’ Portuguese chicken to guests at any time, even on the spur of the moment. This dish has a substantial serving size, is delicious, and evokes memories of Portuguese cuisine.

Keep an eye out for nata on your next visit.

Rotisserie Mavi

Address: 5327 Av. Gatineau, Montréal, QC H3T 1X1, Canada

Phone: 514-340-9664

This unassuming nook in Cote des Neiges has consistently provided me with the best Portuguese chicken this side of the St.Laurent River, without fail (blvd).

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This chicken has a fantastic smoky flavor when it’s grilled over a wood charcoal grill. The chicken comes out of the brine after being marinated in a mixture of secret spices, a process to which I was briefly witness.

There is a chance I am mistaken and the whole thing was staged to deceive me. Even if the bird is cooked, why is it called a rotisserie?

The chicken could be cooked over a raging gasoline fire if you like, and I will still eat it in one of their fantastic Portuguese rolls regardless.


Address: 438 McGill St, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2G1, Canada

Website: http://www.restauranthelena.com/

Phone: 514-878-1555

Helena Loureiro, better known as Portus Calle, has opened a second restaurant in the financial zone of the Old Port, Portus Calle.

The traditional Portuguese chicken is transformed into a Cornish bird and the fries into handmade chips in a more upscale restaurant.

Much more flavorful and delicate than a larger chicken. The styrofoam container is clearly out of place in the context of the nitty gritty Portuguese chicken equation when compared to the presentation and plating.

Helena’s spicy sauce is restrained yet noticeable, thanks to her own unique combination of spices. There’s nothing better than munching on chips that look like chicken skin.

Ma Poule Mouillée

Address:  969 Rachel St E, Montreal, Quebec H2J 2J2, Canada

Website: http://mapoulemouillee.ca/


This list would not be complete without Ma Poule Mouillée, the institution founded by Portuguese immigrants in 1984. This restaurant is a must for lovers of grilled chicken and seafood.

The specialty of the house is, of course, chicken but you can also find fish, octopus, shrimp, and lobster on the menu.

The atmosphere is friendly and the prices affordable, which make it a place that’s always packed during weekends. You can buy Ma Poule Mouillée chicken by the kilo to take home, as well.

Da Silva

Address:  8063 Av. André Ampère, Montréal, QC H1E 3J5, Canada

Website: https://www.lesviandesdasilva.ca/


The Da Silva family’s first restaurant is a small place that serves Portuguese delicacies. The menu includes dishes like cod fish, octopus salad, and grilled chicken.

The smoke flavor has nothing to envy to the best rotisseries in town, which makes it truly unique. You can also buy their homemade gravy mixes at the restaurant or on their website to make your own dishes.

Pâtisserie Lajeunesse

Address:  533 Rue Gounod, Montréal, QC H2R 1B8, Canada

Website: http://www.patisserielajeunesse.com/

Phone: 514-272-0362

The best place to buy Portuguese pastries is Pâtisserie Lajeunesse, which has been serving traditional pastries for over half a century.

Among their offerings are the almond tarts (pasteis de nata), which come in flavors like chocolate, coconut, and banana. You can also find kites, or pasteis, which are filled with chicken or beef.

The pastries are very popular among the large Portuguese community in Montreal’s east end area, where many of these establishments are located.

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You can also buy their products online on their website or visit one of their four locations throughout Montreal.


Address:  3124 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal, QC H1Y 2M3, Canada


Bairrada is a restaurant specializing in chicken rice, a popular dish from the Alentejo region of Portugal.

The dish’s main ingredients are chicken and rice, which can also be served with additional accompaniments such as sausage or garlic shrimp.

You can buy their meat marinades at Maison Boulud if you prefer to do the cooking at home. Their version of chicken rice is particularly hearty and flavorful, so if you want to give it a try, this is your place!


Address:  2079 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, Quebec H3H 1M6, Canada

Website: https://grillados.ca/


Grillado’s is a small chain of restaurants that serves Portuguese-style grilled chicken. The chicken is marinated in a secret sauce and then grilled to perfection.

They have a few locations throughout Montreal, so you’re likely to find one close to you. The chicken is served with your choice of sides, such as fries, rice, salad, or soup.

You can also buy their chicken by the pound to take home with you. So if you’re in the mood for some delicious grilled chicken, be sure to check out Grillado’s!


The 10+ Best Restaurants Portuguese Chicken in Montreal updated for 2022. We have a lot of restaurants to explore, so check out my guide to the Top 50 Restaurants in Montreal.

You will find lots of tips on what to eat, where to go, and the best time to visit. If you have your own recommendations, please share them with us in the comments below. Thanks for reading.


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