20 Best Places to Shop in Montréal Updated 2022

From its history as a military outpost, to its role as a melting pot of different cultures, Montréal has a lot to offer in terms of shopping and entertainment.

We’ve scoured the city of Montreal for the best places to shop, from small independent boutiques to malls with major retailers.

From fashion to food to electronics, we’re here to give you a head start when it comes to planning your shopping trip.

This is a list of the top 20 best places to shop in Montréal. It’s the ultimate guide to Montreal shopping!

Best Shopping Malls and Centers in Montréal

Plaza St Hubert

Address: 6841 Rue St-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2S 2M7, Canada

What are you looking for? You may then find over 400 vendors gathering under the beautiful green awnings at Plaza St. Hubert Street.

Glamourous nightclub attire and formal clothes, such as bridal gowns, are all shown here.

Since 1954, it has been a haven for serious shopaholics looking for great deals on shoes, brand name apparel, formal wear (including tuxedos and tuxedos), jewelry, lingerie, perfume and cosmetics, knickknacks, electrical products, games, textiles, and cuisine.

You’ll also find a number of excellent eateries and cafés along this route.

To ensure that you obtain the most value for your money, pay attention to the quality. Because it’s one of the best discount districts in north Montreal for the patient shopper, it’s recommended for shopping malls and centers. For an easy trip to Plaza de Mayo, take the train to Jean-Talon, Beaubien, or Rosemont.

Le Village Gai

The Gay Village in Montréal is well-known for its nightlife, but it also offers a slew of amusing boutiques. Walk along Amherst Street and check out the eccentric antique shops like Frip Frap, where you can buy whatever you want.

Retro dining tables and chairs abound in this space. Second Chance is a vintage shop that specializes on clothing and accessories from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

Men’s clothing from GOD and souvenirs from Quebec craftsmen may be found at KAVIEART.

The infamous Priape is a prominent adult shop known for its crazy displays in its windows. There are several restaurants, cafés and pubs for you to choose from after you’ve had enough shopping.

Vintage stores in the Gay Village make it a good choice for shopping malls and centers. Take public transit or hail a cab because parking is scarce in this area.

Complexe Desjardins

Address: 150 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, Quebec H2X 3Y2, Canada

With 110 shops, a food court, and many restaurants, the Complexe Desjardins is well situated in front of Place-des-Arts and the Place des Festivals.

In addition to the typical huge brands, you’ll also discover a few discount shops and a few boutiques. The public plaza, which is filled with natural light and greenery, is what makes this retail complex so appealing.

Concerts, events, and presentations are hosted there throughout the year. These events take place during the Jazz festival.

It’s within walking distance to the entertainment district, Chinatown, St. Catherine Street, and other attractions, including the Quartier des spectacles (Entertainment District).

Skating, shopping, eating, and seeing a musical all in one place? Where else can you do it? You can get free WiFi connection throughout the property thanks to Sherel’s insider advice.

Marché Bonsecours

Address: 350 Rue Saint-Paul E, Montréal, QC H2Y 1H2, Canada

The majestic dome of the old Marché Bonsecours in Old Montreal is one of the city’s most iconic structures. Nearby church carries the same name.

Former uses for this structure include public market, music hall, Montreal’s city hall, and even the Lower Canadian Parliament. Known for its 15 artisan stores, it became a permanent public market in 1859.

From the members of Le Conseil desmétiers d’art du Québec (Quebec Craft Council), look for creative works of art. You may also dine at a variety of cafes, bistros, and restaurants.

Due to its excellent selection of high-end Quebec designer items, it is recommended for shopping malls and centers. It’s Sherel’s best piece of advice.

Good aid or safe harbor, Bonsecours, was one of the first structures seen by sailors landing at Montreal’s harbour.

Ste-Catherine Street

One of the greatest shopping districts in Canada, Ste. Catherine has more than 1,200 shops. A flurry of high-end boutiques have opened up in the region, attracting wealthy professionals and fashionistas.

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Residents and visitors from English-speaking countries flock to the area. The Eaton Center, Complexe Les Ailes, Place Montréal Trust, Les Cours Mont-Royal, and the famed Underground City are all located in this area of downtown Montreal.

As well as a large market, Catherine offers an excellent food court and several specialty shops. Within walking distance is the 40-million-dollar shopping mecca known as Les Ailes de la Mode.

Because it features the most big box retailers in Montreal and is a popular thoroughfare for consumers in the city’s core, this area is ideal for shopping malls and centers.

Sherel’s insider tip: Atwater Street is the starting point for the main shopping district. All of the major commercial complexes and establishments may be found along Ste Catherine to the east.

RÉSO (or La Ville Souterraine)

Address: 747 Rue du Square-Victoria #247, Montréal, QC H2Y 3Y9, Canada

From the members of Le Conseil desmétiers d’art du Québec (Quebec Craft Council), look for creative works of art. You may also dine at a variety of cafes, bistros, and restaurants.

Due to its excellent selection of high-end Quebec designer items, it is recommended for shopping malls and centers. It’s Sherel’s best piece of advice.

Good aid or safe harbor, Bonsecours, was one of the first structures seen by sailors landing at Montreal’s harbour.

120 above ground portals lead to Place Bonaventure, the Windsor Station, Les Cours Mount-Royal and the Eaton Centre, as well as the Eaton Centre’s Complexe Les Ailes de la Mode, the Stock Exchange Tower, and the World Trade Center from below.

In 2004, the Underground City was renamed RESO/ La Ville Souterraine after a rebranding effort. Leave your cold coat at the hotel and go shopping all night at the subterranean mall.

For this reason, it’s ideal for shopping malls and centers that cater to those looking for a warm place to shop throughout the winter.

Expert tip: The term RÉSO is a homophone of the French word réseau, which translates to “network of tunnels” in English.

L’avenue du Mont Royal

Address: 922 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, Quebec H2J 1X1, Canada

The Plateau district of Montreal is bisected by the funky Mont-Royal Avenue.

It is famed for its many “friperies,” elegant second-hand stores where you may build the “Montreal style” that has made the city famous as Canada’s fashion capital.

More than 300 small businesses line this street, each selling something a little out of the ordinary.

Make sure to look for moderately priced original things, such as stylish hats and jewelry; wonderful shoes; music; books; and other accessories.

At the end of Mount-Royal Avenue, you’ll discover some of the best restaurants in Montreal for lunch, supper, or simply a cup of coffee and a pastry to keep you going as you shop.

Mont-Royal Avenue, a gorgeous retail route that runs through one of Montreal’s most popular districts, with more than 300 shops.

As a post-shopping treat, head west on Mont Royal and you’ll wind up at Mont Royal Park, the mountain, and the commercial district.

Boulevard St Laurent

East and West Montreal have always been separated by “The Main” since its construction in 1792. “The Main” or Saint-Laurent Boulevard, the city’s busiest boulevard, is located in downtown Montreal.

You can see the kaleidoscope of cultures here in the variety of stores. Fashion, home furnishings, jewelry, literature, music, collectibles, and shoes are all available.

In the spring and fall, the city’s sidewalk sales attract bargain-hunters from all over the world. The Main is a terrific spot to dine, drink, and dance.

It’s a great place to buy, dine, drink, and dance for people from both sides of Montreal. Sherel’s advice: It’s the greatest spot in the city to get cuisine from all around the world.

Rue St Denis

Rue Saint-Denis is the greatest place in Paris to have a drink on one of the numerous outdoor patios while seeing the city’s trend-setting residents.

Between Mont-Royal Avenue and Sherbrooke Street, you’ll find a slew of shops showcasing the newest designs from some of Quebec’s best-known designers.

Decor and commodities for the house, special cosmetics and fragrances, unusual jewelry and books and music may also be found in the shop.

When the weather is bright and sunny, here is where shoppers meet for breakfast, lunch, supper, and beverages.

Stores that remain open later in the evening are ideal for pre-dance shopping. It’s one of the greatest sites to buy Quebec designer items at excellent costs, making it ideal for shopping malls and shopping centers.

You may find chic stores in the north of Sherbrooke, while the Latin Quarter in the south has hip clubs and restaurants.

Place Ville Marie

Plaisir Ville Marie is a huge shopping center in the heart of Montreal’s downtown area. The spinning beacon on its roof is the source of the sweeping light patterns seen throughout the night sky.

In addition to the Windsor and Central rail stations, the complex provides direct access to the South Shore bus terminal.

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The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth and the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure are both within a few blocks of Galerie Place Ville Marie, two notable hotels. PVM is the local name for an underground retail mall.

More than 80 upmarket shops and retailers, including a food court and numerous excellent restaurants, can be found in the area.

With the help of Ieoh Ming Pei’s ingenious cruciform construction, natural light is allowed into the building’s core, creating a bright and airy sense in the plaza that is complemented by outstanding public art.

Olives et Épices

For only $12.95 a bottle, you can get a cooking session including the finest ways to use olive oil and lemon-infused oils.

It’s easy to see why Olives et Epices has been a local favorite for so long. This Jean-Talon Market business, owned by the De Vienne family (who are well regarded in the city’s gourmet community), is a veritable institution in the area.

As the name implies, olive oils and spices are the focus here, and you’re almost guaranteed to come across ones you’ve never heard of before.

Spice combinations from Indonesia and African plants that are hard to get yet must-haves are just two examples of the rare.

There is an abundance of aromas and flavors to be found in Olives et Epices. Taste before you purchase is recommended by the proprietors, who are consummate experts in their field.

Spices and oils from all around the world may be found in abundance at this one location. When shopping for these condiments, Sherel’s advice is to take use of the advice of the store’s competent personnel.

L’Art des artisans du Québec

Address: 150 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, Quebec H2X 3Y2, Canada

There are plenty of creative sofa cushions out there. It’s hard to go wrong with hand-blown glass in a variety of colors and patterns.

You’ll discover an ever-changing selection of practical art from some of Quebec’s most prominent artists at surprisingly low rates here.

Among the many options are pottery bowls, vases, glasses, and bottles, as well as textiles and wood sculptures crafted by hand.

Buyers seeking high-quality, distinctive things manufactured by regional and local craftsmen will be delighted by this store’s offerings.

For unique presents and souvenirs from Montreal and Quebec, this is the best place to shop around. Because it’s the only place to locate such a diverse selection of Quebec artists all in one location, it’s a top pick for Best Shopping.

Make sure to keep in mind that the pricing of a given item is dependent on the artist who created it.

Ben & Tournesol

Address: 4937 Sherbrooke St W, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1H2, Canada

Ben & Tournesol is a high-end home décor company. Westmount, a bastion of style in and of itself, is home to some outstanding gifts.

Wool blankets from Avoca, Ireland’s oldest woolen mill, are the current must-haves for the chilly weather.

Shopkeepers work tirelessly to ensure the store is stocked with a wide variety of unusual things including vegan shopping bags and Versace tableware.

In addition to candles scented with ginger, you can get apparel by Paul Frank and Kate Spade’s coffee table book.

On the road from Europe You should look at Arte Italica’s pottery and pewter collections, which are both excellent.

Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything, it’s fascinating to peruse the store’s current offerings. It’s a great last-minute present for someone who’s impossible to purchase for.


Address: 977 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, Quebec H3B 4W3, Canada

Because it’s so easy to overlook Simons, it’s a true local treasure. If you’re planning a trip to Canada, make sure to check out this iconic Quebec department store.

Fashion for the entire family is the focus of Simon’s. If you’re looking for something fun and informal for ladies and girls to wear, Twik is a great option.

The Ste. Catherine West retail district in downtown Montreal is the most frequented store of the province’s seven outlets.

It’s easy to miss among the hundreds of businesses in the neighborhood, so simply ask around and look for the green and white banners and awnings that advertise it.

Because Simons is the sole retailer of Twik, a modern line from young Quebec designers, it is recommended for Best Shopping. Sherel’s best advice: Keep an eye out for the store’s discount products.

Avenue Laurier Ouest

There are plenty of places to eat and drink throughout the eight blocks of shopping if you’re looking for a break from browsing the stores and boutiques or for those who want to do something else entirely.

Between St-Laurent Boulevard and Chemin de la Côte-Ste-Catherine Boulevard on Laurier Avenue West, you’ll find medium to high-end apparel, art galleries, gourmet food stores, and upmarket housewares stores.

There’s something here for everyone in the family, including toys, children’s clothing, books, music, and decorative goods, all within a 10-minute walk of the Laurier metro station.

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Located in one of Montreal’s hippest areas, this shopping strip is a great place to go for some retail therapy. Sherel’s advice: Take public transportation to avoid parking and traffic headaches in this area.

Le Fromentier

Address: 1375 Laurier Ave E, Montreal, Quebec H2J 1H6, Canada

If you’re looking for the best artisanal and organic bakery in Montreal, go no farther than Le Fromentier.

Since 1993, Le Fromentier has been serving the greatest bread and pastries in all of Montreal’s Laurier Avenue east, which boasts more than its fair share of specialized food shops and gourmet cafés.

Several daily deals are offered at the shop, which carries a wide variety of baked goods. However, the excellent chocolate croissants, buttery brioche, baguettes, and cinnamon raisin bread are clearly distinguishable.

Loaves with squash, cumin, cranberries, almonds, olives, and a variety of other ingredients are among the most unusual offerings.

Since Le Fromentier is a local favorite whose reputation has extended throughout the city, it is recommended for Best Shopping. If you want to take advantage of the restaurant’s daily lunch specials, you’ll need to arrive early.

Gourmet Laurier

Address: 1042 Av. Laurier O, Outremont, QC H2V 2K8, Canada

Gourmet Laurier has been a source of inspiration for amateur and professional cooks in Montreal for more than half a century.

Those hard-to-find substances can be found here. Spices, teas, mustards, chocolates, sweets, jams, and a range of oils and vinegars are among the imported treasures.

Only here can you find Puget oil, imported Le Puy lentils and Lustucru pasta. The grocery list includes unusual soaps, rare spices, top-quality extra virgin olive oils, and cheeses and meats from Quebec.

High-end coffee grinders, pepper mills, and other culinary accoutrements may also be found at the shop. Sandwiches are also available for takeout.

Best Shopping recommendation: Gourmet Laurier is the best place to shop for imported goods you won’t find anywhere else. The best advice from Sherel is to check here first if you’re seeking for an unusual substance.

Les Chocolats de Chloé

Address: 546 Av. Duluth E, Montréal, QC H2L 1A9, Canada

Chocolate lovers may peep into the open kitchen to see the making of exquisite delights in this compact, cozy area with shimmering glass shelves in the midst of The Plateau.

It’s easy to see why Chloé and her colleagues are so enthusiastic about talking about their designs.

Valrhona chocolate covers 10 different ganache centers, which include passionfruit, anise, raspberries and Earl Grey tea. The chocolate-dipped marshmallows and salted caramels are also delicious.

Her hot chocolate and French confections have been adored by Montrealers since 2003, when she first opened her business in the city’s trendy Kensington neighborhood.

For Best Shopping, Chloé is a chocolate legend in an overcrowded market. To avoid crowds, Sherel recommends shopping on weekdays rather than on weekends.

Crescent Street

One of Montreal’s best-known fashion districts, Crescent Street, was formerly a popular hangout for students at McGill University and the controversial local writer Mordecai Richler.

A flurry of high-end boutiques have opened up in the region, attracting wealthy professionals and fashionistas. Residents and visitors from English-speaking countries flock to the area.

Get out and explore the neighborhood on foot, stopping whenever and wherever your curiosity takes you.

Crescent Street, one of the city’s most distinctive thoroughfares, stretches from de Maisonneuve Boulevard to Sainte-Catherine Street.

In the event that you become bored of shopping, there are several pubs and cafés that line both sides of the street.

Crescent Street, one of Montreal’s most historic areas, has lately seen a slew of new stores open their doors. Parking is a headache in this famous retail center, so Sherel recommends taking public transportation.

Marche Jean-Talon

Address: 7070 Henri Julien Ave, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3S3, Canada

From fresh fruits and vegetables to local meat and cheese to sweets and dry products, this Montreal icon has been a fixture in the city’s culinary landscape since 1934.

Everyone loves this site. There are stalls upon stalls with the freshest local produce, meats, and seafood, taking up a whole city block.

Everything from baked goods to cheese to maple syrup to ice cream to jams and jellies to charcuterie to wine and beer to olive oil and balsamic vinegar may be found here, whether it’s made or cultivated in the area or imported from afar.

The Jean-Talon Market, a Montreal institution since 1934, is a top choice for best shopping. For the ideal parking experience, Sherel recommends going early in the day and parking under the street level.


As with any type of travel, it is better to have your itinerary mapped out before you arrive at your destination.

By keeping your eyes and ears open, you’ll be able to experience the best of the city while saving time and money. These are the top best places to shop in Montreal in no particular order.

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