15+ Best Paying Jobs in Montreal Don’t Need a Degree Updated 2022

If you’re looking to earn money in a city like Montreal, where salaries are on the rise and jobs are plentiful, it doesn’t matter whether you have a degree or not.

When I was researching where to move to with my wife, we looked at the job market in Montreal, Canada. When it came to finding work, it was quite clear that the pay was better.

We quickly realized that a degree is not a prerequisite to get a job in Montreal. So here’s my top list of the 15+ best paying jobs in Montreal without a degree.

Whether you’re looking for something new or you’ve been out of work for a while, there are a lot of great opportunities available to you.

Best paying jobs in Montreal without a degree

Receptionist – $18.00 per hour

A receptionist is the face of an entire organization or business. It is their responsibility to ensure that customers and clients have a pleasant experience, as they are the first employees to deal with them.

As the first point of contact for customers and coworkers, receptionists must be well-versed in both record-keeping and interpersonal skills.

There are a wide range of employment requirements for a receptionist, which might include knowledge of specialized computers and file systems.

These abilities may be gained if the receptionist shows a strong willingness to learn and improve while on the job. All kinds of businesses use receptionists, allowing for a wide range of career options around the country.

Real Estate Agent: $46,212 – $107, 843.

When it comes to the Canadian housing market, it’s hard to find a sector that looks unstoppable.

Many individuals are turning to real estate brokers for aid in their search for an inexpensive place to call home, whether they live in a large city or a more rural area.

They help customers purchase, sell, rent, and lease many kinds of property, and they get paid well by real estate businesses both for their time and for the commissions they make.

Training programs recognized by the National Association of Realtors must be completed by aspiring real estate agents before they may practice.

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When a real estate agent is certified, they can either work for a major property management company or set up their own firm as a self-employed realtor.

Sales Associate – $15.00 per hour

People will continue to acquire what they need and use on a daily basis regardless of wider economic shifts.

The job of a sales representative is to help clients locate the right goods and services by offering recommendations and getting to know their requirements.

They can work in a store, on the phone, or even via video conferencing, depending on their preference. Even though it might be a low-wage job in retail, it can rise to an average of $23.00 an hour or more.

In order to succeed in sales, you’ll need excellent interpersonal and communication abilities. Sales staff must be able to show tolerance and understanding when dealing with consumers on a regular basis.

Colleges provide a number of business-related certificates that may be completed more rapidly than university degrees for persons who seek to further their profession in sales.

Air traffic controller: $48,000 – $174,002

It’s a well-known fact that this is one of the most stressful occupations in the world. However, if you’re excellent at it, you’ll be able to make good money.

Obtaining an air traffic controller license necessitates not just a high school graduation but also a basic radio telephone operator license.

Also completion of a NAV Canada training course, and an air traffic controller certificate. Workopolis has a number of positions for flight controllers.

Bartender: $20,257 – $43,289

Bartenders aren’t required to disclose all of their earnings, so it’s hard to know exactly how much they make. There are plenty of bartenders that make six-figure salaries, and this waitress is one of them.

It’s possible that your jurisdiction, like Smart Serve, mandates certification. Beyond that, all you’ll need is a charismatic demeanor and the skill to mix beverages (some jobs might require to take a course).

The more money you make, the better you get. You may not want to work evenings for the rest of your life, therefore this may only be a temporary situation.

Executive Chef: $40,184 – $80,921

Some kitchens just require a high school degree for a chef, but you must be able to endure a lot of stress and long hours on your feet to succeed in this career.

However, trade credentials and managerial training are almost certain to be required. Or, if you’re already retired, you may always work part-time as one of the finest professions for the elderly.

Nuclear reactor operator: $73,097 – $232,445

Additionally, operators must have a three- to five-year apprenticeship in power system operation and three or more years of job experience in a related sector (such as electrical or electronic technology) in addition to their high school graduation.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission requires license for control room operators at nuclear power plants, whereas power station operators need a provincial or territorial power engineering or stationary engineering certificate, depending on class.


The average annual salary for an electrician in the Great White North is $62,339 There’s also a lot of interest. A total of 1,290 posts were made within the allocated period.

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Mechanic – $25.00 per hour

People will continue to drive their cars, trucks, and other vehicles, no matter what happens to the economy.

Maintaining and repairing automobiles is the responsibility of mechanics. In order to become a certified auto mechanic, one must pass a series of diploma and training courses, many of which require hands-on experience.

It is possible for mechanics to set up their own repair shop or to provide on-site assistance to drivers in need of repairs.

They can also work for major vehicle repair firms, where they can earn a high hourly wage. There are additional training and certification requirements for mechanics who wish to work on trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Plumber: $33,475 – $84,757

The trade industry continues to provide high-paying and stable employment opportunities.

Depending on their credentials, plumbers can serve a wide range of clients, including residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Specialized training and apprenticeships are often completed in two to three years. This is a more convenient option than a four-year college degree, and it gives hands-on instruction.

Plumbers earn an average yearly salary of $30 per hour, and they can work for construction and maintenance firms or create their own enterprises.

They can also find work as independent contractors. There are extra qualifications that must be obtained in order to provide plumbing services on major properties like factories and building sites.

Court reporter: $33,724 – $72,129

To become a court reporter, you will need to complete a two-year degree program. At least 225 words per minute and near-100 percent accuracy are required for court reporters utilizing steno machines.

Only the CCVS in Toronto, Ontario, and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta, are accredited by the National Court Reporters Association.

Workopolis is a great place to look for court reporting employment.

Garbage Truck Driver

Having a DZ license and decent communication skills is a must, and your hourly wage might range from $15.24 to $25.06.

Realtor: $35,557 – $122,044

There are a lot of variables in the property market that might affect the success of your sales career.

However, to become a real estate agent, you just need a high school diploma, a course in real estate, and a sales permit; however, because millennials want to live in costly cities, you should be alright.

Construction Manager: $39,583 – $126,464

While a bachelor’s degree is required by some companies, many only want on-the-job experience for keeping everything on the up and up on the operations level of a construction site.

It is a great career choice not only because you can make six figures, but also because it has the second highest number of jobs projected by the end of 2018.

Web Developer: $33,458 – $74,504

Many designers and developers are self-taught, and while though some firms may demand a degree, the only actual prerequisite is that you are competent in your field.

“If someone wants to get into this career, it just doesn’t make any sense to obtain a college degree,” one developer remarked in a recent CNN report.

Administrative Assistant and Office Manager: $30,000-$48,000

Administrative assistants and office managers often don’t need a college degree, though many employers prefer to hire those with some post-secondary education.

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A certificate or diploma in business administration can give you the skills you need to work in this field.

Starting salaries are reasonable for entry-level positions, but if you have a professional license, your salary can rise to around $65K per year. However, a six-figure income is within your grasp if you work hard enough.

A master sommelier (one of the ten careers with the most unexpected pay) oversees the wine collection at a high-end restaurant and collaborates with the cooks to create the perfect matches. A sommelier can operate without certification depending on their expertise, however they may be needed to travel to other vineyards to sample their wines.


I have always found that having a job to go to after school is one of the most important things in order to succeed in life. When it comes to finding a job, the competition is very high.

However, many people think that the higher your degree, the better the job. But, in reality, this is not the case. To show you how much of a lie it is, take a look at these 15+ best paying jobs in Montreal, Canada don’t need a degree.



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