The 10 best patisserie in Montreal Update 2022

We’ve been busy on the patisserie scene lately. This time around, we’ve compiled the 10 best patisserie shops in Montreal, Canada. These are the spots that have what it takes to survive and thrive.

Montreal’s patisseries are a city’s ultimate indulgence.

From the classic pastry to the modern macaron, we took an exhaustive look at the cream of the crop to bring you a list of 10 patisseries that have stayed true to their heritage while pushing the boundaries.

Here are the top ten best patisserie shops in Montreal. They are listed in no particular order.

The best patisserie shops in Montreal Update 2022

Sachère Desserts

Address: 1274 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est Montréal QC H2L 2A3


Phone: 514-357-8390

Among the team’s favorites is a stunning dessert store in the Village. Sachère Desserts’ goods are not only delicious, but they are also visually appealing.

Founder and proprietor Sonya Sammut, a pastry chef, is behind this wonderful endeavor. Small cakes, sweets to go, and ice cream are all available at this location throughout the summer months.

Is there anything more you could want? Yes, the pastry shop’s delectable treats may be found all throughout town since they are custom-made for certain locations. Vegan and gluten-free treats are also available at the house!


Address: 6778 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal QC H2S 3C7

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Phone: 514-543-8033

For the first time, Ratafia has opened a wine bar specializing in fine desserts in Montreal. There is just sweet food on the menu here, and it’s all done in a unique and attractive way.

A classic dessert component, ephemeral elements, and a variety of “trous” are all included in the three-part structure of the recipe (festive digestive break).

The house offers a three-course tasting menu for those with a sweet craving, which is available upon request. If you’re looking for a really unique dessert experience, the pastry chef has you covered!


Address: 4615 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest Montréal QC H4C 1S3


Phone: 514-439-5970

Rustique has a rustic and true flavor to it that is sensed as much as you enter into the pastry store as when you eat its handcrafted delicacies, produced with fresh and local ingredients.

Among the great classics of the place, we will discover the lemon meringue pie, the apple pie, the cherry pie. When in season, the pumpkin pie is extremely popular with customers.

Pâtisserie Madeleine

Address: 2105 Rue Beaubien E Montreal, QC H2G 1M5


Phone: (438) 375-1952

Pâtisserie Madeleine is a pastry store located in Ahuntsic -Montréal.

Patrons will discover the most delicious cakes and pastries, from old-fashioned tartes aux fruits to enticing layered sponge cakes, from fanciful chocolates to fragrant croissants.

Them also offer a wide selection of tea and coffee to complete your experience.

Pâtisserie l’Éclaircie

Address: 1382 Rue Ontario E Montreal, QC H2L 1S1


Phone: (514) 544-1382

Pâtisserie l’Éclaircie is an artisanal pastry store located in Montreal’s Centre-Sud borough.

The name of the pastries themselves bear witness to their flavors; for instance, L’Éclair au Thé Vert (green tea) or L’Eclair à la Caramel Fleur de Sel (sea salt caramel).

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The store uses only the finest and freshest ingredients, ensuring that every bite is as delicious as it is beautiful. Stop by today and discover what sets Pâtisserie l’Éclaircie apart from the rest!

Patisserie Samadi et Fils

Address: 5995 Boulevard Gouin O Montreal, QC H4J 2P8


Phone: (514) 315-9572

Patisserie Samadi et Fils is a pastry shop that has been in operation since 1998. Its regular clientele come for the wide assortment of pastries and breads, including croissants, brioches, cakes and more.

Patisserie Samadi also offers catering services and can provide all kinds of desserts and treats for any occasion.

Maison Christian Faure

Address: 355 Place Royale Montréal QC H2Y 2V3


Phone: 514-508-6453

Founded in 1885, Maison Christian Faure is the oldest and most prestigious pâtisserie in Montreal. It is also the only pâtisserie in North America authorized to use the name “Christian Faure”.

This historical landmark offers a unique experience with its Belle Époque decor and unparalleled service. Here, you will find the simplest of creations, made with respect to tradition and savored by generations.

Pâtisserie Lawrence V.

Address: 4685 Avenue du Parc Montreal, QC H2V 4E4


Phone: (514) 845-4685

Owned and operated by Lawrence Vallée, this pastry shop has been a favorite of Montrealers for over 25 years.

Specializing in French pastries, Pâtisserie Lawrence V. offers a wide variety of delicious treats, from croissants and éclairs to tarts and cream puffs. There’s something for everyone at this beloved pastry shop!


Address: 2202 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est Montréal QC H2H 1K4

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Phone: 514-521-9696

Crémy is the brainchild of doughnut king Rémy Couture. Whether you’re in the mood for a chocolate or fruit cake or a date bar, you’ll find it here!

The Joe Crémy puck and the candied lemon and ginger pie are just some of the odd treats available at Crémy, which is as colorful as its proprietor.

Among our favorites are the lemon truck wheel, maple twist, caramel and fleur de sel, and the traditional chocolate doughnut.

Chef Rémy’s doughnuts are among the best in town. Everything here is great for anyone with a sugar craving, and it’s all delicious!

Marius et Fanny

Address: 2006 Rue Saint-Hubert Montréal QC H2L 3Z5

Phone: 514-379-1898

At Tastet, Marius et Fanny is a constant presence.

Our list of the greatest hot chocolates, as well as our list of the best advent calendars and Christmas logs, both feature it, and now we’ve discovered it to be one of the best pastries in town.

Marius and Fanny’s confections may be found at four different places. A variety of fruit-forward pies and cakes, as well as chocolate classics (yes, we do adore chocolate) may be found here.

Marius et Fanny is more than just a bakery; it’s also a pastry store, chocolate shop, and deli.


I believe that our goal was to bring you the 10 best patisseries in Montreal in order to inspire you to have a try. And of course, we’ve done it! So, here’s a list of the 10 best patisseries in Montreal in 2022.

You’ll also find a detailed description of each one of them and a short summary of their key features.

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