The 20+ best parks in Montreal to hitting up the green spaces

The 20+ best parks in Montreal to hitting up the green spaces

In Montreal, nature is everywhere. It’s easy to discover its beauty on foot in the city’s parks, which are scattered across the island.

Have you ever wanted to experience the world famous parks of Montreal, but were intimidated by the fact that it’s the most expensive city in Canada?

And today, you’ll discover 20+ of our favorite parks in the Montreal area. But where to go? Let’s explore some of the best parks for Montrealers looking for a unique getaway.

The 20+ best parks in Montreal to hitting up the green spaces

1. Mount Royal

Made up of three summits—de la Croix, Westmount Summit and Tiohtià:ke Otsira’kéhne—and the city’s eponymous centerpiece, Mont Royal is full with various things to do all year long.

In winter, slopes originally dedicated to cross-country skiing are today used as adrenaline-inducing tobogganing grounds, while warmer months are perfect for hiking and soaking in views of the city.

There’s Beaver Lake which gives a fantastic spot to barbeque and relax, but it’s the northern side you’ll want to visit in summer when Tam-Tams takes place, a big drum circle where many Montrealers can be seen on Sundays.

2. Lachine Canal

European immigrants gave the canal its name in honor of the canal’s original intent: to connect Europe and China via shipping.

Montrealers flock here year-round for the breathtaking vistas and a variety of water and land-based activities, including boat rentals, the annual Dragon Boat Race, camping, and ice skating.

The canal runs beside the Atwater market, making it a great site for a picnic as well. In addition, don’t overlook Otentik, which offers an upscale camping experience in a waterfront cabin.

3. Parc La Fontaine

Parc LaFontaine is a summer paradise for Plateau residents, and no other park can match its beauty, size, and welcoming sentiments. One of the city’s most beautiful parks, the vistas here are undeniable.

In the summer, the park features a huge pond with a fountain that is active, as well as a lot of open area for summer frolicking, boules, and free performances in the amphitheater or skating on the rink in the winter.

4. Jarry Park

Most Montrealers prefer to congregate at the enormous Parc Jarry, which is filled with ancient trees that offer shade on a hot summer’s day.

It’s a microcosm of the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension neighborhood’s multiculturalism, from jam sessions with musicians to full-blown family picnics and couples canoodling.

In the summer, the park has a swimming pool that is free to the public, and in the winter, it is the favorite location for holding athletic activities because of the abundant area and terrain for baseball, basketball, soccer, and ice hockey.

5. Parc Angrignon

Huge homage to 19th-century English gardens, this park can be found at the southern terminus of the metro’s green line.

It’s impossible to see everything that this 200-acre park has to offer in just one visit, thanks to the abundance of trees, open greenspaces, trails, and ponds.

Snowfall transforms this area into a winter wonderland for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating and sledding.

6. Parc Westmount

Residents of Westmount are quite proud of this enormous greenspace, and they are quick to praise it as the most beautiful park in Montreal due to the wonderful landscaping and layout.

The Westmount Public Library, a soccer field, and tennis courts are all located in the park, which is open to the public when the weather permits.

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In addition, there are built-in chess tables and public ping pong tables for those who want to relax with a peaceful game (pieces not included).

7. Parc Maisonneuve

From above, you can still see the links of the inner-city golf course, Parc Maisonneuve, which shares its boundaries with the Botanical Gardens.

In addition to the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, there are other additional green spaces to explore, all of which are a must-see throughout the spring and summer months.

For Quebec’s national holiday, Saint-Jean Baptiste events are held at the park every year. In addition to summer fun, there are year-round activities like visiting the enormous ice skating rink or participating in the annual Ice Bike race.

8. Parc Arthur-Therrien

Verdun’s new beach and the beginning of a complete summer’s worth of visitors may be found in this higher portion of a series of parks that extend from Verdun to LaSalle along the banks of the Saint-Lawrence River.

If you’re in the mood for a little of exercise, you may ride your bike around the bike trails to find bathing sites, public outdoor dancing halls, and the rapids of the river to watch fly fishers cast their lines till the sun goes down.

9. Parc Girouard

Residents of the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough prefer to spend time in this magnificent green jewel of a park.

People living in NDG continue to use the park as a central sanctuary for snatching moments of lush greenery in their daily lives despite the lack of space left behind by the 2017 storm.

For dogs of all sizes, there are two parks in the vicinity, and it’s a terrific place for kids to play because of the large playground and the sprinklers, which are perfect for hot summer days.

10. Jeanne-Mance Park

In the summer, the park’s wide soccer field is used by residents to play friendly matches and in the winter, it’s used to play ice hockey.

There are benches and tree-shaded walkways along Rachel Street where the city’s colorful personalities congregate to chat and play cards or checkers in the shade. Jogging around the park is a fantastic way to get in a few miles of exercise.

11. Parc Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier

This city greenspace, despite its modest size, has developed a following of regulars who use it as a meeting spot.

This facility has a swimming pool, a children’s play area, a baseball field where public teams may train and play as well as a dog park, an outdoor gym, and a nice restroom.

As a bonus, it’s one of the greatest sites to barbeque, with adjacent grocery stores and dépanneurs for supplies.

12. Saint-Louis Square

In spite of its little stature, this urban park square is a great place to take in some classic Plateau architecture and take a break from the city’s bustle.

Taking a seat on one of the benches around the centerpiece fountain, which lights up the area at night, is a great way to observe first dates and panhandlers alike.

At every time of day, from nightfall to dawn to sunset, it’s worth a visit for the architecture alone if not for its closeness to some of France’s best restaurants.

13. Parc Saint-Henri

Even while there are plenty of restaurants and bars along the Lachine Canal and its major boulevard, you don’t necessarily have to stop at one of them to enjoy this borough’s bench-lined bygone town square-cum-park.

In order to get away from the city, this is a great place to spend an afternoon or evening relaxing with Jacques Cartier’s cast iron monument and its fountains at its foot.

14. Saint-Viateur Park

Outremont and Saint-Viateur parks are located in the Outremont borough, which is home to both parks.

Despite its remote location, the town of Saint-Viateur has become a local favorite due to the abundance of neighboring attractions, such as a flowing water feature with ducks and a bridge ideal for leisurely strolls.

Outremont, on the other hand, is a smaller neighborhood with a similar feel but with its own pond and bridge, making it an ideal location for picture shoots.

15. Parc du Pelican

Despite its modest size, this park earned notoriety in 2016 when a herd of sheep were employed to assist with its landscaping.

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Although it has many similarities with Sir Wilfred Laurier in size and function, the pool at Pelican is a popular gathering spot for locals.

If it’s already full, there’s always the Baldwin Park pool close. Regardless of which option you choose, both are cost-free and energizing. The city’s most kid-friendly restaurant.

16. Parc Jean-Drapeau

On both St. Helen’s Island and Ile Notre Dame, Parc Jean-Drapeau has long been a popular Montreal park.

This beautifully maintained park, which was formerly the site of Expo ’67 and is now the course for the Montreal Grand Prix, is home to a wide range of activities to see and do.

The Parc Jean-Drapeau is a great place to take the kids on a fun day trip. There is something to do for everyone, young and old.

If the weather is nice this summer, take a walk or bike ride along nearly 25 kilometers of paths that wind through beautiful gardens and past public art works.

At Jean-Dore beach or the aquatic park, you can cool yourself in the sun if it’s that hot. The youngsters of all ages will have a blast at both of these family-friendly spots.

Try out the floating Aquazilla obstacle course anchored offshore at Jean-Dore beach for an extra dose of thrills.

Explore the park’s rivers in your own kayak or canoe, or join a trip led by a local guide. Grab your binoculars and head out to a secluded area for some birdwatching.

Located on the St. Lawrence River, the park is a popular destination for birdwatchers in Montreal.

The La Guinguatte outdoor area is a great place to relax after a long day of exploring the park or to catch a glimpse of the river and downtown Montreal.

Bring your own food and snag a prime table at a vegan restaurant or dine on their inventive vegan meals. At night, the area is dimly illuminated, and you may be able to see a live concert on the main stage if you’re patient.

The Jean-Drapeau Metro station is a short walk from the park. Shuttle buses stop at all of the island’s most popular sites on a continual basis.

17. Parc National d’Oka

Parc National d’Oka (Oka National Park) is included on this list despite the fact that it is located outside of Montreal. One of the region’s top provincial parks is located around 50 minutes from the city center.

The park is a big forested region with miles of riding, hiking, and walking trails that is situated on the hills along the Ottawa River. You may either bring your own bike or hire one from the concession stand if that is more convenient for you.

Taking a stroll across the park’s hiking paths is a wonderful way to see nature. The La Sauvagine and La Grande Baie routes are two of the most popular.

There’s a strong possibility you’ll see one of the park’s many resident deer as you wander along. The Grande Baie route will soon get a new footbridge, which will improve the experience for hikers.

Water, power, and sewage are available at the park’s huge campsite. Campsites with all the necessary equipment may be rented if you’ve always wanted to go camping but never had the time or money to do so.

The beach in Parc National d’Oka is often regarded as the nicest in the Montreal area. The Ottawa River’s shoreline is covered in sand, so choosing the right spot to build a sand castle is never a problem.

A entertaining and rather insane floating obstacle course is anchored just offshore. Kayaks, pedal boats, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and even miniature sailboats are all available for hire.

Visitors may enjoy cross-country skiing, tobogganing on the sledding hill, and snowshoeing in the park during the winter months.

Park entry and parking costs are both included in the ticket price.

18. RécréoParc

RécréoPark can be found just over the St. Lawrence River from the heart of downtown Montreal. The town of Saint-Catharine is home to this magnificent urban park, which provides easy access to the Saint-Catharine River.

Ile de Seigneur’s journey begins as soon as you cross the lift bridge.

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Are you in the mood for a little R&R? To get to the beach, make a left off River Way and then a right. There is a shoreline all around this man-made lake, which gives it the appearance of having a sandy bottom.

Small green water slides for youngsters are located in the shallow areas of the pool, which is anchored in the middle.

Pavilions overlooking Lachine Rapids, Devil’s Island, and Heron Island can be found at this park. Gourmet sandwiches, salads, poke bowls, cold beverages, and superb coffee are served in the in-house restaurant.

RécréoPark’s walk-in urban campsite is a great option if you’ve ever wanted to try camping but didn’t want to put in the time or effort going to a remote location.

Sites include wooden platforms and seats, and are private. Small wagons have been supplied by the park to help you transport your luggage from the parking area to the site.

There is a huge soccer field just outside the campsite. After the field, you’ll find a ropes course nearby. The park is open to the public, but the beach is not.

19. Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park

The Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park is located on the eastern extremity of the island near Pierrefonds.

Over the course of 330 acres, the park features 12 kilometers of walking paths and 6.5 kilometers of mountain bike tracks that snake through the forests. Winter visitors may enjoy 14 km of cross-country ski routes and two heated chalets.

One of Montreal’s nicest beaches may be found near Cap-Saint-Jacques. Located off the Lake of Two Mountains, it’s a beautiful arc of beach.

It’s a popular summer destination for individuals wishing to get away from the city with shallow water, volleyball nets, and a few picnic tables.

The historic Chateau Gohier is located on a rocky outcrop just a few hundred feet from the seashore.

An eco-farm is another attraction in the park, and it may be accessed from the beach via a different entrance. A visit to the farm is always welcome, as it is open throughout the year.

Fresh produce and preserves are available for purchase in the resort’s on-site shop. You must pay to access the park, and then there is a parking cost.

20. Parc du Mont-Royal

If you’re looking for a city’s answer to New York City’s Central Park, Parc du Mont-Royal is your best bet. There are two belvederes and an artificial lake to take advantage of the stunning views.

Tobogganing is a popular pastime among residents throughout the winter months. On Sundays during the summer, hand drummers congregate on the East side of Central Park to play music. The Mont-Royal Metro station is just a short walk away.

Opening hours: 6am-12am

1260, Chemin Remembrance, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

21. Bois-de-l’Île-Bizard Nature Park

Bois-de-l’Île-Bizard Nature Park, which is located close, offers a similar vibe. Likewise, there’s an ocean here, as well as miles of trails.

If you’re looking for a spot to explore rather than just sit back and relax on a hot summer’s day, this is the place for you. It’s available all year round, so cross-country skiers in Montreal may enjoy the peaceful hikes in the winter.

22. Parc Outremont

One of Montreal’s best-kept secrets is Parc Outremont. Located in a peaceful, green neighborhood, you may expect to see a mix of students and local Hassidic Jews.

If you’re looking for a park with a little fountain and a lot of benches, this is the place for you!

St. Viateur & Avenue Outremont, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Montreal is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While some of the best spots can be found on the islands, the city is filled with many gorgeous parks. There are numerous beautiful parks throughout the city.

Here are 20+ best parks in Montreal. If you are looking for a quiet escape, you may want to check out the Saint Lazare Park, which is located in Saint Lazare, West Island.

If you are a fan of sports, you may enjoy visiting the Jardins des Batignolles or Parc des Batignolles.

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