5+ Best Orthodontists in Montreal, Expert Recommendations

Here at Smileology, we know that choosing an orthodontist is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a kid.

After all, if you aren’t properly cared for while you’re growing up, the results can be pretty disheartening when you are older. 

If you or a loved one is looking for an orthodontist in Montreal who offers top-notch orthodontic care, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 orthodontists in Montreal so that you can easily select the best doctor for your family’s orthodontic needs.

Today we are going to show you which Orthodontists are the best around Montreal!

5+ Best Orthodontists in Montreal

Dr. Normand Bach – Dr. Normand Bach Orthodontiste

747 Rue Roy Street East, Montreal, QC H2L 1E1

Website: orthodontistemontreal.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  (514) 340-2224

In Montreal, Dr. Normand Bach is regarded as one of the best orthodontists around. As a result of his PhD and residency at Notre-Dame Hospital in Montreal, he is qualified to practice dentistry.

When he finished his master’s degree in science at the University of Montreal, he went on to become an orthodontist.

He is a member of the Canadian, American, and worldwide associations of orthodontics, as well as the Quebec Dental Association.

The clinic in Montreal is operated by Dr. Bach. This doctor’s clinic provides a variety of therapy choices to meet the diverse needs of each patient.

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They use a variety of therapy approaches based on your specific needs, and they provide attentive care and service throughout the course of your treatment. Dorval and Saint-Léonard are also home to the clinic.

Dentist specializing in Invisalign treatment, Incognito Lingual appliance growth appliances, Tongue Positioning, Thumb sucking, Braces, Metal, Retention, Palatal Expanders for children, and orthodontics for adults.

Crooked teeth and falling incisors can be corrected using fixed orthodontics, self-ligating brackets, orthodontic surgery, and aesthetic, hidden braces.

Dr. Rosalinda Go – Go Orthodontistes

1223 Drummond Street, Montreal, QC H3G 1V8

Website: https://goorthodontistes.com/en/about-us/#apropos-four

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  (514) 849-5917

Montreal’s most experienced orthodontist is Dr. Rosalinda Go. She graduated from the University of Montreal with a master’s degree in orthodontics.

A new DIX30 office has opened in downtown Montreal, where she has practiced orthodontics for the last 38 years.

A faculty lecturer in orthodontics at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Dr. Rosaline Go trains dental residents about the subject. She has a pleasant demeanor and specializes in Invisalign, making her an ideal candidate.

One of the Go Orthodontics’ top orthodontists is Rosalinda Dental services are available for customers of all ages at our newly renovated and state-of-the-art dental facility.

Their iTero digital scanners are available. In addition to Brossard, they provide service.

Itero Digital Scanning and 3D Digital Imaging are two of our specialties, as well as traditional orthodontic techniques like braces and Invisalign.

We also have expertise in the treatment of malocclusions, as well as traditional orthodontic techniques like braces and Invisalign.

Dr. Jordan Nemes – Nemesortho

6900 Boul. Decarie, Suite M250, Montreal, QC H3X 2T8

Website: nemesortho.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  (514) 370-8887

All members of the NemesOrtho team, including Dr. Jordan Nemes, are committed to providing the best orthodontic treatment possible to patients of all ages.

Invisalign and braces are available to both children and adults at this pleasant and welcoming orthodontic facility. When Dr. Nemes performs a procedure, he aims to provide an outcome that is both beautiful and useful.

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Dr. Nemes is a board-certified orthodontist, so you can be certain that you and your family are in good hands. A pleasant and welcoming atmosphere is what he strives to provide for his patients.

Go to their website and fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation. Everyone is entitled to a beautiful smile, thus there are no references required.

NemesOrtho also has a location in Beaconsfield, Quebec, at 50 St-Charles Blvd.

Dentist specializing in Invisalign (clear and metal), braces, palatal expanders and fixed appliances, early and adult treatment, iTero digital scanning & 3D digital imaging.

Clinique Dentaire Ho

4500 Ch De La Côte-des-neiges Montreal, QC H3V 0A1 Canada
Di Battista Luigi Dr

Website: http://dentisteho.com

Phone: (514) 738-8931

Dr Di Battista is a highly experienced and well-known dentist in Montreal. He has been practicing dental care for over 20 years and has worked with many satisfied patients which include adults and children.

His expertise includes providing dental treatments such as implants, orthodontic appliances, white fillings, crowns and bridges, root canals, and more.

Korne Ortho

4141 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 310, Montreal, Quebec H3Z 1B8

Website: https://www.korneortho.com/

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: (514) 989-8547

Korne Orthodontist is one of the top rated orthodontists in Montreal. They are known for providing the best treatment plans that address both aesthetics and function.

They have an excellent team of highly trained professionals who provide tailored care to every individual patient.

Korne Ortho also offers free consultations where patients can talk with their orthodontist who will be able to tell them if they need braces or not.

They also offer payment plans for those without insurance so that everyone can get the help they need with their teeth.

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Clinique Dentaire Soleil

5450 ch de la Côte-des-Neiges Bureau 308 Montreal, QC H3T 1Y9 Canada

Phone: (514) 731-1443

Website: http://www.cliniquedentairesoleil.com/

Clinique Dentaire Soleil is a top-rated dental care center in Montreal that offers a wide range of services, from general dentistry to orthodontic treatments.

They have a team of experienced and qualified orthodontists who can provide you with the best care possible. Some of the services they offer include Invisalign, braces and retainers.


When looking for an orthodontist in Montreal, make sure that the office is clean, comfortable, and welcoming. It’s important to feel comfortable with your dentist.

This makes it more likely that you will keep coming back for more treatment. Check out the reviews of orthodontists and look for those with a good reputation, and make sure you talk to patients who have had their braces removed.

Make sure you find the right orthodontist for your needs. Here is a list of the 5 best orthodontists in Montreal.


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