The 20+ best Old Montreal bars - Updated 2022

The 20+ best Old Montreal bars – Updated 2022

Old Montreal has been a hot spot for Montrealers, and visitors, for years. The neighbourhood has undergone a massive renaissance in recent years.

A new bar opening in Old Montreal every week is nothing new. But there are so many great places in the Old City to drink, eat and enjoy good company. Here’s a rundown of the best places to grab a drink.

These are the 20+ best places to drink in Montreal’s oldest neighbourhood. Updated every month, check out this post to see where all the bars are and who’s there!

The 20+ best Old Montreal bars

1. The Coldroom

There’s a basic black door in an old cold storage section that can slip your mind if you’re not paying attention.

An understated Prohibition-era style is achieved with exposed steel beams and brick walls, but the award-winning crew behind the bar is what really makes this a must-visit for anybody visiting Old Montreal.

Daniel Boulianne and Pierre-Hughes Marois are masters of their craft with seasonal libations and a no holds barred attitude in their innovation.

2. El Pequeño

This little nine-seater bar fashioned after a mid-20th century Havanan bar comes from the thoughts of the guys behind the Coldroom—the entrance to which is directly next door to it—and sports the mixology to match.

Bartenders operate at lightning-quick rates to deliver traditional drinks like daquiris, mojitos and cuba libres with astonishing degrees of flair.

It’s twice as astounding when considering how this bar puts out some decent Cubano sandwiches at the same time.

3. Flyjin

After the sun goes down and the music turns up, this izakaya becomes one of the most popular spots in the area for late-night dancing and Japanese fusion cuisine in the area.

When it comes to the city’s top bars, clubs like Flyjin aren’t often the first thing that spring to mind. However, Flyjin’s cocktail menu, which has pan-Asian inspirations and constantly changes, is well worth the journey.

4. Terrasse Nelligan

When seeking for the best Old Montreal hotspots in the summer, this rooftop pub is a popular choice.

As a cherry on top, the restaurant’s stunning skyline views come complete with signature cocktails, small-but-mighty wine lists, and pitchers of red and white sangria, among other drinks.

Consider renting a stay at Hôtel Nelligan, one of the city’s greatest hotels, if you’re feeling a little woozy.

5. Clandestino

Under the stairwells of Boho, Clandestino is a creative speakeasy-within-a-speakeasy operation not available anywhere else in the city. Ask the staff to let you in and they’ll guide you through the unassuming entrance.

Take advantage of the bar’s extensive mezcal selection, which includes more than a hundred bottles, or one of the bar’s elaborate cocktails crafted with some of the mezcal. Your goal in visiting this secret bar is to have an eerie and creepy time.

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6. Bulma Bar

Bulma Bar, which debuted at the end of last year, met all the requirements for operating a company in Old Montreal, which often requires newcomers to match the upscale quality of the neighborhood.

High ceilings and a light and airy wood and concrete décor are the first things you notice, but the food and drink menu is just as impressive, and there are even mocktails to go along with it.

The Caesar at this restaurant is boosted with a spicy handmade “Dragonspit” sauce, which is one of the best things about it.

7. Boho

Although this speakeasy-style pub is just two years old, Montrealers are already making themselves at home.

With its palm frond and Bird of Paradise-themed decor, as well as certain tiki beverages and fruity mixology, Boho gives off significant Miami vibes in Old Montreal, Canada, next door to Venice, a Californian poke bowl restaurant.

The DJs here are always on top of things.

8. Nhậu Bar

Beautifully decorated with lanterns, this bar features an amazing cocktail menu that takes full advantage of a wide selection of teas and in-season fruits.

While the menu changes often, one item we hope they never alter is their sharing beverages, which come in gigantic vessels like hollowed buddhas or conch shells and are meant to be shared by four people.

9. Maison Saint-Paul

A rebranding as the Champangnerie could imply problems, but you can still anticipate the same old drawcards at this sparkling wine-forward pub in Montreal.

Nothing beats the ancient Napoleonic tradition of slicing the cork from a bottle with a saber, even if they now offer taster courses and decadent surf’n’turf sharing meals.

Then you may add your decapitation to the pile on display if you ask sweetly enough at the bar.

10. Wolf & Workman

The people behind Burgundy Lion and Bishop & Bagg must be born with a passion for pubs, since their new enterprise hits all the right notes.

The only difference is the setting, and Old Montreal’s Victorian-style fount for beers, drinks, and substantial food has made it all the more lovely.

While the new leather chairs and updated interiors are nice additions, the rear terrace of this new restaurant really makes it stand out.

11. Perché Bar Terrasse

During the summer, there’s no better place to sit and people-watch than Place Jacques-roosts.

Cartier’s Take in the sights and sounds of the city below from this rooftop bar, or spin around and face your companions, who will most certainly be sipping on some sangria or drinks while you’re there.

There are no reservations at this establishment, so you’ll want to be here early if you want to get a good location.

12. Pub Saint Pierre

There are a few places in Canada where a genuine pub experience may be had, and this one on Saint-Pierre Street is among the most classic (and old).

This portion of town isn’t known for its happy hours, but when they do happen, the local Quebec beer brands are on tap, with pints going for $5 and pitchers going for $18.

Try the Seafood and Swine Caesar with tiger shrimp, house bacon, and cheddar cheese (only available from 4pm onwards).

13. Terrasse Place d’Armes

It’s one of the best rooftop bars in Montreal, with a view of Place d’Armes Square and a city skyline in the distance.

The restaurant’s top-shelf cocktails go perfectly with a charcuterie tray or a scoop of Mlle Catherine ice cream, and they’re available for a quick drop-in at any time during lunch, brunch, or supper.

14. Philémon Bar

In the early evenings, Philemon is a stylish wine bar, but at night it transforms into a nightclub with DJs and dimmed lighting.

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Although their wine lists aren’t the most extensive for a wine bar, they are well selected with bottles of sparkling, reds and whites, as well as macerations and rosés, all of which are excellent choices.

If you want to go all out, order a massive magnum of booze (or make a group booze purchase) with your money. It appears that sakes are making an appearance on their menu, so there’s a little extra to look forward to.

15. Bord’Elle

This multi-level nightclub and bar evokes the Roaring Twenties and is located in the heart of Old Montreal, an area known for its impressive aesthetics.

Upon the strike of midnight, the dance floor fills with flapper girls and aerialists, as well as the popping of bottles, and patrons may be seen ripping up the dance floor to electro swing or relaxing in one of the upper-level lounges.

Make like Gatsby and splurge to the utmost degree possible in this place.

16. Méchant Boeuf

‘Méchant Boeuf delivers on all fronts,’ says their website. They provide 100% Canadian AAA Angus Beef, a fantastic raw bar, vibrant drinks, live music and ‘the greatest burger in town,’ according to their claim.

In spite of its moniker, Monsieur Boeuf isn’t a ‘nasty’ place at all. There isn’t much to complain about here, thanks to the excellent food, friendly service, and wide range of libations.

17. Modavie

Seven evenings a week, Modavie hosts local jazz bands, making it a fantastic place to have a drink while listening to live music.

In addition, they offer a restaurant where you may dine on fish, steak, or lamb while sampling some of their various wines.

Since the establishment of the bar in 1997, it has maintained a youthful appearance, with a mosaic floor and exposed pipes. To prevent disappointment, make reservations for the weekends.

18. Kyo Bar Japonais

Visit Kyo Bar Japonais for a taste of Japan. An extensive selection of sake, including nigori and effervescent kinds (along with plumb wine and shch), is available at the restaurant.

Additionally, the pub is noted for its excellent customer service. In order to ensure that everything is running well, manager Gavin travels around the restaurant checking on each table often.

711 Côte de la Place dArmes, Montreal, QC, +1 514 282 2711

19. Pub St-Paul

Located in one of Montreal’s oldest buildings, Pub St-Paul offers a stunning perspective of the city’s waterfront. With seating for 400 and a semi-private area that seats more than 150, this venue is ideal for parties and celebrations.

There are regular music evenings at Pub St-Paul, so it’s worth checking the website to see who’s playing the night before you arrive.

20. Joverse

Joverse is a Latin-Californian-inspired bar that offers a wide selection of delectable food and an ever-changing menu of inventive drinks created by the club’s in-house mixologists.

In terms of design, the bar is both warm and sophisticated. You won’t miss it because it’s well-lit from the outside.

21. Santos

Bar Santos has an industrial feel to it, but it also has a rustic feel to it. They are known for their superb tapas and Latin American vibe.

Creatives, or rather, Old Montreal’s fashionable population, make up the bulk of the restaurant’s regular clientele. Mason jars hold the drinks, while the walls are covered with a diversity of interesting paintings.

22. L’Appartement

Restaurant L’Appartement is renowned for its excellent service and great cuisine. The music is what makes L’Appartement a nice place to have a drink.

L’Appartement is a music-loving establishment, as seen by its emblem, which depicts a dinner dish substituted with a set of headphones.

23. Taverne Gaspar

Located in a 19th century warehouse, Taverne Gaspar has many of its original furniture. Their huge patio on rue de la Commune is an excellent place to catch a glimpse of the fireworks throughout the summer months.

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They have a decent menu and moderate costs compared to other pubs in the area.

24. La Champagnerie

The selection of champagne at La Champagnerie changes every month, and the bottles are offered by the glass or the case.

Exposed brick walls and metal fixtures adorn the inside of the eatery, which has an industrial atmosphere. Avoid disappointment by reserving a table on the gorgeous patio in advance.

343 Rue Saint Paul Est, Montreal, QC, +1 514 903 9343


It’s no surprise that many of the best bars in Old Montreal are located in the area’s historic streets and buildings. These old bars are the soul of Old Montreal, and they give Old Montreal the personality it deserves.

Whether you’re looking for a place to watch sports and drink, or just some great beer and live music, here are the 20+ best bars in Old Montreal.


Thankfully, there are places to go to in Montreal that not only serve you alcohol, but also offer fun activities to partake in.

8 Montreal Places To Get Drunk With Your Friends That Aren’t A…
  • Putting Edge. 1259 Rue Guy. …
  • Quilles G Plus Rosebowl. …
  • Randolph Pub Ludique. …
  • Forum GameCenter. …
  • Sharx. …
  • Comedy Nest. …
  • Foonzo. …
  • Pang Pang.

What time is last call in Montreal?

Montreal venue gets exceptional approval to serve drinks for 29 hours straight. The weekend of free-flowing drinks will begin on at 10 p.m. on Saturday, May 21. Last call for alcohol won’t be until the following Monday at 3 a.m.

What drink is Montreal known for?

Local Montreal craft beer
You may have trouble choosing from their big selection of home-brewed beer.

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