Where To Find Best Montreal Pumpkin Picking Places

Where To Find Best Montreal Pumpkin Picking Places

Montreal is famous for its amazing seasonal events and traditions that are often celebrated with a pumpkin patch adventure. This is a perfect time of year to enjoy some outdoor fun with your family and friends.

In recent years, the pumpkin patch has evolved from a seasonal activity to a year-round event.

For those who can’t imagine carving pumpkins without the company of friends and family, consider booking a fun and affordable trip to one of the best pumpkin patches near Montreal.

The 29 best pumpkin patches to go pumpkin picking near Montreal

1. Le centre d’interprétation de la courge

Travel time: 40 minutes

This farm is one of the few U-pick operations that stays open all the way until Halloween.

Visitors who want to stock up on more than just Halloween decorations may borrow wheelbarrows from the farm, and the fields are open no matter the weather.

For those who would rather not get their hands dirty, the proprietors of this squash emporium also manage Vignoble & Microbrasserie Les Vents d’Ange, where their excellent wines and brews are sold.

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2. CitrouilleVille, Ferme Benoit Vernier

Travel time: 1 hour 15 minutes

West of the city, at Saint Zotique, lies the ticketed attraction CitrouilleVille, which is well worth the cost of admission.

The pumpkin patch, small hamlet, and assortment of colorful corn and hay bales are all accessible for a combined price of $15 per youngster and $20 per adult. Weekend events are held regularly to get you in the mood for fall.

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3. Verger Labonté

Travel time: 40 minutes

A major orchard near Montreal, this is the spot to go pumpkin harvesting.

While the U-pick apple orchards and corn maze maze are certainly draws, the pumpkins and boutique full of goodies like farm-raised poultry, apple jams, baked foods, and more give this venue a new spin as autumn approaches.

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4. Petch Orchards

Travel time: 45 minutes

This 115-acre property near Hemmingford, Quebec has been in the family for four generations, and the current generation focuses heavily on apples.

It’s all about harvesting squashes for substantial meals, such as pumpkins, butternuts, and spaghetti squashes.

In addition to having pumpkins for sale beginning on September 12th, Petch also sells a wide variety of baked goods, including cakes, some renowned donuts, pies, muffins, juices, and jams.

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5. La Courgerie

Travel time: 1 hour 15 minutes

This farm has been open since 1999, and it focuses mostly on pumpkin picking and pumpkin goods, as well as a number of pumpkin-themed activities for children.

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It’s not as simple as selecting a pumpkin from among the 300 available varieties of squash and the 20,000 futurs produced year by this farm.

On your way out, stop by their shop and check out the hundreds of handcrafted items they have for sale.

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6. Les Citrouillards

Travel time: 40 minutes

Les Citrouillards has been proclaiming itself the pumpkin harvesting capital of the world for almost 20 years.

Perhaps the walking trails, picnic area, petting zoo, and store selling veggies and ornamental gourds will sway anyone who isn’t already convinced by the name.

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7. Vergers & Cidrerie Denis Charbonneau

Travel time: 45 minutes

This orchard and cidermaker has pumpkins ready for harvesting between September 15 and October 31, as well as a few late-season apples, pears, and plums.

Weekends are ideal since that’s when the crêpe shop is open, and you may enjoy your meal with a glass of sparkling or frozen cider.

If you’re planning on going a little wild this fall, you might want to bring a designated driver because this farm has one of the best selections of alcohol among U pick farms.

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8. La Ferme Quinn

Travel time: 45 minutes

If you’re looking for a nice farm and orchard experience close to the city without making a whole day of it, Quinn Farm on L’Île Perrot is a terrific option. One must see it to believe it.

It’s well worth the drive to go apple picking, pumpkin picking, taking a hayride in a tractor and wagon, letting the kids run around in the cedar labyrinth petting zoo, and shopping at the farm store, where you can get fresh baked products and jams and preserves from previous years.

It is reachable by public transportation, albeit it will take 3.5 hours of subway and bus rides.

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9. La Citrouille Enchantée

Travel time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Once pumpkin season begins, this farm is open seven days a week so that families can come pick out their pumpkins from among 56 different kinds, while the kids enjoy the farm’s tractor rides, corn mazes, and playgrounds.

The farm is a fantastic destination for a day trip from Montreal, especially given that the current owners only purchased the land in 2010.

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10. La Magie de la Pomme

Travel time: 40 minutes

The Dubeault family’s farm is more famous for apple harvesting in the spring, but when pumpkin season rolls around, they’re prepared.

You may choose your own squashes and pumpkins from among more than a hundred types at their annual festival, which also has tractor rides, fresh apple juice for tasting, a doughnut store, and pumpkin carving.

The only people who should apply are die-hard pumpkin fans.

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11. Verger Du Flanc Nord

Travel time: 45 minutes

This orchard has apple and plum harvesting, as well as a cider house that has been making award-winning ice cider since 2011. It’s a terrific location to take the kids in the days leading up to Halloween.

Beginning in the middle of October, the farm’s proprietors host Halloween parties in witch costumes while letting children pick out their own pumpkins.

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12. Ferme Roland Cloutier

Travel time: 45 minutes

For four generations, the Cloutier family has run Ferme Roland Cloutier, offering visitors the chance to choose their own berries, plums, pears, melons, and pumpkins throughout the summer.

From June to October, customers may choose their own veggies, and from July to October, they can choose from a wide variety of freshly baked goods, savory sauces, and locally raised meats.

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13. Le Potager Mont-Rouge Halte Gourmande

Travel time: 1 hour

Potager Mont Rouge Halte Gourmande in Rougemont is a family-run farm that has been supplying the area with fresh produce for four generations.

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There are just as many strawberries in June as there are in August or October, or any other month, and just as much freshly cooked food to go with all that peak freshness.

The farm’s sweet potato fritters wrapped in maple sugar are not to be missed, nor are the doughnuts.

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14. La Ferme Reid

Travel time: 40 minutes

Ferme Reid, a farm famous for its corn in the summer and its pumpkins at the start of fall, lets visitors choose their own pumpkins and have a picnic in the countryside.

Get some farm-fresh food, then get a pie (they might not have forks, though) and eat down. There’s a petting zoo for the kids and a John Deere store for the farmers among you.

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15. La Ferme Genest

Travel time: 2 hours 30 minutes

The U-pick options at La Ferme Genest are seasonal, with berries and apples in the summer, corn in August, and pumpkins in the fall, so it’s best to plan a day excursion from the city.

Field trips, a store offering ice cider, doughnuts, apple brioche, and jams, and space for family reunions: you’re in luck. Actually, their store is one of the more substantial ones, so stock up on necessities before you go.

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16. La Fille du Roy

Travel time: 50 minutes

U pick experts say the ideal time to visit is the first week of September since that’s when pumpkin picking gets underway.

Pumpkins will be sold until about the middle of October, and the farm also has a corn maze, tours of the property, product sampling from the farmers, and a wood-fired oven for pizza on the weekends if you decide to come later.

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17. Domaine Brassicole & Co

Travel time: 1 hour

Located on the rural outskirts of Orford, with stunning panoramas of the surrounding mountains, this location is most popular in the summer for its sunflower fields, but the autumn pumpkin patches are worth a visit for their own right.

This spot in the Eastern Townships, not far from Magog, isn’t ideal if you want to make anything tasty with all the pumpkins you pick up, but darn it all if the view isn’t worth the trip.

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18. Ferme Cormier

Travel time: 1 hour

Visit this farm near L’Assomption, which has been in operation for eight generations, to pick out your own squash and pumpkins, then have a picnic on the grounds while feasting on the farm’s remaining vegetables, berries, and freshly made sandwiches, pizza, chocolate pumpkin cake, and cheese-filled gallettes.

Bread and jams made from scratch are also available for the next morning.

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19. Ferme Mathieu Lavoie

Travel time: 1 hour

While apple picking, boiling hard ciders, pies, jams, and even recipe books may be the major draw to this farm in October, pumpkin harvesting is accessible seven days a week.

If you’re feeling hungry, try some of their squash sausages or squash chips, then have fun finding the largest pumpkin you can carry home.

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20. Ferme Au Pré Bleu

Travel time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Remember this place for summer berries like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries; if you miss out on U-pick, they have rhubarb, Quebec garlic, and U-pick squash and pumpkins on the weekends as the season changes.

While you’re there, pick up some of their delicious homemade breads and pies.

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21. La Ferme Éthier

Travel time: 1 hour 40 minutes

First and foremost, this farm offers U-pick pumpkins, but there is also much to do while you’re there.

A day at the farm may be rounded off with activities like a cornfield maze, tractor rides, hiking trails, playgrounds with a petting zoo, and a picnic area where you can feast on the farm’s handmade pies and jams.

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Don’t forget about this spot in the summer, when you may fill a bucket to the brim with saskatoon berries, blueberries, strawberries, and more.

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22. Plantations Stéphan Perreault

Travel time: 2 hours

It’s a long way from the center of town, but if it wasn’t well worth the journey, we wouldn’t bother included it.

A pick-your-own farm offering pumpkins and squash is located in a picturesque setting near Val Joli amid undulating hills and calm fields from June 23 to October 31.

Just load up a wheelbarrow and spend the day on the, and if you have kids in tow, they can have a blast in the little maze and scary structures. (Here’s a little secret: they rent out a beautiful cabin!

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23. Ferme Roberge

Travel time: 3 hours 15 minutes

This stop on your fall road trip around the province promises hundreds of delicious pumpkin (and squash) types to devour.

More than fifty different kinds of popcorn and cotton candy are available, and there are also games and activities for youngsters.

They are most proud of the farm’s scenery and the fact that their baked bread and pumpkin pie are delicious.

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24. Verger du Flanc du Nord

Where: 835 Chemin Rouillard, Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Dates: From mid-October to November

At this u-pick pumpkin farm, you may harvest as many gourds as your heart desires. Halloween-themed events are held (dates may be found on the website) where attendees are encouraged to dress the part.

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25. Plantations Stéphan Perreault

Where: 331 Rte 143, Val-Joli

You should visit this property in the charming town of Val Joli right now. There is a corn maze (well, in my opinion they’re all mazes), pumpkin and squash patches, and a Halloween kiosk located in an old barn.

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26. Ferme Roberge Courges Et Citrouilles

Where: 1895 Chemin Royal, Saint-Pierre

Those looking for pumpkins, squash, or other gourds will find them here. Amazing fall foliage can be seen all around the grounds. There’s also a maze-like cornfield to wander about in.

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27. Domain Labranche

Where: 565 Rang Saint-Simon, Saint-Isidore-de-Laprairie

Dates: Friday & Saturdays from September 21 to October 27 / Sundays for lunch

I was wondering whether you’ve ever visited a traditional apple sugar shack. If you haven’t been to Domaine Labranche yet, you should. Hiking paths and u-pick pumpkin patches are available after a tasty harvest-themed meal.

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28. Labonté de la Pomme Verger & Miellerie

Where: 405 rang de l’Annonciation, Oka

Choose from more than 25 distinct types of apples, cherries, plums, pears, and pumpkins. The outdoor wood burning fire, original apple cabin, and handcrafted local goods are the main draws to this agritourism property.

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29. Vergers Pierre Tremblay et Fils

Where: 3675 Avenue des Perron, Laval

There are a lot of things to do here to while away the time. There are magnificent walking routes, activities, little farms, shops, tractor rides, and pumpkins to choose.

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Finding the best places to pick pumpkins in Montreal is easy. It all depends on your time and what you are looking for.

For those who would like to have the perfect family gathering around the dinner table, you can always go for one of the best pumpkin picking places in Montreal.

It is the perfect location to have a day filled with laughter, fun and memories with your loved ones.

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