The 15+ best Montreal karaoke bars to belt it out and booze it up

The 15+ best Montreal karaoke bars to belt it out and booze it up

If you’re looking to kick back and sing your heart out, you’re sure to find something perfect at any of these karaoke bars.

Montreal is a city of epicureans and party animals. Whether you’re heading downtown for a festival, hitting a concert, or drinking it up at one of our famous karaoke bars, you won’t go wrong in choosing to celebrate life in the Big Easy.

Here are the 15 best karaoke bars in Montreal for a night out with the boys.

Best karaoke bars in Montreal

1. Le Date Karaoke

What is it? Le Date, formerly known as Club Date, is a Karaoke institution in Montreal. We’re not concerned about its long-term viability despite the fact that it has relaunched itself and has a collection of more than 30,000 songs.

In the midst of the Gay Village, Le Date serves as a gathering place for a wide range of people. Even if you’re straight, gay, or transgender, you’ll be welcomed here with open arms and awed by the local talent it hosts.

When to go? Nightly.

2. Le Chic Régal

What is it? Franklyne and Denis, the neighborhood heroes who own this Pointe Ste Charles honky tonk, choreograph a powerful dinner-and-karaoke sensation on Sunday nights, making it appear like a normal local dump.

We strongly encourage you to join us. Try your hand at the raffle, scream out some of your favorite songs, and effortlessly become a part of this down to earth iconic karaoke venue while tucking into some spaghetti.

When to go? Sunday nights.

3. L’Astral 2000

What is it? Okay. You can categorize it as kitsch or strange. Some could label it “grungy,” but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a lot of fun, regardless of how you describe it.

Located on the eastern end of the Francophone spectrum, this karaoke bar has a large group of regulars, both young and elderly, who call this place home.

When to go? Nightly.

4. Le Saint-Sulpice

What is it? Despite the fact that its mostly student and tourist population enjoys guzzling beer and shots, every summer night must include at least one visit to Le Saint Sulpice for its almost comically huge patio.

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However, what about karaoke? One of Montreal’s most regular Karaoke nights is held in Le Caveau, a secretive pub in the basement of a palatial business.

Keep an ear to the ground for when the karaoke ventures out of the basement and onto the vast amphitheater-like expanse of the rear terrace, where you’ll be treated to a genuinely unique open air karaoke experience.

When to go? Nightly.

5. Café Cléopâtre

What is it? For those who enjoy both public singing as well as public nudity, this is the ticket. Bareoke is the brainchild of the crew behind NDQ Sunday Karaoke, and it’s here to stay.

There’s nothing daunting about this monthly event held in a historic strip club; the organizers stress the need of creating a welcoming environment for performers of all origins, ethnicities, and sexualities.

You may sit in the stands and enjoy the show, but if you’d like to sing along, you can ascend the stage and remove one sock at a time or let them all hang loose.

When to go? First Saturday of every month.

6. La P’tite Place

What is it? As you might have guessed from the name of the venue, this karaoke box isn’t particularly enormous, but what it lacks in capacity it makes up for with spirit.

This Rosemont pub plays host to a rare combination of angel voiced diehards and anxious first comers, all distilling down to the perfect place to break the ice in. Drum up the bravery by downing a couple moderately priced local ales on tap. it’ll help.

When to go? Nightly.

7. Notre-Dame-Des-Quilles

What is it? Locals refer to it as “NDQ” or “the pub with the makeshift bowling lanes. There is a lot going on at NDQ’s queer positive cocktail bar, which is most known for its bowling lanes and pizza by the slice from Pizza Bouquet.

But don’t forget about Lipster Sunday Karaoke, which has been one of the city’s most popular karaoke events for years. Be prepared to wait on singing if you arrive late to this establishment.

When to go? Sunday nights.

8. Pang Pang

What is it? It has been serving the academic community and the rest of the city from its prominent position on Mackay Street for years as the ultimate Korean karaoke box experience.

Pang Pang stays true to its roots by providing a variety of fully equipped private rooms that can accommodate everything from a small gathering of friends to a large business party or birthday celebration.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your party is, this establishment will keep your singing troupe hydrated with their comprehensive drink service.

When to go? Nightly.

9. Bar Le Vestiare

What is it? Bar le Vestiare is a constant presence in the midst of the Plaza St Hubert construction zone.

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But once you’re inside and seated at the bar, you’d never know it since business as usual continues as usual, blissfully untouched by the turmoil taking on outside.

This location has a lot to offer. There are a few hard-to-find Belgian imports at Le Vestiare, as well as a decent bar menu, but it’s the karaoke that attracts the most customers.

When to go? Scheduled, Saturday Nights. From 10.0pm.

10. Resto-Bar Trevi

What is it? Since the 1960s, this Verdun establishment has been a regular haunt for locals and tourists alike. If you’re a big fan of Italian cuisine, you’ll adore this restaurant’s karaoke, and who am I to argue?

Even while pizza and subs are inherently one-handed enterprises, we’d definitely suggest you to keep that dish of spaghetti off stage, capeesh!

When to go? Most Weekends. Schedule can vary.

11. Zoé Fondues Karaoké & Cocktails

What is it? There are many ways to warm up for a performance, but one pub understands the best way to fully prepare yourself is with a pot of Swiss fondue boiling away. There is no misunderstanding there.

Every night of the week, this fondue and drinks pub morphs into one of the city’s most popular karaoke bars.

When you’re wildly dipping your lobster tails in melted Gruyere before taking the stage, it will all make perfect sense, even if it seems bizarre at first look! Your life will never be the same again.

When to go? Nightly, from 8 p. m. onward.

12. The Diving Bell Social Club / Club Social Le Scaphandre

What is it? The Diving Bell Social Club, which opened on Saint Laurent Road very recently, has done a lot to reverse the trend of beloved music establishments closing on the boulevard in recent years.

In addition to art installations, stand-up comedy, film screenings, and Karaoke, this multidisciplinary performance venue can accommodate up to 200 people and features both emerging artists and well-established performers.

Always keep an eye out for the many social media platforms they use to advertise these highly sought-after sporadic Karaoke evenings.

When to go? Occasional, when scheduled.

13. Bar Le Ritz PDB

What is it? This is sexy as f***. The Mile Ex Show Bar, which is known for its live music, also has a raucous karaoke night every now and again.

To us, this makes the pub ideal for a shame-free karaoke experience because it is wheelchair accessible, LGBTQ friendly, and safe for all people.

Keep an eye on their social media accounts for any forthcoming karaoke events they may be holding.

When to go? Occasional, when scheduled.

14. 3 Minots

What is it? After the principal performers on the stage have finished their acts, this little entertainment bar in the middle of Saint Laurent Boulevard changes into a karaoke bar.

The bar is set up with a large elevated stage to deliver the most authentic rock star experiences as a performance venue initially. Lots of room up there to jam with the rest of you and your merry band (see.drunk pals).

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Don’t worry if you are nervous when singing at 3 Minots because of the casual atmosphere created by the venue’s closeness to so many other exciting nightlife options.

When to go? Thursday to Saturday nights (start times vary).

15. La Remise

What is it? La Remise, a Quebec dive bar, may represent the Platonic ideal of the genre.

Arriving early in the day, a newbie could be underwhelmed by the building’s unremarkable appearance and the faded Elvis images on the walls, making it impossible to envision this as the scene of legendary events.

When it comes to karaoke on Thursday and Saturday evenings, however, this location never falters in its status as one of the most out of control in town.

When to go? Weekly on Thursday and Saturday nights.

16. Bar Sel et Poivre

What is it? It’s a little messy. It’s hardly the most innovative karaoke bar in town, and its music selection isn’t the most broad either. In fact, if you’re looking for Karaoke with these traits, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Even said, its focus on having a good time and not taking itself too seriously may leave much to be desired in terms of more traditional categories. An uncomplicated spot to visit.

When to go? Saturday Nights.

17. Cobra

Make sure to check out the Little Italy Tavern’s karaoke night schedule. Each week, the microphones are not turned on, but the original themes are worth it.

As a warning, the ambience is loud and noisy, even to the point of being obnoxious. To evaluate if social networking is a good fit for you, try it out first.

18. Barraca

It’s karaoke time at the Plateau’s best-known rum bar every Saturday night. They’re taken aback at first, but they’re soon charmed by the joyous atmosphere and step to the stage to perform. A life-changing journey.

19. Bar Le Stud Montréal

Every Monday and Tuesday, Vox Karaoke organizes “Cozy Karaoke” nights at Bar Le Stud in the Village. Sing your heart out and have a few drinks in a pleasant and welcoming environment.


The best karaoke bar in Montreal is probably right next door to you. That’s because there are so many good places to sing and booz it up in Montreal, whether you’re looking to sing in English or French.

Whether you’re interested in singing for fun or performing professionally, here are the best karaoke bars in Montreal.  It will help you narrow down the search and find the perfect karaoke spot.


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