Top 7 best milkshakes in Montreal

Top 7 The Best Milkshakes in Montreal: Where to go

If you cannot resist the creamy taste from milk and sweet flavors of fresh fruit syrups, do not ignore one of the most incredible drinks called milkshakes! Milkshakes are known as a kind of drink that can make anyone smile with only a spoon tasting. It is made with milk, diverse syrups such as chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. 

Top 7 best milkshakes in Montreal
Top 7 best milkshakes in Montreal

In Montreal, there are many spots serving milkshakes. Also, milkshakes are considered a topic for artists to figure out masterpieces of themselves. However, which place is worth visiting? If you are a tourist traveling to Montreal or you are local but you are still confused to choose, this article is for you. The article shares with you the top 7 best milkshakes in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

1. L’Anecdote

If you are Montrealers, it will be a big mistake if you do not know about L’Anecdote. L’Anecdote has been around Montreal for a long time. Exactly, it has been known as the greatest fast food restaurant in Montreal for about 37 years of experience. 

Moreover, when mentioning L’Anecdote, delicious fries and homemade mayos are the first things that diners think about. Besides, it also offers really amazing milkshakes. It serves classic flavors of milkshakes such as chocolate and vanilla. Or you can try tasting milkshakes mixed with bananas and chocolate or with Baileys. Furthermore, highly recommends you add a scoop of ice cream as an extra, which will create the most indulgent flavor ever.  

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Additionally, the decor is pretty beautiful and authentic for you to chill. Their staff is not only professional but hospitable as well. L’Anecdote ’s service is good and the price is fair. Located at 801 Rue Rachel Est street of Montreal, Canada, L’Anecdote deserves to be the best destination to visit. 

2. Beautys Luncheonette

Beautys Luncheonette is nestled in the corner of Mont-Royal and Saint-Urbain. You can find it at 93 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest street. It has been established for the first time in over 70 years since 1942. 

 Beautys Luncheonette in Montreal
Beautys Luncheonette in Montreal

The restaurant majorly offers meals for breakfasts and brunches. The menu contains various dishes such as smoked salmon, bagels, and pancakes for you to try. Plus, Beautys Luncheonette has a reputation for its mouth-watering milkshakes. 

More specifically, its tradition includes a large collection of different milkshake types. The most typical one is color-coded milkshakes including fruitful flavors like vanilla and chocolate. Their milkshakes can be mixed with apple pie, cookies and cream, strawberry, and many others. Every ingredient plays a key role in inventing the best milkshakes in the city. 

3. Greenspot

Greenspot is situated at 3041 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest street in Montreal, Canada. It was founded in 1947. Until now, Greenspot has been around the city for about 75 years. It specializes in mouth-watering Italian cuisine. Moreover, the restaurant is well-known for its poutines and smoked meat. Also, their delectable pizza is served there.

Besides, Greenspot offers classic milkshakes including original vanilla and chocolate flavors. It looks more delicious when served in iconic and authentic glasses of milkshakes. Plus, Greenspot follows retro style, so the decor brings a warm and friendly feeling. The service is good with hospitable staff. 

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4. Foiegwa

Foiegwa is located in Saint-Henri in Montreal, Canada. You can easily find it at 3001 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest street in the city. The restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants in the city. If you want to find an ideal destination for brunch, dinner, or a late-night snack, Foiegwa can be the best selection. The restaurant has many options for you. 

More specially, Foiegwa is also referred to as a French diner Americanized restaurant in the city. Somehow, you can taste French dishes but it still contains a few American tastes inside. Maybe, this is one of the specific features of this restaurant, which creates unique things for it.

Foiegwa in Montreal
Foiegwa in Montreal

For milkshakes, Foiegwa offers various flavors for you to try. For example, you can taste original classic tastes such as vanilla or chocolate. Additionally, if you tend to love something strange, there are other flavors such as Paris-Brest, orange cream float, cola, and ginger ale.

5. Pizzeria Heirloom

Pizzeria Heirloom can be found at 3991 Rue Ontario Est Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The restaurant is famous for its finest heirloom pizza in the city. Their pizza is really good with unique flavors. In addition to pizzas, flavorful salads and pasta dishes are also recommended there, especially the pappardelle mixed with rabbit ragout and the gnocchi. 

Moreover, milkshakes are offered for dessert. Their milkshakes include dulce de leche and churros. Also, you can choose chocolate, brownies, and hazelnut milkshakes. All of them are incredible and worth favoring. Pizzeria Heirloom brings a cozy space to customers with professional staff and good service. 

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6. Le BLueboy

Located at 150 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est Montreal, Le Blueboy is known as a renowned place for ice cream and frozen yogurt. Moreover, the infamous watermelon bowl is one of the key roles for the reputation of Le Blueboy. Moreover, you cannot deny the fresh taste of their milkshakes. It is smoothie and mouth-watering. Le Blueboy provides its customers with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Their service is also good.  

7. C’Chocolat 

C’Chocolat is situated at 1255 Rue Bishop Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The restaurant specializes in chocolate desserts. It opened to create a true chocolate experience for customers. Moreover, it also wants to provide its customers with the most delicious desserts. Those are the reasons why most of their desserts are high-quality and gorgeous like a masterpiece. 

Moreover, C’Chocolat has a reputation for offering one of the best milkshakes in the city. They have a large selection of milkshakes for you to select from their diverse menu such as the Red Velvet Milkshake with red cake on top. In addition, their customer service is really good and their staff is willing to meet the needs of customers. 

In conclusion, this is the top 7 best milkshakes in Montreal that prepared for you. If you love milkshakes, do not skip those destinations! We hope that you will find out the best spot for yourself. Remember to stop by those spots!


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