Top 6 best Middle Eastern restaurants in Montreal

Top 6 Best Middle Eastern restaurants in Montreal: Our suggestions

Welcome to the kingdom of Maple Leaf! Let’s make a trip to discover Montreal, one of the biggest cities in Canada! When traveling to Montreal, you will get an opportunity to adventure hidden secrets in the old city.

As the typical source of cultural integration in Canada, Montreal has received a long spring of culture, custom, and cuisine for a very long time. Moreover, Middle Eastern cuisine has also occupied a part of it.

Top 6 best Middle Eastern restaurants in Montreal
Top 6 best Middle Eastern restaurants in Montreal

In Montreal, there are many Middle Eastern with a traditional flavor of mixing between original Middle Eastern taste with modern taste. If you do not know where to eat the best Middle Eastern food in Montreal, this article is for you! The article shows you the top 6 best Middle Eastern restaurants in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

1. Restaurant KazaMaza

KazaMaza is located at 4629 Av Du Parc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is about 1.0 miles from Mount Royal Park. The restaurant specializes in Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine, especially Middle Eastern cuisine. 

KazaMaza serves diverse delectable Middle Eastern dishes for customers. Their food is pretty good with exotic flavors. From their amazing menu, you can try crispy kebabs, sumptuous fattucca salads, and so on. The atmosphere brings comfort to customers. Also, the price is fair and affordable. Besides, their Lebanese plates are amazing.  

2. Restaurant Damas

Damas has started its business in 2010, which means that it has been around Montreal for 12 years of experience in the industry. The restaurant specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine. Moreover, Damas has a huge reputation for being the greatest Syrian restaurant in the city. 

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It serves mouth-watering specialties with unique flavors and spices. For instance, when you visit the restaurant, you will have a chance to favor fish, charcoal-grilled delicacies, or Fattouch salad. All of these dishes contain the typical taste of Middle Eastern dishes that you rarely find anywhere. 

Additionally, the atmosphere is always warm and feels like home. The background, the melody of the music, and friendly waiters are perfect. Moreover, their service is professional and good. Hence, do not hesitate to stop by Damas! The restaurant will bring you to discover a part of Middle Eastern culture and cuisine in Canada. It is based at 1201 Avenue Van Horne Montréal, Quebec, Canada. 

3. Restaurant Daou – Faillon

Daou Faillon is well-known for being one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in Montreal, Canada. You can find this renowned restaurant at 519 Rue Faillon Est. Moreover, the restaurant majors in Lebanese specialties. It serves Middle Eastern dishes with simple and authentic flavors. Most of their foods are delectable and flavorful. 

Restaurant Daou – Faillon in Montreal
Restaurant Daou – Faillon in Montreal

If you are curious about which dish you should taste, you can choose diverse plates from their wide collection. For example, hot and cold appetizers, grilled meats, or seafood are highly recommended from their menu. 

In addition, all ingredients are fresh, delicious, and high-quality. The atmosphere is very spacious and simple. It just gives a home feeling to you when sitting in their space. Most especially, their service is excellent and fast. 

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4. Restaurant Sumac

Sumac is a Middle Eastern restaurant located at 3618 Rue Notre-Dame street, Montreal, Canada. Although the restaurant is small, it serves one of the most delectable Mediterranean cuisines. More importantly, its price is affordable for all walks of life. 

Sumac specializes in counter-style concepts. It serves Lebanese, Israeli, Egyptian food. Also, Syrian specialties are beloved there by a huge number of diners. All dishes are made from high-quality and fresh ingredients. 

Plus, Sumac is referred to as the marvelous spot for “beautiful, well and cheap”. Moreover, the restaurant offers a great catering service. The decor is bright and spacious. It is always elegant and clean enough for customers to enjoy their eating time. Also, their staff is willing to meet the needs of their customers and they always put customers first to create the most unforgettable memories. Those are the reasons why many customers visit this restaurant once, there will be a second time visiting.  

5. Byblos le Petit Café

Byblos le Petit Café is situated at 1499 Avenue Laurier Est Montreal, Canada. The restaurant serves Persian and Iranian cuisine. It has yummy Iranian dishes that can make Iranians satisfied with the taste of their food. All of their food is made with love, passion, and enthusiasm. Thus, if you have a chance to visit this cafe, let’s favor their incredible herb feta or the lamb stew and chicken. The shakshuka with minced meat is also good. 

Besides their mouth-watering food, you can select diverse drinks from their menu. Turkish tea is the most famous drink at the cafe because of its rich and fragrant flavor. Moreover, when sitting there, you can feel the warm atmosphere from inside your heart. Their service is fine and the price is pretty cheap. 

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6. Restaurant Falafel Yoni 

Falafel Yoni can be found at 54 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest in Montreal, Canada. The restaurant has been existing in Montreal for over 3 years since it opened in April 2018. It offers Middle Eastern dishes. More specifically, it attracts many people because of its best Israeli cuisine in town. For example, Falafel Yoni – St-Viateur is known as serving the greatest falafel ever. Besides, they also have the Sabich sandwich and refreshing mint lemonade for you to try. 

Restaurant Falafel Yoni in Montreal
Restaurant Falafel Yoni in Montreal

For their decor, it is simple and beautiful. Falafel Yoni provides its customers with hospitable staff and professional service. The price is inexpensive. If you order your brunch from this restaurant, it will cost less than $10. Honestly, Falafel Yoni is not big but it normally gets a lot of customers coming and tasting their unique dishes. Hence, that is the reason why the restaurant appears on this list. 

In conclusion, this is the top 6 best Middle Eastern restaurants in Montreal. If you want to experience the colorful culture of the Middle Eastern, do not hesitate to visit those above spots! You will not regret it. However, because of the covid 19 pandemic, take-out service is available at most restaurants. 

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