Top 7 best massage parlors in Montreal

Top 7 Best Massage Parlors In Montreal Updated

After a long working day, who doesn’t want to relax and enjoy their spare time! There are diverse ways for you to amuse yourself but not everyone’s the same. Some people spend their time chilling at the coffee shops when others just want to lay on the bed and sleep to recharge their energy.

Moreover, there are also a lot of people looking for therapies to refresh their minds and bodies. And massage attracts many people choosing and experiencing it. Thus, do you know where the best massage parlors in Montreal are? If not, this article is for you. The article shares the top 7 best massage parlors in Montreal with you. Let’s take a look!

Top 7 best massage parlors in Montreal
Top 7 best massage parlors in Montreal

1. Avie Spa Vieux Montréal

You can find Avie Spa at 447 St-Jean Baptiste in Montreal, Canada. It is situated in the heart of historic old Montreal, inside the beautiful Marriott SpringHill Suites. The spa has a reputation for being the greatest massage service in the city. Moreover, they owe professional massage therapists that can make you let your hair down and bring you a comfortable feeling ever. 

Besides massage, Avie Spa also offers facial service to ensure that you will have smooth and gorgeous facial skin. Most of their products have a high quality associated with expert treatment from their therapists. Furthermore, their staff is always polite, pretty professional and hospitable. The atmosphere is always warm and welcoming. Hence, Avie Spa commits that you will experience the finest service in the city. 

2. Stromspa Nordique

Strom Spa Nordique located in Montreal is one of the best massage parlors in the city. The spa was founded to create a Nordic spa and urbanity. All of them are for a relaxing experience. Moreover, Strom Spa Nordique has been around Montreal for over 10 years of experience since it was officially founded in 2009. 

They operate with incredible missions. Their mission is to bring balance for people between a person and their community. Besides, with their professional and fantastic massage therapist, Strom Spa ensures that you will have the highest quality of services and products. Also, you can try hot stone massage there. You will not regret it. Their staff is super friendly and nice.  

3. Tonic Salon Spa & Academy Aveda

Tonic Salon Spa & Academy Aveda in Montreal
Tonic Salon Spa & Academy Aveda in Montreal

You can find Tonic Salon Spa & Academy Aveda nestling in the heart of Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Canada. It is well-known for diverse types of massage treatments such as Swedish massage or prenatal massage. Moreover, you can also have an opportunity to experience Thai oil massage when visiting the spa. Tonic Salon Spa & Academy Aveda has many well-known therapists such as Michael. Their service is pretty and professional. The staff is always willing to meet all clients’ needs. Plus, Tonic Salon Spa & Academy Aveda is highly recommended by a lot of people. 

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4. Rainspa At The Place D’Armes Hotel

Rainspa is based at 55 rue Saint-Jacques 3rd Floor, inside Hotel Place d’Armes, in Montreal, Canada. The spa has a total of 10 treatment rooms spanning two floors. It is well known for being one of the finest spas serving the best traditional hammam treatments with a hammam room. 

Moreover, Rainspa also offers diverse massage treatments that can satisfy anyone who requires relaxing. Besides, the spa also provides its customers with hair removal treatments, body care, advanced facials, and so on. 

Most importantly, high-tech machines are equipped to serve clients. They want to ensure that their client will enjoy the incredible moment and experience the best service ever. The spa has a professional team and their staff is really friendly and enthusiastic. 

5. Scandinave Spa

Scandinave Spa is situated in Mont Tremblant, at 71, rue de la Commune Ouest, Montréal, Québec, Canada. It specializes in Scandinavian-style spas including design, construction, and management. The spa provides its clients with a hydrotherapy experience. It offers various types of massage therapies.

Moreover, thermotherapy such as sauna, cold bath, steam bath, hydro-jet bath, and relaxation areas, are also available there for you to experience. 

Besides, with over 35 years of experience in the industry, Scandinave Spa ensures that it will bring the best feeling for you. Plus, you will get the high comforts and relaxes when choosing their service. Their staff is pretty hospitable and lovely. They are also professional enough to give you a hand whenever you meet problems. 

6. Bota Bota Spa

Bota Bota Spa is located near the Old Port of Montreal. The spa attracts many people not only because of its views but also its magical massage therapies. Bota Bota offers diverse massage treatments such as classic massages or Classic Prenatal Massage. 

Bota Bota Spa in Montreal
Bota Bota Spa in Montreal

For classic massages, there are therapeutic massage, therapeutic massage with balm, and relaxation massage. Those massage therapies cost from $120 to $230 depending on the length of time you want.

Furthermore, there are other amazing services such as body treatments, facial treatments, manicures, and pedicures. All their services will create the feeling of heaven, comfortable and relaxed that you have never experienced before.  

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Besides, their staff is very hospitable and polite. Their service is good and the price is not too affordable. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Also, the scenery is breathtaking. 

7. Ovarium Spa

You can see Ovarium Spa when crossing rue Beaubien Est in Montreal, Canada. The spa started its business with meaningful values. They are Balance – Generosity – Innovation – Open-Mindedness – Professionalism. Plus, Ovarium Spa has a reputation for its professional treatment and high-quality service.

The spa offers massage therapy, a float tank, and a neuro spa. Besides, pulsar and LPG Treatments are also offered there. Ovarium Spa is highly recommended for everyone coming and experiencing. It has the best staff team ever that can make you happy and comfortable after a hard day. 

How to Choose a Massage Parlor in Montreal

Do you know where to go for a good, reliable, and professional erotic massage? There are a lot of massage parlors in Montreal, but many of them are dirty, unprofessional, or even just dirty. Le Penthouse has been the best place to get a sexual massage in Montreal for a long time, and for a good reason. We have everything on the list of things you should look for in a massage place.

1. Services Offered

Go to the massage parlor’s website before scheduling an appointment to check what services they provide. Is the parlor able to accommodate particular requests? Do their products and services seem to be of a high quality?

Will you be satisfied with the services offered? Many massage parlors provide a variety of services to their customers. The parlor should be able to accommodate any requests you may have prior to scheduling your session.

Erotic & Nude Massage Options

Massage methods might differ from one spa to the next, but they are generally always published on the website of the spa in question. Is it worth your time and money to patronize a business if they aren’t? You may choose from a variety of sensuous massages, as well as traditional Thai massages and four-handed massages, from the alluring hosts at Le Penthouse.

2. The Rates

When looking for a massage parlor, be sure to do your research and compare prices. What’s the difference in price between a 30-minute massage and a 60-minute massage? What further services are available? The last thing you want after a nice massage is to learn that it will cost more than you expected.

3. The Ambience

Many massage parlors provide a variety of rooms for visitors to choose from. Choose a room where you can unwind and discover something you like. In addition to the VIP Penthouse Suite, Le Penthouse offers premium ordinary and classic rooms. A massage table, shower, towel, water bottle, and massage oil are provided in each room. In the VIP Penthouse Suite, there is a massage table, a large shower, a futon, a whirlpool tub, a towel, beverage, and oil.

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4. The Hygiene Of The Establishment

Bacteria may be transmitted via massages performed in unhygienic settings. High-end institution Le Penthouse adheres to tight cleaning rules and is constantly disinfecting areas before and after usage.

5. The Hostesses

Visit the massage parlor’s website and peruse the hostess list before booking an appointment. Make sure you choose a hostess who is in accordance with your preferences from the numerous accessible options. Your massage will be more enjoyable if your hostess anticipates and fulfills all of your needs.


In conclusion, there are the top 7 best massage parlors in Montreal. If you feel tired, you can visit those spas to recharge your energy. Do not let the busy pace of life make you down and forget how to treat yourself right! 


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