Top 6 best macarons in Montreal

Top 6 The Best Places To Get Macarons In Montreal

Macaron is known as a typical kind of French recipe. If we talk about French cuisine, we cannot skip macaron. It is made with egg white, granulated sugar, almond meal, icing sugar, and food coloring. Macarons have many flavors such as caramel or coconut. You can see it showing and selling in most French bakeries. 

Top 6 best macarons in Montreal
Top 6 best macarons in Montreal

In Montreal, there are thousands of French bakeries and pastry shops. It will be quite hard if you want to find out the greatest spot for adorable macarons. Do not worry! This article is for you. The article shows you the top 6 best macarons in Montreal. Let’s refer to it and find out the best macaron for yourself!  

1. Point G ”Plaisirs Gourmands”

Point G ”Plaisirs Gourmands” is located at 1255 Mont-Royal Ave E in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It has been known as a French pastry shop specializing in macarons, canneles, and madeleines for a long time. Most especially, the pastry shop has a reputation for making the best macarons in the city. They have high-quality selections of diverse macarons. There are several macaron types such as grand-marnier, gingerbread, coconut or vanilla, and lime. 

You can choose many different boxes of macarons from their custom macaron list. There are boxes of six, twelve, or twenty-four macarons at the same time. Moreover, they offer gift boxes of macarons for you to select. There are boxes of thirty-three or thirty-six macarons. Delivery service is available for you to order. You can visit their official website for ordering and choosing your favorite tastes. 

2. Duc de Lorraine

Duc de Lorraine is referred to as the oldest French pastry shop in old Montreal, Canada. It has had a long-standing history of about 70 years of experience since it was founded for the first time in 1952. Duc de Lorraine is well-known for French pastries, viennoiseries, seasonal cakes, and macaroons. 

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Duc de Lorraine in Montreal
Duc de Lorraine in Montreal

They have successfully occupied the hearts of customers for a long time because of the mouth-watering taste of their traditional recipes. All their recipes are made from the finest natural ingredients, especially their macarons. Their macarons are amazing and can blow anyone’s mind when tasting.

Furthermore, Duc Le Lorraine offers many services for you. For example, you can absolutely order wedding cakes and croquembouche from Duc Le Lorrain for your wedding. They will not make you unsatisfied because Duc Le Lorraine commits to bringing out the best memories for you with their cakes on your wedding day.  

3. Maison Christian Faure

Maison Christian Faure is well-known as one of the greatest French bakeries located at 355 Place Royale in Montreal, Canada. The bakery is owned by a legendary pastry chef, Christian Faure. It is renowned for various types of sweets such as Almond Croissants or chocolate croissants. 

Moreover, tasty macarons are also beloved by a lot of customers when visiting the bakery. Their macarons are completely delicious and beautiful. Besides, the atmosphere and environment are suitable for sitting and relaxing. 

Maison Christian Faure is a great spot for sightseeing and reduces depression after a long working day. The bakery is nestled in the middle of Montreal with a whole view of the crowded city. It is the perfect destination, isn’t it?  

In addition, besides sweets, you can try to sip a cup of hot chocolate or other drinks there. The bakery has many choices for you to choose from their menu. Plus, the vibe inside is inspired by charming French decorations. It brings you a warm and comfortable feeling when coming into the bakery. 

4. Pâtisserie Au Kouign Amann

Pâtisserie Au Kouign Amann is based in the middle of old Montreal, Canada. You can easily find it at 316 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, Canada. The pastry shop is famous for French cuisine such as croissants or Kouign Amann, a sweet Breton cake. 

Moreover, the macaron is considered a must-try recipe when you come to Pâtisserie Au Kouign Amann for sweets. The shop is created with the definition “made with love”. All their cakes are made with their love and they want to send love to their customers. They hope their customers can feel the sweetness when eating their incredible cakes. The price is reasonable and fair for you to try. Their staff is hospitable. 

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5. Boulangerie les Co’pains d’abord

Boulangerie les Co’pains d’abord is located at 418 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, Canada. It is a well-known French bakery with a reputation for classic recipes in the city. When coming there, you will have an opportunity to taste classic croissants, chausson aux pommes, and scones.

Boulangerie les Co'pains d'abord in Montreal
Boulangerie les Co’pains d’abord in Montreal


Furthermore, Boulangerie les Co’pains d’abord also serves colorful macarons with various flavors. It will be a big regret if you do not favor macaron there. Their macaron is flavorful and lovely. Besides, you can try sipping a cup of espresso there when eating macaron or croissant, which is the perfect choice. 

6. Patisserie Harmonie

Patisserie Harmonie is based in Chinatown at 85 de la Gauchetière West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is known as a pastry shop, coffee shop, and fast food restaurant in the city. Patisserie Harmonie is renowned for its sweets such as egg tart, croissant, or macaron. Their macarons are truly amazing and flavorful.

You cannot forget its taste when you favor your first macaron. Moreover, it also serves super spongy cakes and diverse drinks like coffee, milk, or chocolate milk. Besides, there are also some unique choices for you to choose such as Asian cheesecake. Their service is pretty great and the staff is always polite, enthusiastic and friendly to customers. Most importantly, the price is reasonable and fair for you to buy. They are all affordable. 

In conclusion, there are the top 6 best macarons in Montreal. If you are addicted to macaron and their delectable taste, do not ignore this list that prepared for you above. Besides macaron, you can try other kinds of recipes from those restaurants. Delivery service is available for you to order via online apps. French cuisine is still a secret taste that requires us to discover and figure out.  


  • Pierre Hermé For “the world’s best pastry chef,” a title bestowed on Pierre Hermé by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants guide in 2016, the macaron isn’t going anywhere. …
  • La Maison du Chocolat. …
  • Ladurée. …
  • Continue reading the main story. …
  • Hugo & Victor. …
  • Acide. …
  • Fauchon. …
  • Sadaharu Aoki.
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Which country is famous for macarons?

They’re still showing up on dresses, in weddings and especially on Instagram, where they have been hashtagged more than 3 million times. Even if their newness as an “it” dessert has worn off, their social cachet sure hasn’t. That’s because macarons’ popularity isn’t really about what they taste like.


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