Top 6 Best Italian Restaurants in downtown Montreal

Top 6 Best Italian Restaurants in downtown Montreal

As far as we know, Montreal is a hot pot for tourists who have a marvelous passion for discovering intercultural features. Most people coming to Montreal are to taste and experience the diversity of cuisine there. Influenced by Italian culture, many Italian restaurants have opened their business in the old city for a long time. To satisfy the adventurous people, the article shares the top 6 best Italian restaurants in downtown Montreal. Let’s take a look!

Top 6 Best Italian Restaurants in downtown Montreal
Top 6 Best Italian Restaurants in downtown Montreal

1. Il Focolaio

Il Focolaio is located in the middle of downtown Montreal. It is about 0.8 km from Chinatown. You can find it at 1223 Rue du Square-Phillips in Montreal, Canada. The restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine and pizza. More specifically, their food is also vegetarian-friendly. The restaurant offers vegan options as well as gluten-free options. 

The restaurant has a reputation for serving one of the best pizzas in Montreal. Their pizza is hot, thin-crust, and fresh with a lot of cheese. There are diverse types of pizza for you to choose such as vegan pizza or traditional Italian pizza. Besides, it also offers other tasty Italian food like pasta. The service is good and speedy. Their staff is friendly and professional. Moreover, the restaurant also has speed delivery services. 

2. Elio Pizzeria 

Situated in the heart of downtown Montreal, Elio Pizzeria is well-known for being the finest traditional Italian restaurant in the city. They also serve one of the best pizzas in town. The restaurant has been around old Montreal for about 57 years since it opened for the first time in 1964. 

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It has served thousands of customers throughout the years. Elio Pizzeria always tries to preserve the tradition and culture of the restaurant. It serves traditional styles of pizza and classic Italian dishes. Their pizza is incredible and pasta is absolutely decent.

Moreover, you can celebrate parties and ceremonies there with up to ten or more than ten people. There are private rooms for groups of people and the price is affordable. Their service is fine, fast, and professional. 

3. Artigiani Ristorante Pizzeria

Artigiani is based in downtown Montreal. You can easily see the restaurant near Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. It is located at 4657 Saint-Denis St, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal. 

Artigiani Ristorante Pizzeria in downtown Montreal
Artigiani Ristorante Pizzeria in downtown Montreal

The restaurant is renowned for serving one of the finest wood oven pizzas in the city. It specializes in Italian cuisines, especially Italia. They offer various types of pizza from traditional to basil and mato. The pizza is added with red sauce and goat cheese. All ingredients create unique flavors for each slice of pizza. Moreover, Artigiani Restaurant also serves delectable plates of pasta and classic sauces. 

The service is good and the price is not too expensive. Plus, Artigiani Restaurant is considered one of the best Italian gastronomes in Montreal. Hence, when you visit the restaurant, you can have an opportunity to experience and discover Italian cuisine as well as Italian culture there. The price will rely on your needs and the menu you chose. 

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4. Trattoria Trestevere

Trattoria Trestevere has a long-established history with over 20 years of experience in downtown Montreal on Crescent Street. It is considered one of the greatest Italian restaurants founded in the city. Trattoria Trestevere is famous for its authentic traditional Italian food. Their well-known dishes are traditional kinds of pasta and homemade sauces. Besides, the restaurant also serves several types of meat like veal, beef, and lamb. Moreover, seafood is also customers’ favorite food there. 

In addition, the restaurant also offers other kinds of food such as Romana, Lazio, and Central-Italian cuisine. Dinner and lunch are served there. Furthermore, when visiting the restaurant, you should try Salmon, Carpaccio, and shrimp. They are must-try dishes recommended by many people who used to come to this amazing place. The service is good. The staff is hospitable and the price is inexpensive. 

5. Weinstein & Gavino’s

Weinstein & Gavino’s is known as the ideal destination for people who are really into Italian foods. The restaurant is famous for traditional Italian cuisine in the city. It is located at 1434 Crescent St, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Most of their dishes are inspired by the specific flavors and traditions of beautiful Italy. It serves fresh pizzas with thin crust and is full of cheese. Their pizza is cooked inside hot brick ovens, which is similar to the unique cooking style in Italy. Moreover, pasta is also renowned there. 

Weinstein & Gavino's in downtown Montreal
Weinstein & Gavino’s in downtown Montreal

Besides, the building has three floors and W & G is located on the third floor. That is the reason why it has a terrace for customers to enjoy their delectable foods and sightsee the whole city scenes. Also, the service is pretty fine and the price can be affordable. They welcome all walks of life who are locals as well as international tourists. 

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6. Il Campari Centro

Il Campari Centro is an authentic Italian restaurant based in downtown Montreal, Canada. The restaurant is famous for diverse dishes such as salmon, spaghetti, and pizza. Many customers have fallen in love with spaghetti served at this restaurant because its taste is iconic and incredible. Furthermore, if you would like to have a quiet spot for eating, relaxing, or even supporting your work, this place is a suitable destination. The atmosphere is mostly peaceful, quiet, and comfortable there. Their service is good and professional. Staff is willing to meet end customers’ needs. With more than 45 years of authentic first-class Italian Cuisine in Montreal, Il Campari Centro deserves to visit, at least once in your life. From northern Italy 1177 de la Montagne, do not skip this restaurant to experience the most special tradition and cuisine of Italy in the land of the red maple leaf, Canada. 

In conclusion, these are the top 6 Italian restaurants in Montreal. We hope that through this list you can find for yourself some spots for relaxing, chilling, and enjoying your life. Hence, do not pass this article! Let’s stop by and grab some delicious dishes for yourself as well as your family members and relatives. 

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