Top 5 Best Italian Pizzas in Montreal

Top 5 Best Italian Pizzas in Montreal

Influenced by Italian culture, Canada, especially Montreal, can be referred to as the convenient destination for spreading Italian cuisine. There are hundreds of Italian restaurants located in old Montreal. And it will be a regret if you do not try eating a slice of Italian pizza when traveling or living there. Are you a pizza lover? If so, do not pass this article! This article will show you the top 5 best pizzas in Montreal. Let’s take a look!  

Top 5 Best Italian Pizzas in Montreal
Top 5 Best Italian Pizzas in Montreal

1. Il Focolaio

Il Focolaio is located in the heart of downtown Montreal. It’s about 0.8 km from Chinatown. Il Focolaio is referred to as one of the best 3 Italian pizzas in old Montreal. The restaurant was founded for the first time in 1943. Until now, it has existed around the city for over 30 years. 

Il Focolaio has a huge reputation for the most incredible and delectable pizzas. All diners do not hesitate to wait for hours in line in order to taste the amazing tastes of their pizzas. Their pizzas are perfectly cooked in a wood fire oven. The quality of each piece of pizza is tasty with quality sauce and cheese. Moreover, the restaurant serves several types of pizzas such as Italian Hawaii Pizza, Forno Fire Pizza, or Black Truffle Pizza. 

Besides delicious pizzas, you can select diverse dishes from Il Focolaio’s menu. There are salads with fresh green ingredients and various drinks. The restaurant serves all walks of life with kindness, professionalism, and enthusiasm. The price is fair and reasonable. Hence, do not wait to visit Il Focolaio! The restaurant is based at 1223 Rue du Square-Phillips Montreal, QC, Canada. 

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2. Bravo Pizza

Bravo Pizza is located in different destinations in Montreal, Canada. You can find it on Saint-Eustache, Terrebonne, or even on L’Île-Perrot street. It is a family-run restaurant with more than 35 years of experience. In the beginning, they have worked with an honest and beautiful heart to bring the best quality pizzas for clients. 

Bravo Pizza in Montreal
Bravo Pizza in Montreal

All ingredients originate from local and they are selected carefully to create the most incredible flavors for every slice of pizza. Their pizzas are always fresh and cooked at a high temperature in the pizza oven. Hence, the pizzas are thin crust and delicious with cheese. In addition to pizzas, the restaurant also serves various types of mouthwatering dishes such as tasty desserts or drinks. 

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner so you can choose your convenient time for visiting. Most importantly, the price is not too expensive. Their staff team is always willing to give you a hand. They try their best to meet all the needs of clients and provide their clients with the greatest service in the city. Moreover, the atmosphere of the bar is positive and energetic. Sometimes, you can feel the crowd and dip yourself into this free world without hesitation.

3. Artigiani

Artigiani Restaurant can be found at 4657 Saint-Denis St, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is located in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal. The restaurant is renowned for serving one of the finest wood oven pizzas in the city. It specializes in Italian cuisines, especially Italia. They offer various types of pizza from traditional to basil and mato. The pizza is added with red sauce and goat cheese. All ingredients create unique flavors for each slice of pizza. Moreover, Artigiani Restaurant also serves delectable plates of pasta and classic sauces. 

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The service is good and the price is not too expensive. As far as you know, Artigiani Restaurant is considered one of the best Italian gastronomes in Montreal. Hence, when you visit the restaurant, you can have an opportunity to experience and discover Italian cuisine as well as Italian culture there. The price will rely on your needs and the menu you chose. 

4. Elio Pizzeria

Elio Pizzeria is situated at 351 Rue de Bellechasse, Montréal, Quebec, Canada.The restaurant opened its business for the first time in 1964. Thus, Elio Pizzeria has been in Montreal for nearly 60 years. At first, there were only 18 customers visiting the restaurant to taste their pizza. Now, Elio has spacious huge space for a total of more than 700 people. If you visit this restaurant, pizza is a must-try food there. Their pizza is really tasty. 

Elio Pizzeria in Montreal
Elio Pizzeria in Montreal

Besides mouth-watering Italian pizza, the restaurant specializes in calamari and homemade pasta. Most especially, Elio has two reception rooms and private rooms for satisfying their clients’ needs. You can celebrate special occasions or corporate events there. The price includes dishes or decorations. Those room types can contain from 100 to 200 people at the same time. 

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5. Bevo Bar

Bevo Bar is known as a well-known Italian restaurant in Montreal. If you are addicted to pizza, do not skip Bevo Bar! Their pizza will bring you to a whole new experience of taste. Bevo Bar specializes in conventional Italian cuisines. Thus, there is no doubt that the restaurant has a reputation for being one of the most incredible and authentic wood-fired pizzas in Montreal. Additionally, the restaurant also serves other traditional Italian cuisines. 

Most especially, they have a diverse collection of cocktails for sipping. Besides, Bevo Bar also offers unique menus for groups of about ten people or even more. Also, you can celebrate birthday parties or small parties for graduation or team building there. Bevo Bar always tries its best to meet all your needs and brings the most memorable memories to you. The staff is hospitable and enthusiastic. Their service is fine and the atmosphere is comfortable, energetic, and spacious.

In conclusion, there are the top 5 best Italian pizzas in Montreal. If you have a chance ỏ a passion for pizza, let’s visit those restaurants to satisfy your taste. However, because of the unpredictable condition of covid 19, it is kind of dangerous when going out. You can order pizza and enjoy it at home by delivery service. Be safe and enjoy your love life with amazing slices of pizza!

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