Top 9 Best Interior Designers in Montreal

Top 9 Best Interior Designers in Montreal

Home is the best place ever where we can come back and relax after long working days. However, if you want to be comfortable and enjoy every moment in a spacious environment, decoration plays an important role. This article is for you if you have a passion for decoration or want to change your house vibes. The article will provide you with the top 9 best interior designers in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

Top 9 Best Interior Designers in Montreal
Top 9 Best Interior Designers in Montreal

1. Rebecca Mitchell Interiors

Rebecca Mitchell Interiors is considered one of the best interior designers in the city.  It is located on the West Island of Montreal. Rebecca has about 20 years of experience in interior service. Although Rebecca Michell Interiors has a small size, it provides customers with full interior services. The service is inspired by multi-styles from traditional to transitional, from modern to rustic, or even classic patterns. The price is reasonable. It ranges from $10K-$50K depending on the scope of the project.

2. Kelli Richards Designs

Kelli Richards Designs was founded in 2014 as soon as Kelli Richards, the owner and principal designer of the firm, graduated from College Interdec’s Interior Design program. The firm concentrates on giving extraordinary and meaningful spaces to clients. Kelli Richards Designs offers diverse projects with high-quality standards and well-designed product options. They have a huge passion for variety and flexibility in each product to create unique spaces. Kelli Richards always wants to ensure that her clients can experience the most unique things that only belong to them.

3. Bipede

Bipede interior design in Montreal
Bipede interior design in Montreal

Bipede has been around the city for about 13 years since it was first founded by UQAM graduates Elaine Fortin and Virginie Lamothe in Montreal in 2008. Moreover, It is well-known as an architectural and industrial design studio, one of the greatest interior designers in Montreal. Bipide is located at 160 St Viateur St. E Suite 804, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Plus, Bipede not only specializes in residential and commercial design. It has a reputation for furniture as well as accessories design as well. Most importantly, they always put their clients first and care about clients’ satisfaction. 

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4. Jean Stephane Beauchamp

Jean Stephane Beauchamp is referred to as one of the best interior designers in Montreal, Canada. He is truly a great designer specializing in Design, Photography, Psychology, Fine Arts,  and Art Therapy. Moreover, when you choose to be a client of Jean Stephane Beauchamp. Moreover, he is famous for eclectic interiors with different periods, styles, and elements. Jean Stephane Beauchamp is willing to dedicate his creativity to bringing out the best thing. Besides, he provides his clients with the best service and products. 

5. Lorna Gordon Design

Lorna Gordon is a young, enthusiastic, and creative girl. She has a strong passion for interior designs. After accomplishing her studies in interior design, she has opened her business in 2006. Lorna Gordon always catches up and experiences the trendy. Moreover, she is considered one of the greatest designers in Montreal with deep and diverse experience sin this industry. She has participated in many TV shows and been invited to be a host or guest designer. It is not strange why she is known as one of the top interior designers in Quebec. 

6. Zephyr Interior Design

Zephyr Interior Design is renowned as one of the nicest interior designers in Montreal. It is founded and led by Rosalie Levi, a famous interior designer, who has created many amazing design waves in Canada. She specializes in eclectic style and a more vintage style as well. Rosalie Levi realized her passion for interior design when she was in grade 8 architecture class. 

After she had spent 17 years working in banking and finance, she decided to chase and follow her dream. Then, she founded Zephyr Interior Design. She is the smart one that knows how to use her gift in helping people discover her design and concept. Furthermore, she tries her best to provide clients with the most comfortable and satisfying feelings. Hence, the clients will have a chance to owe the unique products only belonging to themselves. 

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7. Annika Krausz

Annika Krausz interior design in Montreal
Annika Krausz interior design in Montreal

Annika Krausz is one of the best interior designers who was born and grew up in Montreal. She specializes in interior design. At the very first time, she was not only known as a decorator but she is also famous as an art director on film sets for 12 years. After 12 years, she transferred her career to commercial and residential design. She is interested in mixing styles and eras. For example, her product will contain vintage and contemporary elements at the same time. Moreover, many clients said that her works give Hollywood vibes to them. In addition, Annika Krausz always provides her clients with the best service

8. TOC design & construction

TOC design & construction has a reputation for new, unique, and special designs. It brings the hottest artistic movements for clients with diverse beautiful interior design ideas. TOC design & construction want to fulfill clients’ desires and show their specific features and highly individual characteristics. They have about 30 years of experience in the interior design field. Hence, the clients do not need to worry when coming to TOC. Plus, it is located at 1075 Rue Bellevue, L’Île-Bizard, Quebec, Canada. They can meet all your needs and make you satisfied with their products. Besides, TOC specializes in various aspects, especially kitchen design. Most of their products possess a passion and creativity in every color and texture, which brings the best feeling for clients ever. 

9. Wish Decor

Wish Decor was established in 2004, which means that the store has been around Montreal for about 17 years. They have a reputation for designing products following personal touches. The store always builds and develops the firm relationship between clients and designers of the store. That is the reason why Wish Decor has strongly stood in this industry for a long time. Additionally, the store offers diverse styles of interior designs from eclectic, traditional, or contemporary to country or mid-century. 

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In conclusion, there are the top 9 best interior designs in Montreal. We hope that this article will help you to decorate and achieve the best space in your house. Moreover, do not hesitate to try something new and make your life happier, more dynamic, and more memorable with the place called home. 


While fees range from $150 to $250 plus an hour, there are many talented young designers who are looking to build their portfolios and client base, and quote rates at a fraction of that price. The Interior Designers of Canada website is an excellent resource for designers at all stages of their career.
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