Where Is The Best Ice Fishing Spots in Montreal Right Now

Where Is The Best Ice Fishing Spots in Montreal Right Now

Ice fishing is an excellent way to relax in the cold months, and the most important part of your ice fishing experience is the spot you choose.

Nowadays, you don’t need a fishing license to enjoy ice fishing. You just need a good rod, bait, and a spot to fish. There are plenty of places to practice your craft.

If you have your eye on some of these spots, then you might want to check out this article and see which ones we recommend.

Where is the best place to fish in Montreal?

1. Mont Tremblant

If you’re looking for a great winter getaway close to Montreal, go no further than Mont Tremblant. As a popular outdoor activity for both inhabitants and visitors to the Mont Tremblant area, ice fishing is a must.

Once a method of subsistence for indigenous Canadians, ice fishing has become a popular pastime for locals and visitors alike in Montreal.

Twenty minutes from the Mont Tremblant ski area is a frozen lake at the base of the snowy slopes where you may go fishing. To get the most out of your time here, we suggest signing up for a guided tour.

The guide will supply everything you need to fish, including the license and gear, so you can reel in some perches, pikes, and whatever else swims in the area.

Once you’ve caught some fish, your guide will put up a heated tent to keep you cozy and protected from the elements.

2. Kanatha-Aki Nature Activity Center

When it comes to ice fishing in Montreal, one of the greatest places to go is Kanatha Aki Nature Activity Center.

It’s a great place to do things like dog sledding, zip line, seeing wood bison, riding horses, and even ice fishing, in addition to giving you the chance to explore the wildlife around you.

What could be more real and endearing than fishing in a beautiful setting at the foot of the towering Laurentian Mountains?

If you’ve never been ice fishing before, and you’re going to be in the Montreal area, you should definitely take a guided trip.

Tip ups are a novel technique for catching fish. The instructions will help you drill a hole in the ice to capture rainbow trout, perches, or Burbot fishes. You may either prepare the fish at home or take it with you.

3. Peche Vieux Montreal

Hundreds of Montrealers gather on beautiful winter days at Peche Vieux to enjoy the sport of ice fishing. Carp, pike, bass, walleye, and gigantic sturgeon may all be caught here by novice and expert anglers alike.

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Day trips to Peche Vieux, Montreal, are filled with adventure and leave visitors with lasting memories. Get the most out of your trip by signing up for a tour with a knowledgeable guide.

The bait and fishing gear, provided by the guide, will make catching fish a breeze. You can keep warm in the shelter’s heaters, catch and cook your own fish, and eat it right there in the park without having to go too far.

4. Lake of Two Mountains

Several fish species may be found at Lake of Two Mountains, which is located close to Montreal. Smallmouth Bass, however, are what bring the most attention to the frozen lake.

However, it’s difficult to catch and calls for some fishing expertise. Take a guided tour, though, and you’ll have no trouble reeling in a Smallmouth Bass.

If you don’t like Bass, the good news is that Lake Of Two Mountains offers other species you can capture.

Fish like the Northern Pike, Musky, and Walleye belong in this category. In the summer, many people go there since fishing is more convenient.

However, if you’re looking for some excitement and entertainment throughout the winter, ice fishing is a great option. You can also go Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass fishing, but the real treat is going Sturgeon hunting.

5. Centre de Peche La Madeleine

There are few better places to go ice fishing in Montreal than the Centre De Peche La Madeleine. The frozen river will allow you to skip the detour and head right to the cabin, where you may get your fishing gear.

You may save money by renting equipment and tools instead of bringing them from home. Depending on the number of passengers, various cabin sizes are available. There is a fireplace, a table, and benches in each cabin.

The plan is to have someone else start the fire while you prepare the fishing gear. Close to Montreal, Centre De Peche La Madeleine is a great spot to reel in a variety of fish, such as muskies, pikes, and perches.

Fishing Near Montreal: 6 Amazing Spots

Less Than an Hour Away

Fishing in the City

We weren’t joking about the fishing opportunities near Montreal. In a close sense, even. Does the idea of going fishing without leaving the city appeal to you? It seems like an exciting opportunity for some city fishing to us!

In recent years, urban fishing has become an increasingly popular pastime. Residents of Montreal are being urged to go fishing at one of the region’s public parks on the lake.

In the St. Lawrence River, what sort of fish may you reel in? Carp, Channel Catfish, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Sturgeon, and Walleye are just few of the fish that call this river home.

You can go fishing in Montreal at any time of the year and catch anything.

The fish you catch on your vacation are edible, which is great news. For Montrealers, the question may arise: “How is it conceivable when the water is so dirty?”

Check out this article if you’re interested in learning more about this subject.

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The nice thing about fishing in Montreal is easy accessibility to the water and some fantastic fishing locations. As a matter of fact, it’s almost outside your door.

Lake of Two Mountains

The Lake of Two Mountains may be found just outside of Montreal. The majority of the lake has a depth of less than 4.5 meters, therefore it is not very deep. It’s not too deep, but it’s still quite a challenge.

Smallmouth bass may be found in the lake, and they favor the weeds, streams, and rocks that are closer to the water’s surface. Skillful angling is required if you want to reel one in.

Largemouth Bass, on the other hand, congregate among submerged humps and shoals in its deeper waters.

The lake is a fantastic place to go fishing because of the presence of both of these species. It’s not unusual for a skilled angler to reel in both in on the same trip.

Muskies, Northern Pike, and Walleye can be found as well if Bass isn’t your thing.

The lake’s fishing is excellent from May through November, but that’s not the only thing to do there. In the dead of winter, ice fishermen go to the lake with one goal in mind: to reel in a Sturgeon.

The good news is that anglers can enjoy their time with non-fishing friends and family just as much as they do when they fish. Your loved ones can go hiking in Bois-de-l’Île-Bizard as you take on Bass.

You may see beavers, turtles, and ducks in the park’s expansive wetlands, and there’s even a tiny beach.

Less Than Two Hours Away


In and around Montreal, most anglers head to the St. Lawrence River or one of the several nearby lakes. To that end, we have included Cornwall, a riverside location, to our itinerary.

The town’s location between Ottawa and Montreal makes it a popular weekend getaway for inhabitants of both cities.

Cornwall’s proximity to the St. Lawrence River makes it seem like excellent fishing spots are just outside your door.

Northern Pike, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Bass, Carp, and Musky can all be found in the waterways around the city, just like they can in the waters near the other locations on our list.

You may go fishing at any time of the year. For those who enjoy ice fishing, Cornwall offers a variety of excellent options.

Numerous fishing contests are hosted in the vicinity throughout the year, and the town is well-known for its excellent waterfront area and free boat launching.

Lake St. Pierre

There’s a solid reason why Lake St. Pierre is so popular among local fishermen. There is a prime fishing place on the lake, right next to a significant feeding area for largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, and pike.

But don’t think that since there are many of fish here that catching them won’t be difficult. You’ll likely need to change your bait to better withstand the strong current.

Drift baits have been quite productive in this location, according to anglers who have fished there before. More than 70 different types of fish have been identified in this lake, including several other major species.

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Beautiful scenery awaits you in Lake St. Pierre this summer. Its proximity to both Montreal and Quebec makes it an ideal weekend getaway from the bustle of the big cities.

Less Than Four Hours Away

Lake St. Francois

Quebec is home to the beautiful Lake St. Francois. There are more tranquil spots on our list than this lake.

Lake St. Francois is a great spot to visit if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend some time in the serene outdoors.

Smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye, carp, sturgeon, pike, muskie, perch, brown trout, rainbow trout, and salmon are all abundant in the lake. Smallmouth bass are the most sought-after catch in this area.

Large fish are abundant in the lake, increasing your chances of catching one. You can discover substantial targets in as little as three to six feet of water.

July through October are ideal months to go fishing, with the late fall months being slightly more fruitful. Salmonids such as Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout, as well as Salmon, were introduced to the lake specifically for sportfishing.

Lake Ontario

The vastness of Lake Ontario means that it is home to fantastic fishing possibilities and a plethora of excellent local fishing places including Kingston, Prince Edward County, and many others.

The lake’s location makes it a desirable destination for those living in major metropolitan areas like as Toronto, Mississauga, and Hamilton in Canada and Upstate New York in the United States.

You may also hear the name “The Lake of Shining Wonders” referred to when referring to this body of water. Seems interesting enough to warrant a trip, no?

Although it is the smallest of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario is certainly not insignificant. Lake water is pretty deep. We won’t waste any time getting into the topic of fishing.

One of the best places to fish in the world for freshwater species is Lake Ontario. We promise we’re not joking. Salmon fishing is mostly responsible for the lake’s notoriety.

If you are a fisherman, you have likely heard tales of the excellent Salmon fishing in this area. Although there are several different kinds of salmon in the lake, the Chinook Salmon reigns king.

Chinook salmon outnumber other species including Coho, Pink, and Atlantic salmon by a large margin.

In spite of the lake’s nickname, “Salmon fever,” many other fish species are available for catch and release. Lake Ontario is home to a wide variety of fish species, including Steelhead, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Walleye, and Bass.


The Ice fishing season started in October. It’s the best time to go ice fishing. If you’re looking for some good ice fishing spots in Montreal, this article will give you all the information you need to know.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. If you love ice fishing, you’re going to want to visit these great places. You’ll see why it’s the best time of year to fish in Montreal.

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