33 Best Places Heartwarming Hot Chocolates to Sip On in Montreal

33 Best Places Heartwarming Hot Chocolates to Sip On in Montreal

The best way to end your day is with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. With so many options in Montreal, there’s no excuse to miss out on these delectable treats.

Hot chocolates and macarons are synonymous with Montreal. There’s no denying that the city is rich in chocolates and macaroons.

So whether you’re looking for a sweet treat to enjoy with friends and family or planning an event, here are some of our favorites:

33 Heartwarming Hot Chocolates to Sip On in Montreal

1. Chocolats Genevieve Grandbois (multiple locations)

Address: 1659 Rue Ontario E, Montréal, QC H2L 1S8, Canada

Phone: (438) 520-3374

Website: Visit Website

The shop’s namesake and creator discovered her love of chocolate at an early age and has since used it to launch a thriving business and publish a book on the subject.

It has one of the darkest hot chocolates in the area, with 70 percent cocoa. The shop also offers ice cream in the summer, making it more than simply a wintertime option like many of the others on our list.


2. Le Dépanneur Café

Address: 206 Rue Bernard O, Montréal, QC H2T 2K4, Canada

Phone: (514) 965-9248

Website: Visit Website

This Mile End hangout is as welcoming as anyone’s living room. The atmosphere is chill and homey thanks to the daily live music and the welcoming atmosphere for families with young children.

You may customize the sweetness of your hot chocolate to your liking because it’s given with only a small amount of sugar.



3. Café La Distributrice

Address: 408 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montréal, QC H2J 1W1, Canada

Phone: (514) 400-4158

Website: Visit Website

Since it’s the smallest café in Montreal, it could be worth mentioning just for being different, but the fact that their hot chocolate is so delicious is what put them on the map.

Made by melting raw chocolate into steaming milk, it’s a dark, dreamy flavour that equals La Distributrice’s coffee for quality.


4. Les Chocolats de Chloé

Address: 546 Avenue Duluth E, Montréal, QC H2L 1A9, Canada

Phone: (514) 849-5550

Website: Visit Website

The chocolate sold in this delightful boutique comes from a manufacturer that, Valhrona, has made it a goal to become carbon neutral by 2025, and the store also offers creative serving options for the sweet treat.

In addition to other tasty items, they sell high-quality chai hot chocolate. Keep in mind that the availability of hot chocolate is seasonal.


5. Au Festin de Babette

Address: 4085 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2W 2M7, Canada

Phone: (514) 849-0214

Website: Visit Website

A hot chocolate menu that spans many pages is the height of indulgence.

There’s a chocolate here for every kind of sugar rush, from the smooth and velvety L’Ecuador (55% cocoa, a happy medium between milk and dark chocolate) to the decadent La Babette (with cinnamon and ginger).

Plus, they have a fantastic selection of pastries, so it’s a nice place to curl up with a book on a chilly autumn day.

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6. Marius et Fanny

Address: 2006 Rue St-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2L 3Z5, Canada

Phone: (514) 379-1898

Website: Visit Website

A bakery that also serves coffee?

Sure, go ahead. Whether you want to eat at the counter or relax in the comfortable café, you just must try the pastries at this “pâtisserie provençale” and wash them down with a mug of their rich, flavorful hot chocolate.

Holiday chocolates like the joyous sapin de macarons, the sinister Halloween candies, and the chocolate poissons d’avril are all available here.


7. Sophie Sucrée

Address: 167 Ave des Pins E, Montréal, QC H2W 1N9, Canada

Phone: (514) 823-5865

Website: Visit Website

Try the vegan hot chocolate at this Plateau café and patisserie, where all of the options are cruelty-free (and sumptuously delicious).

Seasonal alternatives to the traditional include the five spice hot chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes, and the London fog.



8. Juliette & Chocolat (multiple locations)

Address: 3600 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2V4, Canada

Phone: (438) 380-1090

Website: Visit Website

The most popular chocolate store in all of Montreal has many locations and offers a wide variety of decadent hot chocolates with toppings like whipped cream mounds and melty marshmallows.

As the owner and creative force behind the company, Juliette Brun is always thinking of new ways to satisfy the city’s chocolate enthusiasts.



9. Café Humble Lion (multiple locations)

Address: 904 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC H3A 3R8, Canada

Phone: (514) 844-5466

Website: Visit Website

This cozy café serves up delicious and velvety hot chocolate in addition to good coffee, making it a great choice for the local student population near McGill University.

Manufacturers Mast Brothers, who provide the chocolate, use only minimal packaging and only environmentally friendly methods of sourcing their ingredients.

The café offers a lively, interesting environment despite its modest size and widespread popularity. Another site may be found on McGill College, just around the corner.


10. C’ChôColat

Address: 1255 Rue Bishop, Montréal, QC H3G 2E2, Canada

Phone: (514) 392-7777

Website: Visit Website

This downtown dessert spot serves hot chocolate with panache, whether you want the basic creamy chocolate, the gooey salted caramel variation, or one of the many other intricate versions available.

It’s perfect for a late-night crêpe or breakfast. A vegan version of the classic hot chocolate is also available.


11. Café Myriade (multiple locations)

Address: 1432 Rue Mackay, Montréal, QC H3G 2H7, Canada

Phone: (514) 939-1717

Website: Visit Website

Hot chocolate is served, which is a bit of a surprise given the cafe’s more well-known reputation for its excellent coffee.

It’s one of the earliest third-wave cafés in Montreal, and it’s a great place to relax near Concordia University, thanks to its tiny outside patio in the summer and its pleasant interior in the winter.

Myriade also serves a killer mocha for chocolate lovers who need their fix of caffeine.



12. Cacao 70 (multiple locations)

Address: 1751 Rue Richardson unit t10, Montréal, QC H3K 1G6, Canada

Phone: (514) 935-8868

Website: Visit Website

Cacao 70 is a safe bet for premium chocolate, and it now has locations in many cities.

The menu’s hot chocolate selections range from standard drinking chocolate to more out-of-the-ordinary flavors like sesame; packaged mixes are also available for takeout.

You may find us all around town, but right here at the factory is where the real action is.


13. Patrice Pâtissier

Address: 2360 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H3J 1N4, Canada

Phone: (514) 439-5434

Website: Visit Website

You can’t go wrong with a profiterole and a cup of hot chocolate spiked with vanilla.

The award-winning pastry chef Patrice Demers also conducts occasional classes in the art of dessert creation at his sleek and stylish pâtisserie-café.


14. Café de’ Mercanti (multiple locations)

Address: 6128 Av de Monkland, Montréal, QC H4A 1H4, Canada

Phone: (514) 969-1807

Website: Visit Website

This NDG institution, decorated in an Italian manner, has a relaxed southern European ambiance and serves a wide variety of espresso beverages as well as excellent hot chocolate for dipping your favorite biscotti.

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Another site may be found in Old Montreal, ideal for warming up after a stroll around the city’s historic neighborhood.



15. La Diperie

Address: 68 des Pins Avenue East

Website: Website

La Diperie is well-known for its ice cream cones, but it also serves delicious hot chocolate in 30 different flavors during the colder months.

You may choose from a wide variety of delicious flavors, like salty caramel, Oreo, ginger, hot pepper, and many more.

16. Le Butterblume

Address: 5836 Saint-Laurent Blvd.

Website: Website

Ever since it opened, the Butterblume in the Mile End has been one of the city’s most popular restaurants. Famous far and wide for its handcrafted sourdough bread tartine.

The Weiss chocolate (a bean-to-bar French brand), cocoa, and passion that go into its hot chocolate are what set it apart. And milk, whether it be conventional or vegan.

17. Automne Boulangerie

Address: 6500 Christophe-Colomb Avenue

Website: Website

The Scandinavian-style bread at this Rosemont bakery is excellent. The hot chocolate and pastries are excellent.

The components of Automne include 58% dark chocolate, cocoa powder, chai spices, and a pinch of salt. Get it with either cow’s milk or soy milk if you choose. It tastes great either way!

18. Ernestine

Address: 1827 Mont-Royal Avenue

Website: Website

The former NOIR Chocolat has rebranded as Ernestine and relocated to Avenue Mont-Royal. Véronique Ethier, whose grandmother, Ernestine, introduced her to sweets and chocolates, dedicates her new business to her.

The warm blend of milk, cream, and 64% dark chocolate in the Ernestine hot chocolate is just as comfortable as the one served at NOIR.

19. Hof Kelsten

Address: 4524 Saint-Laurent Blvd

Website: Website

This Jewish-style bakery in the Mile End neighborhood has been successful in drawing customers ever since it first opened. The tender pastries and delicious breads from Hof Kelsten are among my absolute favorites.

They produce their hot chocolate using a Valhrona chocolate ganache, which is then diluted with steamed milk in the same way as a latte is.

20. Café Dei Campi

Address: 1360 Rosemont Blvd

Website: Website

At Café Dei Campi, you can’t go wrong with anything you order. Despite the lack of butter and eggs, several of its baked goods are among the best in town.

Extra rich cocoa, vanilla, sugar, and your option of bovine, soy, or handmade almond milk go into making its hot chocolate.

21. Avanaa

Address: 309 Gounod Street

Website: Website

The little chocolate business in Villeray finds its beans, roasts and processes them in-house to create its remarkable bars.

Both the traditional hot chocolate and a seasonal variant are constantly on the menu at Avanaa. You can’t go wrong with the traditional combination of two 70% chocolates, a touch of sugar, and oat milk.

Put a handmade marshmallow on top of yours. There will soon come a time when you can buy the hot chocolate mix.

22. Café Bazin

Address: 380 Victoria Avenue

Website:  Website

Café Bazin in Westmount is where the cool people go for breakfast, lunch, and a date over a plate of beautiful pastries.

The traditional recipe for their hot chocolate consists of 64% chocolate, sugar, and milk. A handmade marshmallow on top of this drink takes it to the next level of light and creaminess.

23. Janine Café

Address: 3900 Wellington Street

Website: Website

White chocolate is only one of numerous bean varieties used to create the restaurant’s assortment of hot chocolates, which are just as popular as the restaurant’s breakfast and lunch offerings.

The most popular drinks at Janine Café are the 68% chocolate and 70% spicy mix, both of which are topped with a cinnamon stick.

Also available is a deconstructed hot chocolate, which is served in a little teapot with melted chocolate, along with a pitcher of your choice of milk (cow or plant-based), and handcrafted marshmallows.

24. MELK Bar à Café

Address: 1206 Stanley Street and 5612 Monkland Avenue

Website: Website

With two locations, MELK Bar à Café is progressively growing its coffee empire across Montréal. The newest hotspot in Old Montreal, it has gained Instagram fame thanks to its hip interior and delicious coffee.

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Made with a base of either dark or milk Cacao Barry chocolate and steamed milk, the hot chocolate is reminiscent of a latte. MELK’s own handcrafted marshmallows are a great addition.

25. Pikolo Espresso Bar

Address: 3418B du Parc Avenue

Website: Website

Since opening, this cozy café in McGill’s student neighborhood has been a popular hangout for caffeine addicts.

Pikolo uses a 70% Callebaut chocolate in their handmade chocolate syrup, which is used as the foundation for their hot chocolate.

The syrup foundation is then mixed with the milk of your choice. Its mochas start with the same chocolatey foundation.

26. Arhoma

Address: 15 Place Simon-Valois and 1700 Ontario Street East

Website: Website

Bakery and pastry store in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is among the most well-liked in all of Montréal. Camino, a fair trade and organic semisweet chocolate, is used to make Arhoma’s hot chocolate.

Customers can also request their hot beverage to be prepared with Arhoma’s signature 70% chocolate.

27. Fous Desserts

Address: 809 Laurier Avenue East

Website: Website

Those with a sweet tooth should make a trip to this well-known Plateau Mont-Royal pastry business. Fous Desserts sells seven unique Valrhona chocolate-based hot chocolate blends.

The Chai blend has 72% Venezuelan chocolate, cocoa powder, spices from local store Épices de Cru, and black Assam tea.

28. Barley

Address: 2613 Notre-Dame Street Wes

Website: Website

Smoothie bowls, breakfast and brunch fare, and, of course, cereal are all on the menu at this self-proclaimed “cereal bar” in Little Burgundy.

Barley makes a very decadent hot chocolate that is enhanced by the addition of a handful of cereal.

29. Alice & Theo

Address: 3870 Wellington Street

Website: Website

Alice & Theo is a quaint Verdun restaurant named after the proprietors’ two young children. Among its many sweet offerings, it is known for its handcrafted ice cream and puff pastries.

One of Alice & Theo’s hot chocolates is produced with 65% dark chocolate, while the others are created with 40% chocolate and are lighter.

Using green matcha imported directly from Japan, they also provide a matcha latte.

30. Ratafia

Address: 6778 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Website: Website

Ratafia, a popular dessert spot in Little Italy, offers a fantastic warm drink to pair with their Sweet Date takeout dessert box.

Two varieties of Barry Callebault chocolate are melted, hot milk is added, and then it’s topped with maple whipped cream and maple sugar. In a word, decadent.

31. L’affaire est chocolat

Address: 2350 Rue Beaubien East

Website: Website

Place Beaubien At L’affaire est chocolat, you may personalize your hot chocolate at the “hot chocolate bar.”

Select your chocolate (from a store brand to a “prestige” gold of varying cocoa content), pick your serving size and milk %, customize your drink with spices, fragrances, and syrups, then finish it off with your favorite toppings like whipped cream and marshmallows. Consistently, it’s the best drink ever.

32. Café Chez Téta

Address: 227 Rue Rachel East

Website: Website

In this post, we are announcing the launch of a new hot chocolate at Café Chez Téta, a popular Plateau establishment known for its Lebanese specialties.

In order to create their new beverage, they will skilfully combine a handcrafted 70% cocoa chocolate ganache with anisseed and caraway.

33. M. & Mme Chocolat

Address: 273 Rue Beaubien East

Website: Website

The chocolatier in Petite Patrie makes not one, but two varieties of hot chocolate. The first, simply called “Classic,” is crafted from a proprietary blend of 66% dark chocolate, cocoa, and oat milk.

The second is their Boréal blend, which combines 67% chocolate with regional spices including Gorria pepper (similar to Espelette) and Sweet Gale, as well as juniper berries from Québec.

Each concoction is packaged separately, and a chocolate bomb with a marshmallow is also for sale to go.


If you are looking for heartwarming hot chocolates to sip on in Montreal, we have a list of 33 places where you can enjoy a cup of cocoa to your heart’s content.

From artisanal chocolatiers to independent cafés, these establishments offer warm hospitality and the best chocolat and confectioneries.

Whether you are looking for chocolates that melt in your mouth or gooey chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth, these places have you covered.

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