Top 6 best hamburgers in Montreal

Top 6 best hamburgers in Montreal

Do you love hamburgers? Are you addicted to the appetizing flavors of creamy cheese with fresh beef, bacon, and lettuce? If your answer is “yes”, do not miss this article! The article shows you the top 6 best hamburgers in Montreal. Let’s take a look and discover the hamburger world in Montreal, Canada!

Top 6 best hamburgers in Montreal
Top 6 best hamburgers in Montreal

1. Burger Bar Crescent

Burger Bar Crescent is located in the middle of downtown Montreal. It is about 0,2 km from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The restaurant specializes in Canadian and American cuisine. There are diverse incredible dishes that you can try such as unique burgers, poutine, salads, and sandwiches. 

Most especially, this spot can be referred to as the best restaurant serving the greatest hamburger in the city. Their hamburgers are amazing with different types. For example, a royal cheese hamburger contains angus beef patty, smoked bacon, lettuce, swiss and cheddar blend, onion, and dijon mayonnaise. Or you can try yosemite sam hamburger including special roasted red peppers, salsa, chipotle mayonnaise, and avocado. Besides, they use the freshest ingredients for all dishes. And they also serve gluten-free options for dieting. Moreover, the staff is absolutely hospitable. The price is inexpensive. Plus, their service is professional and great. 

2. Uniburger 

Uniburger restaurant is one of the best hamburgers in Montreal. It is located in different locations in the city such as Saint-Denis street, Notre Dame Ouest, or Saint Paul Ouest. The restaurant is famous for hamburgers with fresh Canadian beef. This is a unique beef that is always fresh and never frozen. And it is mixed and prepared especially for clients every new day. Moreover, Their burgers have a diverse selection of toppings for you. Hence, they can satisfy you with different options following the way you like. 

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Uniburger in Montreal
Uniburger in Montreal

Plus, all ingredients used are fresh and natural to ensure that their clients will have a perfect and quality meal. One of the most popular types of burgers in Uniburger is the double uniburger. It includes 100% AAA Canadian beef, cheese tomatoes, lettuce. Besides, this burger type is also served with well-known Uniburger sauce, Martin’s potato roll, and extra bacon.

Uniburger’s motto is “Eat clean to stay fit, eat a burger to stay sane”. The staff is willing to meet all your needs. Also, they are hospitable and welcoming. The price is fairly affordable. In addition to tasty burgers, the restaurant also serves amazing milkshakes with various flavors such as vanilla or chocolate, and double-fried French fries as well. 

3. Hero Certified Burgers

Hero Certified Burgers has a long-standing history. The restaurant opened its first store in 2003. During the time of development, it has had many branches opening in Canada now. Its stores are located in 50 different locations. In Montreal. Hero Certified Burger is situated at 2019 Bishop Street in the city. Furthermore, the restaurant is famous for Canadian Angus Beef burgers. Their natural burgers include real cheese and high-quality toppings. Moreover, their comedian has played a key role in creating unique flavors for their mouth-watering burgers. 

Besides, the restaurant tries its best to bring the best services for their diners. Hero Certified Burgers has a professional and fast service. Their dishes are made from the freshest ingredients. They offer fresh and delectable food for clients. The staff is friendly, hard-working, and welcoming. You can order their food via their online website or visit the restaurant to directly favor or takeout. 

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4. L’Anecdote

L'Anecdote in Montreal
L’Anecdote in Montreal

It has been about 38 years since L’Anecdote began its very first business in 1983. L’Anecdote is located at the corner of St. Hubert and Rachel. The restaurant is well-known for fresh and natural ingredients originating from local farms. That is the reason why their dishes are always fresh, clean, and delicious. Every dish is homemade so it brings the feeling of home. When visiting the restaurant, you will have a chance to experience the unique atmosphere from the special decor with many animal figures. There are different hamburgers for you such as classic hamburgers or sombrero hamburgers. Both these burger types are delectable and have full toppings. Besides, you can sip a cup of hot coffee or favor a piece of chocolate cake from their dessert menu. You will not regret it because their dessert is amazing. Furthermore, the price is fair and the staff is literally friendly. Their service is great. 

5. Burger de Ville

You can find Burger de Ville in various locations crossing the city. Their stores are situated at 5282 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 7093 Jarry Est, and 59 Westminster Nord in Montreal, Canada. It is a family-run restaurant specializing in mouth-watering burgers. They work with the belief of serving the best quality food at a reasonable cost. They want to bring a nice, friendly, and family atmosphere to beloved clients. Most especially, all of their dishes are cooked with 100% Canadian beef, always fresh, never frozen. Other ingredients originate from house farms and their soups are always in fresh condition daily. Furthermore, they use peanut oil with 0% cholesterol. Moreover, the way of dressing is clean and beautiful. The restaurant has many types of sauces for you to try. Therefore, if you desire to favor their incredible hamburger, you can come and grab one for takeout or directly visit Burger de Ville for a better experience. 

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6. Mister Steer 

Mister Steer is a renowned restaurant in Montreal. They have a long-standing reputation for the best hamburgers in the city, especially their steer burgers. Moreover, the restaurant has been around Montreal with over 60 years of experience since 1958. It has changed to different locations until now. At present, Mister Steer Restaurant is located at 1198 Saint-Catherine Street West. In the past, it had only nine seats for serving. Now, the restaurant includes 135-seat space. Besides, Mister Steer only uses the freshest and finest ingredients for their dishes, which is the reason why their burgers are always delectable. Most importantly, their service is great and professional. The price is affordable and fair. Additionally, the staff is hospitable and skillful to meet all clients’ needs.  

In conclusion, there are the top 6 best hamburgers in Montreal. If you are a fan of fast food like tasty hamburgers, do not miss this list of hamburger restaurants! Those restaurants will provide you with incredible experiences and quality meals for a better day. 


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