Top 8 best hair colorists in Montreal

Top 8 best hair colorists in Montreal

According to the Market Research Report, the number of hair and nail salons was dramatically increasing in the period of five years between 2015 and 2020. Due to the spread and development of the covid 19 pandemic, the figure is slightly decreasing day by day during the quarantine time. However, we cannot deny that Montreal has a lot of professional hairdressers with many famous salons there. The article shows you the top 8 best hair colorists in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

Top 8 best hair colorists in Montreal
Top 8 best hair colorists in Montreal

1. Salon Gamme

In the first place of the list, there is no doubt that Salon Gamme is obviously chosen as the best hair colorist in Montreal. The hair salon is located in Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie and the heart of Little Italy. It is well-known as the creative salon chosen for artists and celebrities. Of course, they not only serve famous people but anyone who wants to shine with gorgeous hair as well. 

Moreover, when visiting here, you can enjoy the hospitable and comfortable atmosphere like home from professional hairstylists and experts. Besides, you do not need to be scared of “authorizing” your valuable hair to the salon because they have the best hairdressers and stylists in Montreal. 

They are absolutely willing to serve and style your hair from traditional highlights, a balayage to natural or “flash” coloring, which is to improve your current look for a perfect makeover. Most importantly, Salon Gamme is called: “Green Circle certified salon” because they highly care about environmental values. Therefore, they tend to recycle hair, coloring products, aluminum foil, gloves, and masks. 

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2. Tonic Salon Spa & Aveda Académie

Located in the heart and most popular main street in Montreal, Saint-Laurent street, Tonic Salon Spa & Aveda Académie is the first salon in Canada including an Aveda professional academy. Moreover, with the great service, they easily attract many people to come for styling and dyeing their hair. The dressers and stylists are really professional and knowledgeable. 

Besides the style salon, anyone visiting there can enjoy and relax after a long day with spa services such as massage. Most significantly, the price is pretty fair for all services and it is kinda cheaper when compared with other salons in the city. 

3. NÜ Salon

NÜ Salon
NÜ Salon

NÜ Salon is under the control of two female professional hairstylists: Sheema and Alison. Both of them have a long history of excellent customer service and are really good at finding the most suitable look for you. Located in the heart of Montreal downtown, NÜ Salon serves all walks of life such as men, women, and children. 

More importantly, they specialize in colouring, highlighting, blow-drying and updos, straighteners, cutting. More importantly, if you want to experience the incredible services at the salon, you need to make an appointment first. The client will call you and set a suitable schedule to avoid disappointment due to rush periods. 

4. Gossimo Salon

Located in the stunning Town of Mont-Royal and the center of Montreal’s cosmopolitan city, Gossimo Salon is set up by a talented entrepreneur and smart innovator, Monia. Moreover, Monia is a sympathetic woman who deeply understands the valuable worth and beauty of women. 

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Plus, she is a true professor having more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. With the motto: “We give our customers a sense of belonging within the circle of our salon family.” and “Clients are god”- Monia, clients will be served with a positive attitude, passion to bring out the best in their clients. 

5. Hair Salon Spa Deauville

Hair Salon Spa Deauville is situated on Jean-Talon boulevard street. And it is next to Decarie in Montreal’s West End. The hair salon spa specializes in hairstyling, hair colouring, and aesthetics services. Furthermore, the top specialties working at the salon will bring the best service to you and figure out your beauty. 

With only one mission, their customers are always put at the first place and they adopt the newest beauty trends to bring the best looking, beauty, and feeling to their clients. Let’s discover and experience the greatest service at Hair Salon Spa Deauville! 

6. Salon Drake

Located on 1710 Rue Clark street, Salon Drake specializes in styling men’s and women’s hairstyles with high technology and the most current trends to create the most fabulous hair for clients. All the stylists support each other and concentrate on personal strengths and goals through the beauty industry. 

Salon Drake
Salon Drake

Besides, Salon Drake has the perfect hairdressing as well as bringing good services for customers. Moreover, they try their best to create memorable memories when dropping by Salon Drake and use high-quality products for hair. Therefore, let’s set your mind at rest if you choose Salon Drake to cut your hair and style your appearance.  

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7. Mandyz Salon

Situated in Saint-Laurent, Mandyz Salon is referred to as one of the highest quality hair services in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They have good customer service, diverse hair knowledge and always give the best result to their beloved clients. Because of their professionalism, the salon is selected by a huge number of people from locals to tourists. 

When coming to Mandyz Salon, you will always be welcomed by friendly smiles from staff, hair experts, and stylists, which make you free, comfortable, and happy all the time. In addition, Mandyz Salon specializes in various services such as haircut & color, balayage, ombre, highlights, keratin, hair botox, permanent wave, men’s hair & bridal hair. You can try whatever you want. 

8. Helmet Salon

Helmet Salon is located in the heart of the Plateau in Montreal. It is known for being a creative, passionate, and professional hair expert. Furthermore, they offer diverse types of cutting hair from classic to creativity or old school to modern style. Besides, their services focus on styling, coloring, and barbering with high-quality hair products. If you want to visit the salon, call now and book a free consultation! You will have a chance to discover many interesting things at the salon. 

In conclusion, there are the top 8 best colorists in Montreal that we have prepared for you. Do not forget to refer to it carefully! And we hope you can find the best salon for your hair and be the best version of yourself from it. 


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