Top 7 best gynecologists in Montreal

Top 7 best gynecologists in Montreal

Women play an ultimate part in life. They are the main factor to remain and develop the society. Most , every woman in the world possesses a unique feature that no one has. This feature is fertility. Thus, their obstetric health and condition are important. When delivering a baby, it is something very holy and lofty. And to make sure that their condition is good, women should go to see gynecologists daily. If you are living in Montreal and you do not know where to find a good gynecologist, this article is for you. The article provides you with the top 7 best gynecologists in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

Top 7 best gynecologists in Montreal
Top 7 best gynecologists in Montreal

1. Robert D. Koby 

Dr. Robert D.Koby is an expert and professor having more than specializing in the gynecology field. He has worked and studied in this field with more than 38 years of experience. Dr. Robert D. Koby specializes in menopause, infertility, and many gestations. Moreover, he accomplished and possessed the certificate of Doctor of Medicine at the McGill University. Plus, Dr. Robert has a fierce passion for researching obstetric and gynecological aspects. It is to treat invasive surgery or pregnancy care. The doctor has pro skills in pregnancy ultrasound and infertility. Furthermore, gynecologic care for women is also one of his strengths. 

According to the statistics of the medical report, Dr. Robert D. Koby can deliver over 400 babies. Most especially, he is bilingual when he can fluently speak English and French. As an assistant professor of McGill University, he dedicates his youth to research and inspires his passion to everyone. The doctor has published diverse articles in the medical field. He concentrates on medical journals, especially high-risk pregnancies.

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2. Deborah Ruth Cohen 

Dr. Deborah Ruth Cohen can be considered one of the best gynecologists in old Montreal. She is knowledgeable with abundant experience in the field of gynecology. The doctor specializes in general obstetrics and other problems relating to this aspect. The patients love her because she always puts them first. Moreover, she carefully listens to them and provides her patients with the most suitable and greatest treatments. Dr. Deborah Ruth Cohen is working and serving in the OB/GYN department as an assistant professor. 

3. Luis Monton 

Dr. Luis Monton specializes in the obstetric field in Montreal, Canada. He is known as a dedicated and passionate doctor. Moreover, the doctor is trustworthy, and caring for every patient. He is an expert in treating health issues of women and menopause issues. Besides, Dr. Luiz Monton possesses extensive knowledge . And he also has an abundant experience in the treatment of many miscarriages. 

Luis Monton gynecologist in montreal
Luis Monton gynecologist in montreal

The doctor is always by his patients’ side and encourages them to overcome the difficult time of treatment. At present, he practices his career as an assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Plus, he also specializes in hot flashes, C-section, menstruation and fertility issues. Pregnancy and delivery are also his types. 

4. Marie-France Lachapelle

Dr. Marie-France Lachapelle can be referred to as one of the greatest gynecologists in the city. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of different disorders. These disorders relate to the reproductive system of females. For example, she concentrates on diverse aspects such as the uterus, ovaries, vagina, and so on. The doctor carefully listens to her patients. Besides, she also performs research to identify their diagnosis according to symptoms. She aims to provide the patients with the right treatment and suitable medications.

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5. Neal Mahutte

Dr. Neal Mahutte is a great gynecologist serving in Montreal. He takes responsibility for diagnosing and treating patients having problems relating to infertility. He specializes in obstetric issues with diverse professional methods. Moreover, the doctor always reads the patients’ background carefully. He wants to understand the situation and factors affecting their condition.

As a productive gynecologist, Dr. Neal Mahutte tries his best to help patients. He dedicates his ideology and knowledge to finding patients’ issues. It is  particular abnormalities or getting pregnant a struggle. He will recommend different treatments according to the situation and diagnosis of patients. The treatment will contain medication or a surgical solution. 

6. Alice Benjamin 

Dr. Alice Benjamin is an assistant professor at McGill University. She is considered one of the best teachers that the students will never forget. She is dedicated, enthusiastic, and careful. Moreover, Dr. Benjamin was truly a genius when possessing a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Kerala in 1964. Besides, she also had a Medicine doctor degree from the University of Delhi in 1971. 

Alice Benjamin-gynecologist in Montreal
Alice Benjamin-gynecologist in Montreal

In 1978, Dr. Benjamin accomplished her residency in the obstetric field at three different locations in Montreal. The first one is McGill University. The second one is the Jewish General Hospital and the last one is the Royal Victoria Hospital. Plus, she also finished her fellowship time in maternal-fetal medicine this year. 

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Additionally, she specializes in the field of Gynecology and Obstetrics. She has overcome many high-risk pregnancies. For example, she is the first one who performed the first successful diabetic renal transplant and pregnancy in 1984. Besides, she was known as  the first interval delivery of twins in Canada in 1998. Hence, those are the reasons why the patients and students extremely appreciate her and always feel safe under her protection. 

7. Gilles Mercier

Dr. Gilles Mercier is a gynecologist. He is currently practicing his career at Mercier Gilles. Dr. Gilles Mercier is referred to as one of the greatest gynecologists in Pointe-Claire. The doctor specializes in diagnosing and treating different disorders relating to obstetric fields. More specifically, it is about the female reproductive system. They can be ovaries, uterus, and vagina. He concentrates on researching his patients’ background and condition to identify the symptoms. Then, he will provide the patients with the best and most effective dosage of medications. Also, his office is equipped with modern technology and machines. He wants to ensure that the treatments give the best outcome to patients.

In conclusion, there are the top 7 best gynecologists in old Montreal. Let’s refer to it and find the most suitable one for you! Maybe, you are busy working, studying, and chasing your dreams. But, do not forget to protect yourself and your health to be a healthy and happy version! Let’s love yourself as much as possible from the outside to the inside!


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