Top 7 best Greek restaurants in Montreal

Top 7 best Greek restaurants in Montreal

We cannot deny that Greeks know how to cook well like the back of their hands. And Greek cuisine is beloved by many people all around the world because of its unique and incredible flavors. In Montreal, Greek culture and cuisine have spread to different areas and corners of the city.

Moreover, the Greeks are well-known for their simple dishes and tasty flavors. Those dishes include the motherland’s flavors mixing with Montreal local taste. Hence, there are various authentic Greek restaurants opening their business in old Montreal, Canada. If you wonder where to taste the incredible Greek food, this article is actually the best choice for you. The article shares the top 7 best Greek restaurants in Montreal with you. Let’s take a look!

Top 7 best Greek restaurants in Montreal
Top 7 best Greek restaurants in Montreal

1. Zante

Zante Restaurant is located at 3449 Boulavard St. Laurent. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. Seafood is also delicious there. Moreover, it is well-known for its incredible Greek flavours and cozy ambiance. Zante offers fabulous dishes from their adorable menus such as octopus and greek salad. Or you can try to taste their lamb chops and fresh fish. All of them are tasty and can satisfy anyone, even the pickiest one. Besides, if you have a strong love for pasta, do not skip pasta in this restaurant. Their Greek pasta can blow your mind because of its heavenly taste. Furthermore, the staff is literally friendly. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable. The price is reasonable and not too expensive. 

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2. Mythos Ouzeri Estiatorio

Mythos Ouzeri Estiatorio Restaurant is located at 5318, ave. du Parc. Its neighborhoods are Plateau-Mont-Royal, Mile-End, and Outremont. The restaurant specializes in grilled, Greek, and Mediterranean cuisine. It is often called “Greek paradise” on the weekend by Montrealers because there are many Greeks visiting the restaurant to remember and experience Greek culture there. Mythos is famous for its amazing Greek dishes. Moreover, it has a reputation for live music and dancing with a large space from terrace to patio. This brings the special feeling like you’re in a taverna in Athens. Besides, this spot offers the finest dining, groups, or parties for celebration. It accepts diverse types of payment such as cash, debit, visa, mastercard, American express, or diners. The price is fair and it ranges from 20$ to 46$ for the main courses. Additionally, the staff is super hospitable and welcoming. 

3. Marvens

Marvens restaurant in Montreal
Marvens restaurant in Montreal

Marvens restaurant can be considered one of the best Greek restaurants in old Montreal. As one of the first Greek restaurants in the city, Marvens is a family-run Greek restaurant. When stepping into this place, you will be brought back to the 1970s. It is decorated with vintage tables and stuffed moose. All things remind you about the classic space and glorious atmosphere. Furthermore, Marvens restaurant is famous for classic Greek dishes such as fried calamari or porc souvlaki. Also, you can try seafood there because the restaurant is also well-known for appetizing seafood. Besides, their cheesecake is delicious too. Most importantly, the price is affordable and fair. This is a great place for you to experience. 

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4. Nostos Grill

Located on Boulevard de street in Montreal, Canada, Notos Grill is a pretty unpretentious Greek destination with amazing dishes for you. The restaurant is renowned for Gyro pita and Greek-style grilled chicken in town. The Gyro is truly a heavenly dish when containing meat on a spit with tzatziki, and tomato. Their chicken is tasty and juicy. It can blow your mind with only one bite. Moreover, you should try eating creamy taramasalata, which will not make you regretful. In addition, the staff team is extremely polite and hospitable. The service is amazing and the price is reasonable. Notos Grill Restaurant is exactly an authentic spot for eating out and dating.

5. Rotisserie Panama

This restaurant is located in three different locations in Montreal, so it is very easy for you to visit wherever you are. Rotisserie Panama is famous for its Greek dishes. Their food can make you mouth-watering. One of their well-known foods is Saganaki (Fried Greek Cheese). This cheese is filled with many incredible flavors that you cannot imagine, which creates the difference. Besides, they are also famous for sweet honey balls and luscious main dishes. Moreover, the restaurant decor has the vision of a modern Greek-Isle style. So it is a very unique setting. Plus, the spot suits a family dinner. Or you can make a date with your friend for a casual night out. The hospitable staff is always willing to help you and meet all your needs. The price is fairly affordable. 

6. Phyllo Bar Melina’s

 Phyllo Bar Melina's restaurant in Montreal
Phyllo Bar Melina’s restaurant in Montreal

Phyllo Bar Melina’s Restaurant is situated in the heart of Mile-End. The restaurant is known as a traditional Greek restaurant in Montreal. It is famous for classic Greek cuisine and phyllo treats such as Greek phyllo pastries, tiropita, and spanakopita – traditional Greek treats. Moreover, ricotta and feta cheese phyllo are worth eating when coming there. Bougatsa is super delicious there because of its sweet and creamy flavor. Hence, you can say that Melina serves the greatest phyllo in the city. The staff is literally friendly, hospitable. Their services are amazing and professional. Their price is fair and reasonable. Remember to stop by this restaurant to favor their incredible dishes! The restaurant also offers takeout for convenience.  

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7. Yia Sou Greek Grill

Yia Sou Greek Grill is pretty well-known for its calamari, one of the tasty Greek dishes. If you love calamari, do not skip this spot. The restaurant is located at 5375, ave. Queen Mary street in Montreal. Their calamari truly belongs to another high-quality level. It is also famous for grilled lamb with unbelievable flavors. Moreover, they only use the freshest ingredients for their dishes. Besides, Yia Sou attracts many clients from all walks of life not only because of their amazing Greek cuisines but the authentic menu and warm atmosphere as well. The price is fair and affordable for people’s budgets. The staff is professional and hospitable. 

In conclusion, there are the top 7 best Greek restaurants in Montreal. If you love Greek cuisine and culture, let’s visit the list and enjoy your time! Do not forget to take some photos and check in to save your memorable memories!



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