Top 6 best furniture stores in Montreal

Top 6 Best Furniture Stores In Montreal Quebec

Do you want to decorate your room? Do you want to create a unique and beautiful house? If so, you need to paint your house with furniture and decorations. Hence, where can you find the greatest and most stunning furniture in Montreal? This is an article showing you the top 6 best furniture stores in Montreal. Let’s take a look and choose the best to decorate for your things!

Top 6 best furniture stores in Montreal
Top 6 best furniture stores in Montreal

1. BoConcept

In 1952, Boconcept started its very first business store located in Derman. The store is renowned for its premium retail lifestyle brand. Moreover, it can be referred to as the furniture store having the largest scale in the world. More than three hundred stores are crossing over sixty different countries all around the world. They specialize in producing, designing, and selling contemporary furniture, accessories. Besides, you also can buy lighting for dining, sleeping, living, home-office, and outdoor spaces. Furthermore, they are willing to design a personal home when their customers select a comprehensive in-home or store interior design service. 

Their designers always put the customer’s specific needs first and create a suitable product with their lifestyle. In Montreal, you can find the store at the address: 625 Av. du Président-Kennedy Suite#100, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1K2, Canada. There are diverse types of furniture for you to choose such as sofas, chairs, outdoor furniture, etc. The service is great and professional. Their staff is friendly and welcoming. They will give you a hand to create a stunning personal space for you.

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2. Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen is located at 998 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O in Montreal. It is famous for high-quality and luxury furniture in the city. The store has had more than 89 years of history since it opened in 1932. Moreover, customers are usually satisfied with handcraft products because craftspeople are highly skillful and always put their dedication into their works. Besides, the clients can have an opportunity to experience a custom table, furniture craft​, or tailor a sofa by hand. 

Ethan Allen furniture store in Montreal
Ethan Allen furniture store in Montreal

Most especially, Ethan Allen has a strong vision of the American design style. It shows three lifestyles including classic, country & coastal, and modern. They work with the spirit of respecting people and the planet. They significantly commit to making furniture in ways of being eco-environmental and preserving the planet for future generations and green Earth. Additionally, Ethan Allen is also well-known for gorgeous products such as living, dining, bedroom or artwork, etc.

3. Avenue Design

Avenue Design is referred to as one of the luxury furniture stores in old Montreal. It is situated in the middle of Saint-Laurent. The store has a reputation for the quality and value of its craft. Moreover, a price-guarantee policy can be offered there for customers to ensure that all people can afford and experience their products. Besides, Avenue Design specializes in interior design. They even own a showroom of New York-style interior design and a jewel-like oasis in the old city. 

Furthermore, they are influenced by international vision. That is the reason why they try their best to come up with a catchy look from clients. Those clients are in House and Home, Veranda, Architectural Digest, or House Beautiful. Additionally, the store has skillful and professional experts and teams. It plays a key role for the store to help clients with various projects such as home decor or full-scale commercial design. Plus, Avenue Design offers different furniture like Home Office, Lighting, Accessories, etc. You can buy whatever you want from basic things to stunning stuff. 

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4. VdeV

In 2012, VdeV founded its first store in the center of Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Fanny Vergnolle de Villers was the founder of this amazing store. VdeV specializes in vintage and industrial styles. Plus, it is considered a famous home decor and furniture store in the city. Besides, they also have an online shop to meet all clients’ needs. This store is truly a perfect spot to shop for great gifts and spur-of-the-moment shopping.

VdeV furniture store in Montreal
VdeV furniture store in Montreal

Moreover, when visiting VdeV, you can easily fall in love with every unique piece of their furniture. Also, the store offers you a huge diversity of household items such as pillows, frames, vases, and many more. It also provides you with its adorable collection of lifestyle items such as jewelry, handbags, and scarves. Most especially, VdeV always brings a hospitable, inspirational, and warm environment for all home decor enthusiasts to come up with their minds and creativity. Their team is absolutely hospitable and energetic to serve clients with the greatest services.   

5. Beige

Founded in 2007, Beige is a unique furniture store inspired by the shops in Paris, London, and New York. The owner, Michael Stratulak, had to spend 2 years experiencing retail and interior design. Moreover, he was trained by native Calgary. Furthermore, Beige has a reputation for its classic departments. The store offers and sells fruitful home-decors such as lighting, accessories, or bedding. They possess a skillful knowledgeable team and hospitable staff. When selecting Beige, you will be satisfied with its professionalism and enthusiasm. On the other hand, people love Beige because of its differences. For example, one of the reasons why is that the store chases trendy products and waves to meet the needs of clients day by day. And they know which one can attract others. You will have a chance to enjoy their masterpieces and make your house more stunning.  

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6. Kastella

Kastella is one of the best furniture stores in Montreal with a lot of incredible options for you to select. It provides you with unique and authentic designs made by talented artisans, designers, or craftspeople. Their goal is to create high-quality furniture with long-lasting products. They want to create value through their works to people. Moreover, there is diverse amazing furniture such as good-quality beds, classic tables, and beautiful lights, etc. Besides, the store specializes in a mixture of modern and traditional woodworking processes. Kastella is situated on St Laurent Boulevard in Montreal, Canada. 

To sum up, there are the top 5 furniture stores situated in old Montreal. We hope that this article can help you find the finest spot to decorate for your own space. Moreover, let’s use your creativity to come up with your house reflecting your personality! Do not hesitate to visit the top five furniture stores above.! We commit that you will not regret it. 


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