The 15+ best farm-to-table restaurants near Montreal

The 15+ best farm-to-table restaurants near Montreal

The rise of farm-to-table restaurants in the United States has been a game changer for local farmers, as well as those who love good food.

You’ve probably heard that Montreal is one of the best cities in the world for foodies. From its top-quality cheese and fine wines to its incredible variety of international cuisines, you’ll find no shortage of things to eat.

But did you know that when it comes to dining, there’s no place quite like Montréal? To prove it, I turned to the experts to give me their list of the 15+ best farm-to-table restaurants near Montreal.

Where to find the best farm-to-table restaurants near Montreal

1. Ferme Bika

Chef Fisun Ecran chose to leave Verdun and open a new restaurant after 15 years of feeding the people within the city at Su in Verdun.

Guests visiting her farm in Saint-Blaise-sur-Richelieu are welcome to experience a farm-to-table experience with Mediterranean elements.

There are just 18 seats available for Thursday through Saturday evening services, but there are also Sunday brunches.

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2. La Cabane d’à côté

On Thursday through Sunday, noon to 8pm, Montrealers and visitors alike may enjoy orchard eating at the latest venture from the Au Pied de Cochon family of restaurants.

A new picnic meal is created each month by Chef Vincent Dion-Lavallée and his colleagues, showcasing seasonal ingredients from the area, including fresh vegetables, farm-raised birds and pigs, and more.

There’s a good chance that if it’s not made on-site, it’s coming from a neighboring town or city.

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3. L’Épicurieux

Mont-Tremblant is a popular destination, and there are a number of restaurants worth checking out along the way. L’Épicurieux is the king of fine dining in the United States.

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What surprises you when you walk in are the vast wine lists, which are full of sake, oranges, and other inventive concoctions you won’t see anywhere else in the city. Don’t forget to bring your hunger and a wide open mind.

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4. La Table des gourmets

For a farm-to-table restaurant with a vegetarian menu reminiscent of Paris’ legendary Arpège, go no further than this one. The Rouyé family, a Breton family, will be your hosts at this superb French restaurant.

Plates that come out of the kitchen here are more like little works of art depicting the flavors of the region than they are ordinary country fare, so get your camera ready.

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5. Boulangerie Merci la Vie

Is it a bakery, then? No, but it’s a little bit of both. Self-taught geniuses rather than culinary school graduates, Albert and Johanna are pushing the boundaries of the traditional bakery with their unique take on traditional baked goods.

They’re now offering picnic tables—as long as it’s warm enough outside—with an all-new passion: Wood-fired pizza.

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6. Stonehaven le Manoir

In Sainte-Agathe des Monts, Quebec, Stonehaven le Manoir is on the shores of Lac des Sables, offering stunning views of the neighboring lake and the Quebec peaks in the distance.

This is a restaurant where you’ll be blown away by the culinary genius of chef Éric Gonzalez, who most recently worked at the Montreal Casino’s L’Atelier Jol Robuchon and other high-profile restaurants.

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7. Le Mitoyen

Richard Bastien, the self-taught chef at Sainte-Dorothée, has been seducing Laval locals and Montrealers alike for more than 35 years with his romantic cuisine.

There has never been a time when this kitchen has wavered in its efforts to promote the terroir of Quebec and the producers and curators of fine goods who call this province home.

You won’t think of a journey here as a detour, but rather a destination after only one visit and a taste.

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8. Manoir Hovey, Le Hatley

There’s no doubt that this is a stunning property that will go above and beyond for its visitors, and the chef there is no exception, procuring as much as possible from local farmers.

As you relax on the Tap Room terrace with a glass and a vitello tonnato—veal from a nearby farm, of course—from chef Alexandre Vachon’s restaurant in the Eastern Townships, the entire property provides stunning views of Lake Massawippi.

In order to make your vacation more than just supper, we strongly encourage you to turn it into a romantic getaway for two.

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9. L’Épi – Buvette de quartier

Although Montreal and Quebec City have a well-deserved reputation for their cozy, close-knit neighbourhood locations where good attitudes and superb cuisine go hand in hand, this one-of-a-kind establishment elevates Trois-Rivières to a new level of distinction.

Simon Lemire’s farm-to-table creations will initially wow you with their neat presentation and consistent flavor profiles. We can’t suggest highly enough the tasting menu in the evenings, which will open your eyes to what Quebec has to offer.

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10. Ripplecove Hôtel et spa – Le Riverain

When you dine at Le Riverain restaurant in the Ripplecove hotel, you get two journeys for the price of one: an amazing natural vacation into the countryside, and food cooked with ingredients sourced from local farms.

It’s no secret that Chef Rondeau is a huge supporter of local foods and uses them to create many traditional fine dining dishes. On your list of things to do before you die?

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11. Bistro Le Coup Monté

The two restaurants under this bistro’s name in Repentigny and L’Assomption both provide farm-to-table sourcing and classic French service with equal quality, but are seldom equaled anywhere else.

While the food and service are excellent, the proprietors describe the restaurant as a “gathering spot for fans of unpretentious, upscaled cuisine” in their description.

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12. Cantine Pollens & Nectars — Miel d’Anicet

If you don’t mind a bit of a drive out of town, this one is certainly worth it.

You can’t beat the view of the adjacent Montagne du Diable and the fresh air that surrounds this restaurant before tucking into a delicious meal of pizzas and veggie dishes from local farmers.

For as long as the summer lasts, stop by to pick up some fresh honey for your family’s kitchen back at home; the store is open Thursday through Saturday from 11:30am to 8pm.

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13. Le Robin Square

Located in Old Montreal’s cobblestone lanes, Le Robin Square is a family-run restaurant serving home-cooked meals crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Address: 300 Rue Notre-Dame Est

14. Lawrence

Whole animals from small farms are the focus of Lawrence, which serves its customers in an attractive yet casual setting while also supporting local agriculture.

Address:5201 St-Laurent Boulevard

15. Le Vin Papillon

Vin Papillon, one of Canada’s top 100 restaurants, focuses its menu on roots and leaves cooked in butter, duck fat, and house-smoked bacon. All of the ingredients come from the surrounding area, including the restaurant’s own garden.

Address:2519 Notre-Dame Ouest

16. Bar George

Bar George is located in the heart of downtown Montreal and features a fusion of Scottish and British food with a Québécois touch, as well as a selection of classic English beverages.

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Address:1440 Rue Drummond

17. Toqué

The exquisite Toqué provides farm-fresh Québécois meals and tasting menus from renowned chef Normand Laprise.

Address:900 Jean Paul Riopelle

18. Foxy

For farm-fresh seafood and wood-fired steaks, Foxy in Little Burgundy and Griffintown offers a charming, upmarket restaurant setting with charcoal-grilled specialties.

Address:1638 Notre-Dame St Ouest

19. Maison Publique

Maison Publique, helmed by renowned chef Derek Dammann, serves rustic, market-fresh pub fare in a tin-ceilinged corner.

Address: 4720 Rue Marquette

20. Barroco

Located in the Old Port, this stone-walled restaurant serves up a daily market menu including fresh ingredients acquired from the area.

Address:312 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest

21. La Maison du Magrext

The modern eatery La Maison du Magrext is recognized for its duck dishes and southwestern French wines. Farm-fresh and locally produced cuisine is the norm at this restaurant.

Address: 102 Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest


If you want to know where to eat farm-to-table food, this list of the best farm-to-table restaurants near Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is for you.

These restaurants were chosen because they have been recognized for producing high quality produce and they have the best customer service.

So, if you are looking for a farm-to-table restaurant that serves amazing dishes, then you have found it! The restaurant owners on this list love what they do and they want to share it with the world. Enjoy!


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