Top 7 best family restaurants in Montreal

Top 7 Best Family Restaurants In Montreal (2021)

There are thousands of restaurants in Canada. Obviously, with a big city like Montreal, it occupies a huge number of restaurants. Montreal has a large number of especially run-family restaurants. Moreover, many people tend to visit run-family restaurants. 

They think that these restaurants bring a warm and close feeling like home to them. Therefore, if you are living in Montreal, let’s take a look at the article to get information about the top 7 best family restaurants in Montreal!

Top 7 best family restaurants in Montreal
Top 7 best family restaurants in Montreal

1. Dunn’s Famous Restaurant

Dunn’s Famous restaurant is located in different locations in Montreal. You can find it in downtown Montreal, in the heart of Greenfield Park, or even on Saint-Martin Laval. The restaurant is famous for being one of the greatest restaurants in the city.

Not many people realize that Dunn has been around the city for over 88 years since 1927. With a long-standing history, there is no doubt that the restaurant has a firm position and reputation in eating service in Montreal. Moreover, Dunn is a Jewish restaurant. It is well-known for its smoked meat, pastrami, and cheesecake. No one can deny the incredible flavors of Dunn’s dishes. Everyone loves Dunn because it always brings the best things to their customers. They have the freshest and safest ingredients with a professional staff to serve their customers.

2. Cora Restaurant

Cora is a breakfast and lunch restaurant located in Montreal. The restaurant is inspired by family tradition. Moreover, Cora has started its very first business since 1987. The restaurant always serves the greatest ingredients and service to customers.

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They try their best to bring their diners the best things and experiences. Besides, Cora restaurant has the most incredible breakfast in the town. We can say that Cora is referred to as Canada’s biggest breakfast and lunch restaurant chain. It has more than 125 franchises around the country.

Their motto is to provide the dishes with high-quality products as well as service to people. For them, a successful restaurant always uses the right ingredients. Those are the reasons why their food is absolutely fresh, tasty, and clean.

3. Le Vin Papillon Restaurant

Le Vin Papillon Restaurant in Montreal
Le Vin Papillon Restaurant in Montreal

The Le Vin Papillon restaurant is located at 2519 Rue Notre-Dame West in old Montreal, Canada. Le Vin Papillon has been considered one of the nicest restaurants in North America since it opened in 2014. Furthermore, Canada’s 100 gave it the position of one of the five best restaurants in Canada in 2017. Most importantly, their food is pretty good with unique flavors.

They are cooked with fresh vegetables such as cauliflower cooked in a rotisserie with crispy chicken skin on the top. Besides, the restaurant also serves French and Spanish wines. Thus, you can choose whatever you want from the diverse options from their menu. However, there is no reservation. Le Vin Papillon has only 28 seats for diners. Thus, if you’re late, you will not have an opportunity to savor their delectable food.

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4. IL Focolaio Restaurant

IL Focolaio is a well-known Italian restaurant in Montreal. It is located in the heart of Montreal downtown – about 0.8 km from Chinatown. Moreover, the restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine as well as vegetarian food.

They are famous for pizza with various options for toppings and full of cheese. Besides, the restaurant also serves carrot cake. Its amazing taste can blow anyone’s mind for just a bite. Most significantly, their dishes can suit any client type, even the diet one. They have vegetarian-friendly ingredients, vegan options, and gluten-free options. The quality and service are very good and professional. Their staff is always friendly.

5. Ma Poule Mouillée Restaurant

Ma Poule Mouillée restaurant is situated in Le Plateau Mont-Royal. The restaurant is famous for European cuisine, barbeque, and fast food. Moreover, it also specializes in tasty Portuguese cuisine. There are many delicious dishes such as poutine and chicken.

Ma Poule Mouillée serves different yummy cakes such as tiramisu and walnut chocolate cake. Their taste and flavor are incredible. In addition, the restaurant has a skillful and well-trained team to meet all customers’ needs. The price is inexpensive and reasonable.

6. Eggspectation Complexe Desjardins Restaurant

Eggspectation Complexe Desjardins Restaurant in Montreal
Eggspectation Complexe Desjardins Restaurant in Montreal

Eggspectation Complexe Desjardins is a Montreal restaurant. The restaurant has  a reputation for American and Canadian cuisine. It has been around Montreal since 1993. From the very first time opening, the restaurant not only concentrated on breakfast and brunch but lunch and dinner as well.

With a large scale of mealtime, they have a diverse menu. It ranges from freshly prepared artisanal brioche French toast to thin French crepes. Moreover, they are also famous for Belgian waffles, fluffy buttermilk pancakes,  and portions of pasta.

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Burgers and seafood are also favorite there. Of course, their steak and eggs benedict are well-known for their amazing taste as well. Furthermore, Eggspectation Complexe Desjardins pays more attention to fresh, and modern American cuisine. Besides, the restaurant focuses on service and dishes’ decor, and a passionate reverence for all things “breakfasty.”

7. Reuben’s Restaurant

Reuben’s restaurant opened its business in 1976. It is located in the heart of downtown Montreal at 888 Rue Sainte-Catherine street. It is famous for American and Canadian cuisine. Moreover, the restaurant is also renowned for Montreal smoked meat.

Their smoked meat is fabulous and delicious. Besides, they also serve diverse types of desserts such as cheesecake. Their sandwiches are absolutely tasty with full toppings on the top. Most importantly, Reuben’s service is very fast and professional. The price is cheap and reasonable. In addition, their staff is hospitable and enthusiastic to serve you. Don’t forget to visit Reuben’s restaurant to experience the most incredible cuisine in old Montreal!

In conclusion, here are the top 7 best family restaurants in Montreal that we prepared for you above.

If you want to try eating food with a cozy and warm atmosphere like at home, visit one of the 7 restaurants in this article. You can savor the original flavor of Montreal cuisine. Thus, if you love Montreal culture, remember to visit restaurants and eating spots in the city. Hence, you can have a chance to experience the natural and historical aspects of the city.


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