The top 6 best facials in Montreal

Top 6 Best Facials In Montreal? Where to Find Cheap Places

If you are looking for smooth skin and the best look for yourself, do not skip this article for the top best facials in Montreal! There are many amazing spas located in the city with professional skills and incredible products for you to experience. The article provides you with the top 6 best facials in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

The top 6 best facials in Montreal
The top 6 best facials in Montreal

1. Spa Espace Nomad

Espace Nomad is located at 4660 St Laurent Blvd street in old Montreal. The spa specializes in wellness, holistic care, and organic products. They have a strong belief in the beauty that is a healthy body and radiant skin.

Moreover, the spa always tries its best to bring the highest quality products for its clients. They provide their clients with organic body-care products such as butter, scrubs, and even organic honey wraps.

Their motto is “cultivate your inner outdoor self”. Besides, the price will range from $70 to $150. Plus, it can change depending on your treatment type. Some of their best products are French Girl Organics, Naturopathica, Phyt’s, and so on. Furthermore, we highly recommend you to try the Juraca Facial Treatment. You will not regret it. Their service is pretty good and the staff is really friendly and skillful. 

2. Spa Diva

Spa Diva is considered one of the best spas in Montreal. You can find it in the heart of downtown Montreal at the address: 1455 Peel St, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1T5, Canada. Spa Diva’s mission is to provide its clients with the best service and finest treatment. They want to bring out the best in their customers and help their customers be more confident and beautiful. 

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Moreover, they are recognized as the biggest and most luxurious full-service day spa in Canada. In addition, their products cost between $70 and $140. Methode Physiodermie and Nelly De Vuyst Skin Care are famous products in the spa.

Besides, the Detoxifying Specialty Facial Treatment is a must-try treatment there. Its price is $99 for 50 minutes. If you want to experience the best massage in Montreal, do not hesitate to visit Spa Diva!

3. Spa Bota Bota

Spa Bota Bota in Montreal
Spa Bota Bota in Montreal

We can say that Bota Bota is the most unique spa when it floats on the St. Lawrence River at the Old Port in Canada. Taking advantage of this, the spa has a stunning view and an environmentally friendly environment.

Plus, the clients not only have an opportunity to experience the best service but they can also open their eyes with a view of the boat. Moreover, relying on which treatment you choose, the price is from $95 to $105. They are well-known for organic products such as Éminence Organic Skin Care and Babor.

The new Ocean Wind is a must-try treatment there. You have to spend $105 for 60 min to try this treatment. And it is worth it. Bota Bota is a true spot for people to relax and be themself with the best look. 

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4. Spa Etiket Boutique

Etiket Boutique is located at 1832 Sherbrooke St. W. The spa is recognized as one of the most well-known spots for skincare, incredible perfumes, and luxury beauty products. Moreover, their treatment services are also loved by a lot of Montrealers.

They possess a large number of products from skincare and fragrances or hair and makeup to serve clients. Besides, they also prepare for you a room to bring a piece of peace to you for personalized facials.

Some of their famous products are Tata Harper, Pai Skincare, Skinceuticals, Environ, and Vivierskin. Most especially, The Tata Harper Purifying Facial is the signature of the spa when using juice cleanse ingredients such as fruit enzymes, purple clay, and essential oils. They aim to help you achieve smooth and clean skin. You have to spend $150 in 60 minutes for this treatment. 

5. Avie Spa 

Avie Spa  in Montreal
Avie Spa in Montreal

Avie Spa is located in the heart of old Montreal, inside Marriott SpringHill Suites. If you want to find a spot to entertain and relax, Avie Spa is absolutely for you. Plus, they offer diverse services such as massages, facial and body treatments, or manicures and pedicures. Besides, the spa even allows you to experience wax hair removal with professional hairstylists and so on. Most importantly, the nicest products with high quality are used in every treatment and service. When coming to Avie Spa, you will receive a warm and cozy atmosphere bringing the feeling of home. Furthermore, the staff is friendly and enthusiastic. The price is inexpensive and reasonable. 

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6. Spa New Age 

New Age Spa is considered the finest spa with high-quality products and profession. They always put their customers first and inspire meaningful values to everyone. The spa provides you with the greatest Facial Care And Laser Skin Services. They can help you heal most skin conditions such as acne, scarring, visible pores or dry skin, and so on. Therefore, you can achieve smooth and fresh permanent skin. Then, you can be more confident in yourself as well as your beauty.

In addition, New Age Spa is not only a normal beauty spa but an Esthetics Clinic And Esthetician School in Montreal as well. They open interesting online courses and esthetics, training classes. The teachers having more than 20 years of experience will be your mentor and show you what you should do. And they will show you standards of hygiene, safety, and customer service.

They are especially willing to share honest advice with you to choose friendly service and convenient pricing for you. Their enthusiastic team tries their best to approach each client and treatment with all their heart, confidence, and skills. The price is inexpensive and fair. 

In conclusion, there are the top 6 best facials in Montreal that we prepared for you. We hope that you can find out the most suitable spot for your condition. Moreover, we cannot deny the power of beauty, so you should love yourself and promote your appearance day by day. Therefore, you will be more confident to show yourself without hesitation. 

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