Top 6 best fabric stores in Montreal

Top 6 Best Fabric Stores In Montreal? The Ultimate Guide

The fashion industry is significantly growing in Montreal, Canada. Taking advantage of it, many fabrics stores are emerging to provide a huge source of materials for manufacturers as well as people of all social statuses. However, with a large number like that, do you know where to find the best fabric stores in Canada, especially in Montreal. If not, this article is for you. The article shows you the top 6 best fabric stores in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

Top 6 best fabric stores in Montreal
Top 6 best fabric stores in Montreal

1. Craft De Ville

Craft De Ville is an online craft located on the south shore of old Montreal. More specifically, its address is 2065 Rue Parthenais studio 274a, Montreal, Quebec H2K 3T1, Canada. The store, next to Atelier Fiber arts, specializes in quilting, beading, and other handcrafts.

Moreover, they possess an incredible selection of cotton and needle art stuff. According to their website, Craft De Ville provides you with “the best longarm quilting experience imaginable”. Furthermore, the owner of the store has a strong passion for craft and art, which is the reason why this store has stably developed following the owner’s desire until now. 

2. C&M Textiles

C&M Textiles is located in different destinations such as St-Hubert street in Montreal or Longueuil. Moreover, you can find it in Brossard, Laval, and Ottawa. The store has been around the city for more than 70 years since it opened the first time in 1948 in Montreal. Moreover, C&M Textiles specializes in Home Decor services such as Window Treatments or Upholstery.

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Moreover, clients can put 100% of their belief in their service because the store always puts their clients first. Besides, there are diverse professional services to meet all your needs such as amazing fabrics for evening wear, bridal gowns, and everyday fashion. They have exclusive experts in various aspects of fabric design such as drapery, upholstery, and bedding. Plus, their staff is pretty skillful and hospitable. 

3. Fabricville – Magasin de tissus

Fabricville – Magasin de tissue can be referred to as one of the largest fabric stores in old Montreal, Canada. Fabricville has opened its business for over 50 years since its first store was established in Canada in 1970.

Now, it has a total of 24 stores crossing from Quebec to Atlantic Canada. Moreover, Fabricville’s mission is to provide you with world-class customer service. With the cooperation between Fabricville and Fabricland, it creates the most unique feature and highest power in the industry. That is the reason why they owe the various large selections of fabric around the world at reasonable and affordable prices. 

Fabricville - Magasin de tissue in Montreal
Fabricville – Magasin de tissue in Montreal

The store offers different services such as in-store expertise, custom window coverings, or home décor accents. Most importantly, Fabricville always tries its best to bring the greatest value to its clients. Plus, the quality of their products is worth their clients’ dollars spent.

You can easily find Fabricville on the street because their stores are located in different destinations in Montreal. For example, one of their stores is on Paré street. Another is on Sherbrooke street. They also have a store in Laval, Quebec, Montreal. Therefore, Fabricville is an interesting place to experience and discover in the city. 

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4. Globe-Tex   

Globe Tex is situated at 9320 Saint-Laurent in Quebec, Montreal, Canada. It is considered the big supplier of many well-known designers in Montreal as well as Canada. They opened their enterprise with an amazing mission. It is to provide the latest and most incredible collection for the textile industry.

Therefore, they have kept and developed their mission with an abundant collection of diverse fabric. And that is the reason why they can meet all the needs of customers and satisfy them. Moreover, the store attracts many customers because the price is inexpensive and fair.

For instance, you just have to pay about $3 and $7 for cotton spandex and Ponte. Plus, a vast selection from their fabulous fabrics is available for you to choose from. In addition, Globe Tex has a big adorable selection of stocks and wovens that can melt anyone’s heart at the first sight.

5. Tissus St Hubert

Tissus St Hubert in Montreal
Tissus St Hubert in Montreal

Tissue St Hubert is located at 7399 St-Hubert Street in old Montreal. The store has overcome three generations with a thick experience in the industry. Its mission is to provide the greatest High Fashion fabrics in the world. Moreover, their products are selected by experts and originated from Europe.

They are the most elegant, exclusive items. Besides, Tissus St Hubert always tries to keep up with the changes and development of European fashion trends. That is the reason why their inventory is extremely fashionable at high and standard quality. On the other hand, the store specializes in fabric with retail and wholesale textiles for designers, stores, and manufacturers.

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It is for anyone who has a desire and passion for High Fashion and tailored clothing. Most especially, their fabulous items have been exported all across North America, which is a big success for them. 

6. Boutique Rix Rax

Boutique Rix Rax is a fabric store for anyone and all walks of life such as stylists, costume designers, dressmakers, or seamstresses. Moreover, this store will meet all your needs, even the smallest ones. For example, if you just want to change your suit’s button, they are willing to help you without hesitation.

Juliette Trolio who has an unconditional and intensive love for fashion is the founder of Boutique Rix Rax. She is the one finding and discovering unique buttons, ribbons, feathers, flowers all around the world. She has opened this store since 1987.

In addition, when visiting Rix Rax, you will have an opportunity to experience the largest and most adorable button world. Besides, it offers diverse items such as feathers, ribbons, and silk flowers at reasonable and fair prices. Located at 801 Gilford in the city, near Le Plateau mont Royal, you should not skip this fabric store to not regret it. 

In conclusion, there are the top 6 best fabric stores in Montreal that we prepared for you above. Hope this can help you to discover the most incredible things in the fashion world! Furthermore, if you are a fashion designer, we highly recommend you to refer to this article and create the most beautiful items as a masterpiece of the fashion industry.  

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