Top 5 best English schools in Montreal

Top 5 best English schools in Montreal

Nowadays, English can be considered the most common language used all over the world. As an international language, it is selected to be in several educational systems of different countries. However, learning and speaking English fluently is not easy for anyone. Therefore, many parents are sending their children to English schools overseas. They believe that this is the best method to upgrade their English level. And Canada can be considered one of the popular places for this when the country includes a large number of English schools, especially in a large city like Montreal. Hence, do you know where the best places to learn English are? Do not worry because this article will show you the top 5 best English schools in Montreal! Let’s take a look!

Top 5 best English schools in Montreal
Top 5 best English schools in Montreal

1. Bouchereau Lingua International

As an international language school, Bouchereau Lingua International is located in the center of Old Montreal, close to the famous Notre-Dame Basilica. It is a language school with more than 40 years of experience in the language education industry. Moreover, the school has a reputation for successful academic and general immersion programs for all levels. Bouchereau Lingua International has a reputation for the quality and diversity of English and French programs. Local and international students are able to apply for their amazing programs. 

Besides, depending on the different courses, their fee ranges from $196 to $3,943. For example, there is an Online Standard evening English course lasting 4 weeks with only $196 for you to apply. In this course, you will have an opportunity to improve your four English skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Additionally, your grammar, as well as vocabulary, will be promoted. 

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2. EC Montreal English Language School

EC Montreal English Language School is situated at 1610 Sainte-Catherine St in Montreal, Canada. The school has opened and has attracted thousands of students both locals and international students for over ten years. Moreover, when becoming a part of EC Montreal English School, you will have a chance to approach the knowledge of language learning, the learning environment, and the social program. The EC’s goal is to help you achieve and reach your goal to be an English master. They strongly commit that your English will improve and develop as much as possible. 

EC English Language School in Montreal
EC English Language School in Montreal

Besides, they are famous for their teaching method with over 30 years of experience. They significantly concentrate on delivering relevant, engaging material in a friendly and energetic manner as well as the environment. Furthermore, the students will study the deep aspect of mechanics of the language associated with lively and interesting conversation. 

Most importantly, during the learning process, the EC will provide you with an online account of EC Online – a unique learning tool supporting your study whenever you book one of their English courses. This account not only includes learning materials but also has testing and communication with teachers and other students. With this tool, you can access your documents and be able to study wherever you are. 

3. LAB Montreal – Languages Across Borders

Located in the heart of Montreal, LAB is one of the members of the LCI Education network. It is well-known for its dedicated and high-skilled teaching staff. Plus, with more than 15 years of experience in Montréal and Vancouver, LAB is referred to as a premium language school for teaching language across borders. Plus, If you become a student of LA, they will provide you with an incredible environment to learn English. It is an active, hospitable and interesting environment where you can show yourself, and improve your English skill everywhere. 

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Moreover, LAB has professional and skillful teachers who are willing to help you get rid of your weaknesses and strengthen your potential. Most importantly, their students can participate in diverse activities such as break-time games, sports clubs, special events, or international theme nights. Additionally, there are several educational exchanges in English for you to make friends all over the world. And they are always available to help you adapt to living in Canada and solve your problems.  

4. Upper Madison College

Upper Madison College is an international school with over 10 years of welcoming students around the world. It is considered one of the best language schools in Canada. Also, Upper Madison College is a leading education school. It is referred to as a premium language school, a private career college, and a secondary school in Canada. They specialize in a unique program for international students.

Upper Madison College in Montreal
Upper Madison College in Montreal

Besides, they aim to help these students improve and grow their English skills as well as broadening their professional skills and knowledge. Moreover, they have successfully helped over 10,000 students to achieve their study goals and settle in Canada since 2004.

There are various selections for you to choose a learning course in Upper Madison College such as standard course, standard plus course, or intensive course. Each course has its features to meet students’ needs. Located in the heart of the entertainment district-La Place des Arts, Upper Madison College is truly an ideal destination for anyone to boost their language skills. 

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5. YMCA International Language School

YMCA International Language School is situated in the heart of downtown Montreal. It has been founded in the old city with an average of 6,000 students per year since 1965. The school is famous for its dynamic teaching method with professional teachers. For instance, if you are a beginner or not, you have to speak English on the first day of class. Moreover, you will be divided into small groups from three to eleven participants to practice English as much as possible. Besides, you will gain more experience and opportunities to make friends all around the world. Furthermore, YMCA is also an official testing center for the TFI, the TOEIC, the SIELE, and the BRIGHT Language. 

In addition to English, the school also offers French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, German and Japanese courses for locals and international students. Plus, it offers private and group classes for both youth and adults, and corporate language training as well. Most significantly, YMC commits that they will meet all your needs. No matter what you want, they will try their best to give you the most effective solution.  

In conclusion, the above article provides you with the top 5 best English schools in Montreal. We hope that it can help you find the most suitable school to study at and improve your English skill. Let’s be a master of English to achieve your dreams!


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