Top 5 best endocrinologists in Montreal

Top 5 Best Endocrinologists In Montreal (Update 2021)

Health is always considered the most ultimate factor in our life. However, you cannot predict when you will be ill. According to Cambridge Dictionary, endocrinology is the area of science and medicine. It is concerned with the endocrine glands and hormones.

And endocrinological diseases such as obesity or problems relating to the thyroid gland, are easy for you to get. Hence, do you know who the most professional and well-known endocrinologists to help you are in Montreal? If not, the article will show you the top 5 best endocrinologists in Montreal. Canada.

Let’s refer to it because those are the greatest endocrinologists in the city that we found for you!

Top 5 best endocrinologists in Montreal
Top 5 best endocrinologists in Montreal

1. Tina Kader – LMC Montreal Glen  

Dr. Tina Kader accomplished her training program about endocrinology and internal medicine at the Jewish General Hospital and McGill. And she is known as an endocrinologist and certified diabetes educator. Moreover, she became a staff endocrinologist at the JGH in 1992. Dr. Tina Kader was recognized as an incredible member of the Executive Committee of Diabetes Canada in 2003. Besides, she completed a large amount of research every year. 

Tina Kader - LMC Montreal Glen 
Tina Kader – LMC Montreal Glen

According to the article, she releases about 50 lecturers including national and international lecturers per year. Most of her studies concentrate on diabetes and pregnancy. Also, her specialization is diagnosing and treating endocrine-related disorders.

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If you want to meet her, please come to LMC Montreal Glen located at 5325 Crowley Avenue, Suite 301, Montreal, Canada. She is working and practicing there. Furthermore, as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Dr. Tina Kader is always enthusiastic, skillful, and professional to bring the best things to the patients. 

2. Line Vautour – Royal Victoria Hospital 

Dr. Line Vautour is one of the most incredible endocrinologists in Montreal. Her major is the Pathogenesis of Metabolic Bone Disorders. This major is associated with Chronic Liver Disease and Transplantation.

Moreover, most of her clinical and research activities concentrate on disorders affecting calcium balance and metabolic bone diseases. Besides, she has a strong interest relating to research Pathogenesis and Optimal Treatment of Osteoporosis Associated with Chronic Liver Disease & Transplantation.

Most especially, she used to be a partner cooperating with Dr. D. Goltzman and Dr. R. Kremer on research.

This research relates to the area of calcium homeostasis. Dr. Line Vautour is working as an endocrinology specialist at McGill University at present. Furthermore, she also practices at the Royal Victoria Hospital and the Montreal General Hospital. If you have any problems such as Lipid, Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Adrenal Glands, or Thyroid & Calcium Disorders, come and meet her!

3. Natasha Garfield – MCGILL University Health Centre

Natasha Garfield - MCGILL University Health Centre
Natasha Garfield – MCGILL University Health Centre

Dr. Natasha Garfield is an enthusiastic doctor who always puts all her efforts into providing patients with the best solution. She carefully listens to her patients and tries her best to help them. Besides her abundant knowledge and professional skills, those are the reasons why she is referred to as one of the greatest endocrinologists in the city.

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More importantly, Dr. Natasha Garfield is not only an endocrinological doctor but a Clinician-teacher as well. She is an amazing teacher in the division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at McGill University Health Centre. In addition, she practices as a director of the diabetes clinic at the Montreal General Hospital and a director of the neuroendocrine clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Her interests are insulin pump therapy, diabetes, and diabetes in pregnancy and neuroendocrinology. 

4. Juan Rivera – Endocrine Tumors

Dr. Juan Rivera completed his M.D degree at Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas. And he also graduated from this university with a residency in Internal Medicine. Moreover, he used to be trained to be an endocrinologist at McGill for 2 years. Dr. Juan Rivera was trained by a global authority in the field of somatostatin receptors biology – Dr. Yogesh Patel, in 2 years. His clinical work and research concentrate on endocrine tumors. Besides, he not only teaches and runs a general neuro-endocrine clinic at the RVH but takes part in the Skull base Multidisciplinary Clinic at the MNI as well. 

Dr. Juan Rivera is a member of diverse organizations and groups such as McGill’s Skull Base Tumors Group, the Head and Neck Cancer Center, the GI-NET Group, and the Thyroid Cancer group. Plus, he also belongs to the group of experts who developed Canadian Guidelines.

It is about managing Acromegaly and neuroendocrine tumors. Most importantly, Dr. Juan Rivera is currently an Associate Professor with the Department of Internal Medicine of McGill University and Site Director. His research focuses on the division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the MGH.

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In addition, he also concentrates on Cancer and acromegaly, ultrasonography in thyroid cancer, no-functioning pituitary adenomas, and, in collaboration with endocrine surgery, Conn’s disease.

5. Michael Tsoukas

At present, Dr. Michael Tsoukas is a specialist physician at McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, Canada. He completed and received a Bachelor of Science degree from this university. Dr. Michael Tsoukas is an Assistant Professor of Medicine. He specializes in Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Moreover, the doctor used to be trained and study abroad in several renowned and distinguished programs. Besides, he was successful when finding and completing the research called Obesity and Diabetes Research Fellowship between 2013 and 2015. Plus, he has achieved diverse victories in his clinical life and he is also chasing academic teaching now.

Dr. Tsoukas participates in several community matters and spends so much time helping various associations and organizations. He is trying his best to dedicate his knowledge and skill to society and people. 

In conclusion, there are the top 5 best endocrinologists in old Montreal, Canada. We hope that those doctors can help you to solve your health problems and get better soon. With their professional experience and enthusiasm, you do not need to be worried too much because they are willing to help you no matter what.

Moreover, do not forget to protect yourself as well as your health! You had better ensure that you are healthy and energetic. Remember to do exercise daily and eat healthy food! 

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