Top 6 best employers in Montreal

Top 6 best employers in Montreal for 2021 has been released

Are you finding a job? Do you want to become a part of the incredible environment? And if you want to work in a company having the chance for you to get a promotion in Montreal, this article is for you. This article will share you with the top 7 best employers in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

Top 6 best employers in Montreal
Top 6 best employers in Montreal

1. ABB Canada

ABB Canada is one of the best 100 Canada’s employers in Canada. Moreover, It is also recognized as Montreal’s Top Employers in 2021. When applying for any vacancy in the company, the candidate will have the time to adapt to the new environment for three weeks. They will be paid according to their experience of previous work. Plus, the employees will have a chance to work at a healthy lifestyle with the unique program called “Energi+”. ABB offers its employees a diversity of resources concentrated on general wellnesses. They are the “heart, mind, and body”. There are diverse services like nutritionist and dietitian services, health assessments, etc.

Besides, ABB provides employees with a pension plan saving for a longer-term. They bring various benefits for employees such as bonuses, a share purchase plan, or profit-sharing. Most , ADD always takes care of employees and they believe that if they empower employees, they can create and design a bright future. Also, ABB creates diverse opportunities for internships to work in a multinational environment. It also accepts students with training courses in the latest power and technologies. A global trainee program is offered there to support the growth of the next generation of leaders.

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2. Air Canada

Air Canada is also considered one of the best employers in Montreal in 2021. The company specializes in children’s health and wellness. It plays an important role to support several charities and initiatives. According to the report,  there was over $2.2-million to charitable organizations and gave over 1,458 airline tickets. Air Canada was selected as the best Montreal employer. They provide employees with good health and wellness including health risk assessment. Moreover, the employees also have a lot of chances to approach diverse resources to promote positive mental health.

Air Canada company in Montreal
Air Canada company in Montreal

Also, they invest their funds in many training initiatives. For airport employees, the training initiatives are in English and French language. The company wants to ensure that their trainer can have an incredible environment to grow. Most , Air Canada also offers paid internships as well as co-op placements. It will attract a huge number of talented people from the next generation.

3. AJW Technique

AJW Technique always encourages its employees to balance between their work and personal lives. To do this, the company provides them with flexible work arrangements. It contains telecommuting, flexible hours, or shortened and compressed workweeks. Moreover, the company also has a day off program for their staff. AJW Technique tries its best to bring the best for the staff. It possesses many programs to promote employees’ education with diverse studying courses. Besides, when becoming a part of the company, employees will have various benefits. They will associate with the RSP contributions for a better future. Plus, they will also receive a benefit pension plan and profit-sharing from the company.

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4. Behaviour Interactive Inc.

Behaviour Interactive Inc. is referred to as one of the top employers in Montreal. The company comes up with the ideal program to save the future for employees. It lets employees be spokespeople. If you are an employee of this company, and you offer newcomers to be employees, you will get a bonus. These bonuses range from $500 to $3,000.

Moreover, during the winter holidays, when becoming a part of Behaviour Interactive Inc., you will receive seven paid days off from the company. Besides, the company also provides employees with an additional four weeks of vacation. It happens for every four years of consecutive employment.

Most importantly, it also concentrates on the growth of employees. Behaviour Interactive Inc. has job-related courses for their staff with an amazing program called the “BeUniversity” program. It includes diverse topics such as leadership or providing effective feedback. Furthermore, employees also can participate in new generation art technology and finance 101.

5. Bell Canada

Bell Canada is one of the most well-known employers in Canada, especially in Montreal. It has been selected as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers in 2021. Moreover, it also belongs to Canada’s Top Family-Friendly Employers. Plus, Bell Canada was recognized as Montreal’s Top Employers in 2021.

Bell Canada company in Montreal
Bell Canada Company in Montreal

The company has a reputation for being an enthusiastic company with a longstanding program. It focuses on supporting employees with diverse alternative working arrangements. Because of the covid-19 pandemic, the company wants to be sure that the transition will go smoothly when supporting about 65 percent of employees working from home.

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Especially, Bell Canada has a unique policy for a family of employees. This policy increased maternity and parental rights. It grows the belief for new mothers as well as new fathers and adoptive parents. Furthermore, the company also provides its employees with a great health policy for the health and wellness of employees. Bell Canada always priorities this policy through the site of mental health and wellness on the intranet of the company. 

6. Blue Cross Canassurance Group

Blue Cross Canassurance Group is also known as one of the greatest employers in Montreal, Canada. The company is always beside its employees in any situation of life. For example, it will support maternity leave top-up payments for mothers-to-be. Moreover, you also have a flexible time for working. The company wants to ensure that you can balance your personal life as well as family commitments.

Besides, Blue Cross Canassurance Group puts its investment into the development of employees. It provides them with tuition subsidies for incredible courses relating to each employee’s job and career. There are also subsidies for professional accreditation. Most especially, Cross Canassurance Group gives a secure retirement with contributions to their employees. It contains a defined benefit pension plan and year-end bonuses.

In conclusion, because of the covid 19, it is hard for us to get a decent job. Moreover, unemployment is developing day by day following the danger of an uncontrollable pandemic. Let’s refer to the top 6 best employers in Montreal above and choose the most suitable company for yourself! Be strong! Never give up! And you can overcome all your difficulties.


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