Top 7 best dry cleaners in Montreal

Top 7 best dry cleaners in Montreal

For many years, Montreal has get through the long industrial history of dry cleaners. There have been thousands of cleaners opening their business in old Montreal for a long time. In the beginning, many dry cleaners used chemical products for drying and cleaning processes. Most of them use a similar solvent called “perc” for their business. Most importantly, “perc” had been proven that it was “a highly toxic and carcinogenic product”, according to studies.

Top 7 best dry cleaners in Montreal
Top 7 best dry cleaners in Montreal

To deal with this issue, cleaners found out that there was a technology used with eco-friendly products in the world. Nowadays, a huge number of dry cleaners have applied this high technology. Most of these technologies came from German and aim to protect health and the environment. Thus, where are the safest places for you to dry and clean in Montreal? The article is going to share you with the top 7 best dry cleaners in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

1. Nettoyeur Ecologique Royal

Nettoyeur Ecologique Royal has a longstanding history in the dry cleaner business in old Montreal. The reason why Nettoyeur Ecologique Royal is always beloved and trusted by customers. Their motto is to “provide the best service that satisfies the customer needs”. They bring the best things to their customers and serve their customers with all their hearts. Moreover, they specialize in diverse professional services such as bridesmaid gowns, cleaning. Wedding dresses, and preservation are also their types.
More significantly, with the high-tech equipment from Germany, you do not need to be afraid of the quality of your clothes. And Nettoyeur Ecologique Royal ensures that the process is absolutely safe and clean. From minor alterations to important tailoring, your products will get through a detailed exam with a full array of repairs. Plus, they have the most skillful, well-trained, and licensed staff. Those staff are enthusiastic about their career. And they understand the value of appearance, place pride & care into every outfit.

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2. Nettoyeur Ecologique Royal in Montreal

Nettoyeur Ecologique Royal is located at 5866 rue Sherbrooke West street. Let’s visit this cleaning shop to experience the best dry cleaner in Montreal with eco-friendly service. Their services contain 100 percent of biodegradable organic soaps and no-toxic ingredients at all.

3. Nettoyeur Unique Express

Nettoyeur Unique Express has existed for over 15 years. And it has a reputation for being one of the most well-known dry cleaning businesses in the city. They provide citizens with magnificent dry-cleaning & on-site alteration services. Nettoyeur Unique Express specializes in carpet cleaning.
Besides, it also offers other various services such as clothes, shoes, household items. They also specialize in wedding dresses, quilts cleaning services, suede, and suits & leather. Moreover, their team is willing to meet all your needs and requests. Located in the heart of Gay Village, Nettoyeur Unique Express makes sure that you will not regret it. They are professional and skillful when having 30 years of sewing experience.

4. Nettoyeur Sparkle

Nettoyeur Sparkle
Nettoyeur Sparkle

As a family-running dry cleaner, Nettoyeur Sparkle is located on Sherbrooke street in Montreal, Canada. They majorly serve Westmount and Central Montreal. The shop provides its clients with premium quality dry cleaning. They specialize in cleaning and tailor services. Moreover, Nettoyeur Sparkle also offers different items to clean such as wedding gowns, delicate silk, or even fur. You can also try leather coat cleaning services . Most especially, they have a unique team to pick up and deliver your dry cleaning and laundry from your address. You can ask for service from home to office. They accept this special service around Westmount, NDG, Downtown Montreal, Hampstead & surrounding areas. Plus, tailoring and rush alterations services are the best for you to try.

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5. JAN-PRO – West Island Dorval

JAN-PRO – West Island Dorval can be considered as the largest commercial cleaning. They has disinfection service with over 25 different locations in Montreal. It is trusted by a huge number of citizens living in the city. Beside, they aplly the state-of-the-art quality and professional cleaning service at a fair price. And there is no doubt that the chore of Jan-Pro shop is the perfect choice for everyone.
Founded in 1995, their system has appeared at diverse locations in many areas of the West in the GTA such as Mississauga. They have great service with a well-trained team and professional skills. Moreover, most of their service process uses the best green and eco-friendly cleaning products. Thus, JAN-PRO – West Island Dorval can make you satisfied with their service and choose them for the next time.

6. MaxClean Services

Located in the middle of Laval, Montreal, MaxClean Service’s goal is to provide the best cleaning services. They specializes in apartments, offices, buildings, or houses. Moreover, they are well-known for their Office Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning services. Moreover, they has the high-quality products and a professional team. MaxClean will help you remain and protect a safe and clean environment as well as a fresh and healthy atmosphere.

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7. Nettoyeur Immanuel

Nettoyeur Immanuel
Nettoyeur Immanuel

Nettoyeur Immanuel has been situated in San Jose, Montreal since it was first established in 1985. This cleaning shop can help you clean and wash anything you want such as clothes. They have great service at reasonable prices. Moreover, Nettoyeur Immanuel is famous for its green cleaning and safe products. This store is a sub-cleaning store of Nettoyeur Ecologique Royal. Therefore, you can be absolutely satisfied with their state-of-the-art service and professional team. Let’s visit Nettoyeur Immanueland receive the best things from Nettoyeur Immanuel.

8. Astra The Dry Cleaner

Astra The Dry Cleaner is extremely proud of its most high-tech cleaning process in old Montreal. Plus, they specialize in Odorless, clean, and fresh garments. They use environmentally friendly cleaning products in every process. Besides, the team is professional, careful, and skillful to ensure that your items will be clean, fresh, and safe. They understand the importance of customers’ look through their clothes. Even the most expensive and luxury clothes, you do not have to worry about them when selecting Astra The Dry Cleaner. You just need to trust them and they will show you.

In conclusion, you can choose one of stoerr from the list of top 7 best dry cleaners in Montreal. And you are able to give all your products to them and enjoy your own time without cleaning and doing housework like you used to do. Moreover, the list includes the top service in the city. As a result, do not hesitate to visit them or call them for consultation as soon as possible!


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