Top 7 best deep tissue massages in Montreal

Top 7 best deep tissue massages in Montreal

Massage can be considered as one of the most popular therapies that many people look for. It is loved by everyone because it brings various benefits to them. For instance, massage can help you to decrease muscle tension. Moreover, the lymphatic system will be stimulated and massage boosts your spirits. It also helps you reduce your stress and depression after a long day . There are the top 7 best deep tissue massages in Montreal. Let’s refer to the article and find the most favorite place to experience magical techniques of massage!

Top 7 best deep tissue massages in Montreal
Top 7 best deep tissue massages in Montreal

1. Hong Kong Deep Tissue

Located on Saint-Laurent street, Hong Kong Deep Tissue is a nice spot for massaging and relaxing after hard-working days. Cici, the owner of Hong Kong Deep Tissue, has brought a Chinese traditional therapeutic massage called Cai Bei to old Montreal, Canada. According to their original website, Cai Bei originated from ancient China. Their techniques used in massage were created in 200 B.C.

At present, this technique has spread to different countries around the world. You can find them in different Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Thailand. Moreover, many westerners visit Hong Kong and Thailand to enjoy and experience the feeling of Cai Bei massage technique. 

In addition, Cici explains that the technique relates to “slow pressing motions on muscles or muscle groups”. It is to make an influence on “the tissue and nerves”, which aims to “reconnect to the lymphatic system simultaneously”. If you want to experience this authentic massage with a high level and professional technique, visit Hong Kong Deep Tissue! You will regret it if you pass up your opportunity to get the best massage in Montreal. 

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2. Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre

You can easily find Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre at the address: 500 Jean-Talon Ouest Suite, 280 Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4P 1W9. The center is opened with the purpose of promoting massage therapy as an integral component of healthcare. Furthermore, it also provides a primary complement with traditional western medicine. 

When coming to Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre, you can experience incredible professional techniques. They are from vast academic knowledge experts to treat any acute, sub-acute and chronic body injury due to overuse or trauma. Besides, their technique brings benefits from decreasing pain and subsequent swelling. It also increases the ranges of joint motion, regulating the proper functions of your affected areas. Moreover, the experts can help you strengthen & stretch your healed tissue areas.

3. JSMT Sports Massage Therapy

Situated on Rue Lenoir street, JSMT Sports Massage Therapy can be considered as the number one sports massage in Montreal, Canada. Jade Salter is the founder of JSMT Sports massage. She is the teacher of Massage Therapy at College LaSalle, Montreal campus. 

JSMT Sports Massage Therapy
JSMT Sports Massage Therapy

Therefore, you will have the most amazing experience with the best massage experts. Jade helps your injuries to be better, knead your muscles into submission, working out those deep knots. There is no doubt why many people claim that JSMT is the greatest spa massage they have known. Besides, JSMT Sports Massage Therapy specializes in cupping, lymphatic drainage. They are also good at trigger point therapy, and kine tapping. 

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4. Spa Vert

Spa Vert was opened for the first time in the Nordelec building in 2009. Since 2012, they have moved the location to 2360 Notre Dame Ouest, Suite 300, Montreal, Canada – very close to the Atwater market. It means that Spa Vert has operated for about 12 years. 

They are good at diverse massage therapists for energizing, cranial sacral, deep tissue, injury, or cupping. Plus, you have to book a reservation before coming and arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Most importantly, changing services and prices is possible. 

5. Tx Therapies

Located at 699 William Suite 103 in Montreal, Tx Therapies is one of the top best tissue massages in the city. It specializes in muscular conditions, athletic injuries, and repetitive strains. Moreover, if you have any problem with pain and stress, visit Tx Therapies. You can experience deep tissue, therapeutic sports massage, and physical therapy. Thus, they can improve and heal your pain as well as your depression. 

In addition, they aim to provide high-quality treatments for sedentary, active lifestyles and athletes of all ages. With a professional team, you do not need to worry about the service and your health when visiting there. 

6. Massage Experts

Massage Experts is located on Rue Wellington street. It brings you the best Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) in Montreal. All of them are truly professors when having incredible expert skills. They also has hospitable personalities. Each RMTs is recognized by massage college so you do not need to worry about their skills. Plus, their mission is to provide clients with expert massage therapy experiences. Moreover, their clients when coming can enjoy a cozy and welcoming atmosphere like home. 

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Massage Experts
Massage Experts

And the cost you have to pay is inexpensive because Massage Experts always try their best to give adorable clients a peace-of-mind price. Most especially, they specialize in diverse types of massage therapists. They are Therapeutic Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Morever, Prenatal Massage, and Hot Stone Massage are also very good. Therefore, there are many selections for you to choose from their list. 

7. M.B Health Center

Located inside Place Ville Marie in downtown Montreal, M.B Health Center has opened for over 20 years. Their specialist team provides you the utmost best in manual and massage therapy. Moreover, M.B Health Center specializes in different kinds of treatment. For example, they are pretty good at deep tissue, sports, relaxation, prenatal and therapeutic massage. Besides, you can also select craniosacral therapy, osteopathy, and spinal decompression. 

Therefore, if you feel exhausted due to pains such as herniated and bulging discs, do not hesitate to visit M.B Health Center. Besides, the team uses the best techniques – such as deep tissue massage therapy, osteopathy. They can provide you with spinal decompression, and acupuncture service. They want to ensure that you will have a better healthy lifestyle and heal your pains. Moreover, M.B Health Center also helps you with spinal decompression and acupuncture.

To sum up, we cannot deny the advantages that massage provides us. We hope that you can choose the best destination to try from the top 7 tissue massages in Montreal above. Sometimes, you should give a piece of peace to your mind after a long stressful day in life. 



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