Top 10 best dance clubs in Montreal

Top 10 best dance clubs in Montreal

The Montreal nightlife is worth trying at least once in your life because it has a ton of amazing things for you to experience and get to know about the culture in the old city. If you participate in nightlife in Montreal, dance clubs are the places where you cannot forget and skip. The article shows you the top 10 best dance clubs in Montreal. Let’s take a look and dance with fun because you do not need permission to dance!

Top 10 best dance clubs in Montreal
Top 10 best dance clubs in Montreal

1. Foufounes Electriques

Foufounes Electriques was opened in 1983. It is better known as Foufounes, one of the first hip and alternative bars. Located on Saint Catherine street in Montreal, Foufounes Electriques is a great place for dancing and playing. Since 1983, it has become the center of underground music, art, and culture in Montreal. 

The building of Foufounes includes two concert spaces and a dance floor. Moreover, many celebrities and international artists used to perform there such as Nirvana, Green Day, and Queens of the Stone Age. Every night, the club plays various styles of music like new wave, industrial, grunge, and hip-hop.

2. Club Chez Mado

If you want to enjoy the colorful nightlife in the city, do not skip Club Chez Mado. Located at 1115 rue Ste-Catherine est, the club is the place for anyone and it highly respects LGBT society and other people with diverse sexual orientations. When coming there, you can dip yourself into the melodies of disco music and an energetic atmosphere. Furthermore, there are a lot of famous shows such as The Drag Queen show. This show is pretty funny and entertaining. Plus, the staff is absolutely friendly. 

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3. Stereo Nightclub

Stereo Nightclub is the hot spot for top well-known international DJs. Those talented DJs used to prove that this club is their favorite one to perform in North America. Plus, the club has a brilliant sound system and a friendly dance floor with high-quality wood, which makes sure that drunken clients will not fall when dancing and feeling. Moreover, people visiting the club will feel free and bring out the best in them through dancing and expressing their emotions. Their staff is hospitable and ready to deal with any problem happening. 

4. Club Unity 

Club Unity 
Club Unity

Located at 1171 Ste-Catherine – in the heart of the gay village, Unity is the place of a respectful, festive, and friendly environment. It is also a great spot for everyone suffering from ups and downs in their life to get away from it all. Furthermore, the club includes three floors for you to dance. And the third floor offers diverse types of music such as electric and club music with DJs. 

5. Muzique Nightclub

You can easily find Muzique Nightclub on Saint-Laurent street. The club is famous for its great music and brings the best vibe to people visiting there. Moreover, the staff is friendly and sweet. The price, including good services, is fair and reasonable. If you fancy the festive crowded feeling, you should visit this club. 

At the beginning when arriving, you will see a long lineup of energetic people. In addition, you can offer a birthday party there. It will be great with professional services from staff for your birthday. And Muzique Nightclub has two distinct rooms and an open air proof for relaxing and sipping cocktails. The club is willing to meet all your needs. 

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6. Le Balattou

Located in the heart of Mile End, La Balattou is a bar, dance club, and concert venue for anyone who is crazy about tropical music in the world. It is one of the hottest spots in the world. The club attracts many well-known artists from local, national to international stages. Moreover, La Balattou is a famous club with live world music from Africa to the Caribbean. In addition, the club specializes in African and West Indian music, which is suitable for dancing. 

7. Club 649

Club 649 is a family-run business with a great combination between a fun crowd, great music, and a hardwood dance floor. Situated on De La Montagne street in downtown Montreal, the club was opened in 1985. It is truly a perfect place for dancers, party seekers, and spectators with delicious drinks and incredible friendly services. Moreover, they also have live bands performing, including classics and many dance shows as well as dance competitions.

8. Club Electric Avenue

Club Electric Avenue
Club Electric Avenue

Club Electric Avenue specializes in the music of the 80s and 90s. It brings you the nicest vibes with live music of the best eras and an amazing list of drinks such as cocktails. Moreover, Club Electric Avenue is known for its famous lighting equipment and unique Saturday night dance floor. Besides, their skillful and friendly staff will try their best to meet all your requirements. You can also celebrate your birthday party here with a free bottle of champagne during your fabulous time. Most significantly, if you want to find an ideal destination for private, corporate, or personal events, Club Electric Avenue is the best choice.  

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9. BLVD 44

BLVD 44 is located inside the building of Hotel 10. The club has everything you need for festive nightlife in old Montreal. It has three distinguishing sections boasting for you to choose from. Firstly, there is the main room where you can dance and have the perfect night. Moreover, it also includes a large dance floor with several VIP booths. Secondly, the Mezzanine allows you to Grab a delicious drink and you can relax while watching the dance moves from clients on the dance floor. Finally, Terrace is the ideal place to enjoy and chill when sharing a drink with your friends on our terrace and watching the view of nightlife in the city. In addition, it is not only a destination for you to play and entertain but a place to host your important private event or party with a hospitality professional staff team as well. 

10. Datcha

Located at 98 Avenue Laurier Ouest in Montreal, Datcha is a nightclub and local bar. It attracts many international and local DJs performing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday every week. Moreover, a cute little outdoor terrace will be opened from April to September. You can enjoy a cozy and adorable atmosphere every Saturday night with fun music, delicious drinks, and a great ambiance. In addition, their service is great and all staff is very nice and hospitable. Datcha is an incredible club for you to experience. 

In conclusion, this is the top 10 best dance clubs in Montreal. We hope that you will have the most beautiful moment in life with these clubs and be more close-knit with your spouse, your friends, or simply your family. 

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