Top 10 best coffee beans in Montreal

Top 10 best coffee beans in Montreal

Montreal is the hottest spot for coffeeholic with dozens of coffee shops. Influenced by the third wave of coffee, the city has an abundant diversity of coffee beans from different countries such as Italian espresso.

As a result, hundreds of cafes have opened their businesses crossing every corner of old Montreal for a long time. Here is the list of the top 10 best coffee beans in Montreal that we prepared for you. Take a look at it and visit some of your interests!

Top 10 best coffee beans in Montreal
Top 10 best coffee beans in Montreal

1. Saint-Henri Micro

Following the third wave of coffee in Montreal, Saint-Henri Micro started its business in 2011. Moreover, Jean-François Leduc, Saint-Henri Micro’s owner, said that Saint-Henri Micro was not a single café but it was associated with the story of coffee beans between the café and the farmer.

Nowadays, it has three locations in Montreal and one of them is located in Quebec city. Besides, they are famous for Americano and espresso with original and charming tastes. You can visit the coffee shop for brunch or simply enjoy a cup of great coffee there. 

2. Caffe San Simeon

Caffe San Simeon specializes in traditional Italian espresso. If you want to experience a part of Italian culture in Canada, let’s drop by Caffe San Simeon! It has soon become the hot spot for everyone, especially Italians living in Montreal since it opened in the middle of Little Italy in 1979. Moreover, you can enjoy football matches because there is a big TV at the coffee shop. 

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3. Cafe Dispatch

Chrissy Durcak, a coffee expert and barista, founded Dispatch in 2012. Moreover, Dispatch has opened three coffee shops at different locations in Montreal: Saint-Laurent, Rue Saint-Zotique, and Rue University. Besides, Cafe Dispatch is referred to as the leader of the “third wave” coffee movement and the most beloved coffee brand in the city.

Most significantly, they focus on well-roasted coffee and supply-chain transparency. Their beans are inspired by environmental and social sustainability. If you want to know more about their beans, visit their website for more information! 

4. Crew Collection & Cafe

Crew Collection & Cafe
Crew Collection & Cafe

Located inside the ground floor of Royal Bank Tower, Crew Collection & Cafe is the nicest place with co-working space following architecture buffs for anyone. They have a reputation for filter coffee and espresso. Moreover, their beans are provided by local roasters. All of the drinks on their list are incredible for you to sip and work. 

5. Pikolo Espresso Bar

Pikolo Espresso Bar is based on Avenue du Parc. It is the ideal place for bookworms because of the peaceful and silent atmosphere. The bar is considered the best latte in the city.

Their coffee latte is pretty soft and delectable. Besides, they also serve iced coffee, Chai latte with chocolate chips, and hot coffee. Moreover, you can enjoy many sweets such as crispy croissants. 

6. Canard Café

Located on Ontario street, Canard Café is one of the largest coffee shops in Montreal with plenty of seating. The cafe serves various types like espresso or hot chocolate latte.

Plus, espresso is the most famous drink in the cafe. Moreover, there are many kinds of fresh bread and cakes such as banana bread or chocolate chip cookies. Besides, their coffee beans and other ingredients are fresh and originate from locals. The staff is always friendly and the service is pretty quick and professional. 

7. Cafe Myriade

Cafe Myriade is well-known for being the finest coffee roaster in old Montreal. Since 2008, the cafe has opened its business in diverse locations crossing the city. Furthermore, Cafe Myriade has collaborated with 49th Parallel Roaster to produce the best coffee and created its reputation.

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They carefully concentrate on the high quality of each cup of coffee to make sure that their customers can experience the most memorable taste when dropping by the cafe. Besides, the price is reasonable and fair for trading products. 

8. Café Union

Café Union
Café Union

Cafe Union has been the longest standing cafe in Montreal for 100 years since it opened the first time in 1910. Back to the day when they began their business on Saint-Laurent street, they imported various coffee beans to roast, blend and sell their products to Montreal consumers and restaurants.

At present, Cafe Union is located on Jean-Talon and serves the best coffee beans in the city with diverse drinks such as espressos, cappuccinos, lattés, and other coffee beverages. Moreover, the cafe not only concentrates on their business but also sells the home-version of Baby Gaggia espresso/cappuccino machines.

9. Victor Rose Espresso Bar

Victor Rose Espresso Bar is located in Pointe Claire Village. It is an adorable mini bar serving the best Espresso in all of Montreal. When visiting the cafe, you can feel a cozy atmosphere like a true family. Moreover, the service is really good and the cafe’s staff are absolutely hospitable and enthusiastic.

Besides, they are well-known for cold drinks, pastries, and chatty patrons. Plus, you are allowed to bring your pets such as dogs to the cafe. There is no doubt that this is the greatest place for relaxing and getting rid of your depression in life.

10. Cafe Olimpico

The late Rocco Furfaro founded Cafe Olimpico in 1970. Nowadays, the cafe has multi-locations including one which is situated in the heart of Mile End. This is the best destination for you to get together and gossip with your friends after har-working days.

Cafe Olimpico is well-known for its fondness for good food and drinks such as delicious coffee, espresso drinks, and Italian pastries. In addition, the price is inexpensive and reasonable for anyone. 

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In conclusion, we cannot deny the development of independent coffee shops in Montreal these days. You can realize and see the increase in micro and Nano coffee roasters.

Most of these locals purchase or import their beans by visiting and cooperating with producers. The list above shows you the top 10 best coffee beans in Montreal. Do not skip them to get the most of your time on experiencing the finest coffee taste and Montreal culture!


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