Top 10 best clothes shopping in Montreal

Top 10 best clothes shopping in Montreal

Quebec is the province having a reputation for original cuts, exquisite materials, and typical style. If you have a strong passion for fashion, you need to visit Montreal because it has a unique sense and scene of fashion about diverse styles and features.

Moreover, Montréal designers possess bold personalities and collections that can blow anyone’s mind with timeless elegance. The article provides you with the top 10 best clothing shopping in Montreal. Let’s refer to it and select for yourself the most suitable style!

Top 10 best clothes shopping in Montreal
Top 10 best clothes shopping in Montreal


Located in the heart of Centre-Ville, TRISTAN is a fashion brand in Quebec. Their store opens in only two Canadian provinces, one of them is located in Montreal. TRISTAN is famous for its clothing collection for men and women. Moreover, most people will be surprised due to their massive collection of styling for various aspects such as work, casual wear, and activewear.

They are popular with many inhabitants living in and out of Montreal. Besides, they are famous for their clothing quality, such as their fabric. They also offer various clothing types like sport coats, shirts, belts, ties, or even perfume.TRISTAN shares about 30% of its production with the local manufacturing industry. Therefore, they play an essential role in Canadian economic development. 

2. La Petite Garçonne

La Petite Garçonne is located in the middle of Saint-Laurent. The shop is inspired by Parisian fashion. You can find many kinds of clothing there and get whatever you want such as dresses, jumpsuits, elegant outfits for important events or even daily life. The shop is well-known for women’s clothing.

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Most of them are casually sophisticated and stretched styles from Parisian fashion. Let’s visit La Petite Garçonne for more experiences. 

3. Boutique 1986 

Boutique 1986 
Boutique 1986

Boutique 1986 is a clothing shop for women’s dresses. The shop is inspired by vintage style. It includes the trendiest dresses of the year and can fulfill any women’s dream with its collection of prom dresses. Besides, Boutique 1986’s products can make your heart melt and blow anyone’s mind due to the charm of being feminine through their dresses.

Do not hesitate to fill your wardrobe with various dress types such as little black dresses, lace dresses, work dresses, long dresses, short dresses, and summer dresses. Drop by the boutique 1986 to experience the newest things!

4. Citizen Vintage

Situated in the middle of Mile End, Citizen Vintage is a vintage clothing boutique concentrating on quality and current trends. Their clothes reflect not only classical style for both men and women but also modern style as well. Moreover, their high-quality clothing always satisfies their guests, and shipping is available for you to buy their items.

Besides, Citizen Vintage is independently owned by Lara and Becky, who has a deep passion for extensive vintage collections in the 60’s and 70’s. 

5. Betina Lou

Betina Lou started their business in 2009. Marie-Eve Emond, a Montreal designer, is one who has a strong passion for feminine apparel. She wants to create an easy-to-wear clothing style following classic and modern design. Their clothing is designed and cut in old Montreal then assembled by a mini-team coming from the local. 

6. Boutique Unicorn

Boutique Unicorn is an adorable boutique located in 13 different locations in the world. In Canada, it is situated in the Mile End district of Montreal. If you are crazy about the international hand-picked selection, visit Boutique Unicorn! This is the most suitable and incredible for you.

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You can look for various hand-picked items from international to national or local designer brands. The boutique sells the best accessories in the town from here and abroad. Plus, the shop also sells women’s clothes, shoes, and jewelry. All those clothes are hip, tasteful, and classy items.

7. M0851 Bags and Clothes

M0851 Bags and Clothes
M0851 Bags and Clothes

With the motto: “Creativity without boundaries”, M0851 has become an international brand, including 22 stores located in different destinations worldwide. In Montreal, you can find their stores at 3 locations: De Maisonneuve, St. Laurent, and St. Catherine’s street.

They are famous for leather bags, accessories, jackets, and outerwear designed by their enthusiastic and talented stylish. In addition, they are inspired by a matrix of styles and M0851 is well-known for being the top quality raw material in the world. 

8. Frank & Oak

In 2009, Frank $ Oak, a clothing brand, opened its first clothing store in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They tend to support locals and follow modern eco-friendly clothing. More importantly, they have a high opinion of giving a generation of men’s dress a hand and living well at a reasonable cost.

Besides, they are currently selling women’s clothing as well. Let’s drop by Frank & Oak to experience and buy some incredible items from them! Do not worry about the price because the shop always puts quality and customers first. 

9. Clark Street and Mercantile

Located in the heart of Mile End, Montreal, Canada, Clark Street, and Mercantile clothing shop concentrates on “craftsmanship: things that are built to last.” The shop includes high-quality menswear. Some limited brands are sold there that you cannot find anywhere. Dop by Clark Street and Mercantile as soon as possible to possess the unique clothing!

10. Off the Hook

Off the Hook has been opening for about 22 years since it started its first business in 1999. The brand is an independent retailer.

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They have a mission to showcase and celebrate the downtown Montreal culture. Moreover, Off the Hook has continually collaborated with the most creative minds in various fields such as photography, music, sports as well as other urban centers around the world.

To sum up, each clothing store has its own style and features. And there is no doubt why Montreal has attracted thousands of people to enjoy and research the fashion industry there.

Moreover, old Montreal stands in third place for one of the largest clothing manufacturing centers in North America. Therefore, if you want to add more gorgeous dresses or unique clothes into your fashion collection, try to pick some shops from the top 10 best clothes shopping in Montreal above. You will not regret it.


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