Top 13 best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown (Montreal), Canada

Top 13 best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown (Montreal), Canada

Located in the Ville-Marie borough, Montreal is well-known for being one of the oldest and most populated Chinatowns of Asian communities in North America. Taking advantage of this, it has soon become a place of interest for local and global tourists to savor Chinese cuisines in The land of Maple Leaf, Canada. 

Top 13 best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown (Montreal), Canada
Top 13 best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown (Montreal), Canada

Moreover, have you ever wondered about what the famous Chinese cuisines are? And where are the most popular Chinese restaurants in Montreal? This article will provide you with the 13 best Chinese restaurants and experience tasty Chinese dishes in Chinatown (Montreal), Canada. 

1. The most reputed types of Chinese cuisines

From the outset, China’s giant territory created favorable conditions for Chinese cuisines’ development. There are eight different regional cuisines in China: Lu (Sandong), Hui (Anhui), Xiang (Hunan), Su (Jiangsu), Zhe (Zhejiang), Chuan (Szechuan), Yue (Guangdong), Min (Fujian). 

However, Lu, Chuan Cuisine, Su, and Yue, called “the Four Major Cuisines” or “ Four Cooking Styles”, are the most effective kinds in China. Throughout the years of immigrant history, these four main cooking styles have been considered as Montreal’s best representation.

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According to the research of Chef’s Pencil, it illustrates that Chinese food is the most popular cuisine in Montreal. Besides, it also reports that the first place for the top five international cuisines went to Chinese in the province of Quebec. One of the ultimate reasons for this victory is due to the unique tastes of regional dishes such as dumplings or dim sum. More importantly, Chinese restaurants in Montreal, by somehow, tend to be more westernized. However, these restaurants still preserve traditional and original relishes. 

2. Top 13 best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown (Montreal), Canada

If you are a newbie or have just moved to Montreal, you can easily find numerous Chinese restaurants on the street, especially in the Chinatown area. There are the 18 best places to dig into Chinese food in (Montreal):

2.1. La Maison Kim Fung

La Maison Kim Fung is known as the best place for Yue cuisines. When visiting this restaurant, you can be absolutely satisfied with the professional services, have multi-options from fried noodles and hot-pot cooking with delicious braised stews to flash-fried seasonal vegetables to eat. 

2.2. Beijing

As a prominent restaurant with a long history, Beijing has been set up since 1989 until now. If you are looking for local fast random Cantonese food, don’t skip Restaurant Beijing Montreal situated in Chinatown! 

A huge number of tourists are attracted to this restaurant because of an untold menu for you to discover. Peanut dumplings, pork with sweet and sour flavors are served there. 

2.3. Kamshing


Restaurant Kamshing serves traditional Cantonese foods and westernized Cantonese foods. One of their most delicious dishes is chicken fried rice mixing stir-fried beef with special sauce. This dish will melt your heart when trying.

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2.4. Gia Ba

It is extremely fortunate when a restaurant with the mixing between the original and modern taste of Szechuan food is set up in Montreal. The Szechuan chicken cooked with potatoes and served with 13 different spices, will bring you back to your mother country, China. 

2.5. Hong Mere

No one living in Montreal does not know Hong Mere, a restaurant under the control of a nuclear Chinese family. It specializes in home-cooked dishes such as scallion pancakes, glass-noodle, or cumin beef. Furthermore, you can order to take out food, which suits you if you do not want to eat at the restaurant and avoid time-consuming.  

2.6. Nouilles Lan Zhou

Nouilles Lan Zhou Restaurant is famous for fresh noodle pulling. There are various kinds of noodles like beef shank noodle soup, for you to order. The price is not too expensive. Moreover, the staff are super friendly and professional. 

Hand-pull noodle in Nouilles Lan Zhou Restaurant 

2.7. Delice Oriental

Specialized in Jiangsu cuisines from Hubei, spicy flavors from hot and black peppers occupy most of the dishes. You should try eating their symbol food: “whole fish in charcoal hot pot”. You will never regret it if you are a huge fan of spicy food. 

2.8. La Maison du Nord Restaurant

La Maison du Nord Restaurant
La Maison du Nord Restaurant

La Maison du Nord Restaurant, located in Golden Square Mile, is referred to as the most popular destination. The restaurant serves Shandong Cuisine. For example, street food like minced lamb, pork sandwiches, and mutton shashlik are favorite choices of many tourists. 

2.9. Yi Pin Xiang

Dumplings symbolize Northern Chinese food. In Ville Saint Laurent, there is a restaurant known for the most northern style dumplings called Yi Pin Xiang. Dumplings can be pan-fried, lamb, pork, or coriander for you to choose your beloved one.

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2.10. KanBai

You will be absolutely surprised because KanBai’s decoration is similar to Japanese but make no mistakes! Kanban is one hundred percent Chinese. The restaurant is deeply influenced by Szechuan and Hunan provinces. Cumin lamb and spicy dishes from fish and chillies have been selected as the most favorite food in this Chinese restaurant since it opened in 2011.

2.11. Nouilles de Lan Zhao

Situated in Swato Plaza on St-Laurent, Nouilles de Lan Zhao always seems at a crowded place because of its reputation for noodles. Everyone is crazy and mesmerized about their hand-pulled noodles. Don’t forget to order a bowl of noodles whenever you walk by this restaurant. 

2.12. La Maison VIP

La Maison VIP is a Chinese restaurant opening until late night, 3:30 a.m. North American-Chinese food is its style. You have to love it due to the reasonable price. Let’s visit La Maison VIP for a romantic dating night with your partner, spouse, and lovers. 

2.13. Cuisine Aunt Dai

Cuisine Aunt Dai tends to chase Szechuan cuisine style but also affects a part of North American style. The food is suitable for anyone and, most especially, the menu is reviewed by the owner with hilarious personal opinions.

In conclusion, Chinese cuisine is a hot topic for culinary experts and foodie lovers to discover. Don’t forget Montreal when visiting Canada if you keep an adventurous heart for eating! You should remember to drop by one of the 13 best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown (Montreal), Canada and experience Chinese culture and cuisines. 


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