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Top 13 Best Cheap Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal is the city having the highest number of restaurants in Canada and ranks second in North America after New York City. Montreal cuisine is influenced by diverse tastes from around the world, especially French cuisine. With a large number of restaurants, do you know where to eat cheap foods in Montreal? If not, please visit this article for more information! The top 13 best inexpensive restaurants below are for you to choose.

Top 13 Best Cheap Restaurants in Montreal
Top 13 Best Cheap Restaurants in Montreal

1. Pushap Restaurant

Pushap Restaurant specializes in Indian vegetarian cuisine. Especially their thalis, you can offer the dish for fried or baked naan, chickpea or lentil curry, rice, and salad. It is enough nutrition for your body. Moreover, you just need to pay $10 for a full meal. The restaurant is willing to deliver or take out. It is a worthy spot for you to try one of the cheapest eats in old Montreal. Pushap Restaurant is located in Rue Paré and opens from 11 am to 9 pm every weekday.

2. La Croqueteria

La Croqueteria, a mini shop specializing in Spanish croqueria, is situated in the Plateau-Mile End. Each croqueria costs about 2.45 dollars, which is really cheap. Moreover, they also serve smoked meat, tomato-basil, chicken, and garlic shrimp. These flavors are pretty good. Although the price is low, the quality of their food is high. Their working time is from 11 am to 9:30 pm.

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3. Boustan

Boustan Restaurant in Montreal
Boustan Restaurant in Montreal

You can find Boustan Restaurant in diverse destinations acrossing Montreal. Boustan Restaurant is famous for various cheap dishes such as chicken, beef, veggie, or The Creation of Bousan. Those foods will not let you down. Moreover, its garlic potatoes filled with extra sauce is really popular, and you just have to pay about $13 for a delectable meal. Their business time is 24 hours per day. 

4. Schwartz’s

We highly recommend you to visit a must-try restaurant in old Montreal, Schwartz’s Restaurant. Smoked meat is the most well-known dish in the restaurant. Just one bite, your mind will float on the moon, and it is the reason why Schwartz’s Restaurant is considered as the most synonymous place in Montreal cuisine. Besides, a filling sandwich and famous pickle cost about 12$. Located in Saint-Laurent, the restaurant starts to open at 8:00 a.m and closes at 8:00 p.m.

5. Antep Kebap

Antep Kebap, a Turkish restaurant, is the cheapest restaurant in old Montreal. It is tough to find any place where you just need to spend only $8 for a standard meal in the city; however, Antep Kebap is. The restaurant is famous for grilled chicken sandwiches with freshly-baked Turkish bread. Located in Maisonneuve Blvd, the restaurant opens at 11 a.m and closes at 11 p.m.

6.Wilensky’s Light Lunch

Located in the Plateau -Mile End, Wilensky’s Light Lunch has remained their unique feature since 1932. The restaurant serves an all-beef salami and bologna sandwich, a Kaiser roll with mustard. If you don’t want mustard, you have to pay the extra price. Moreover, their tasty sandwich is under $5. It opens from 10 am till 4 pm all weekdays except Sunday & Monday. Let’s drop by the restaurant and try it.

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7. Nilufar

You can say that Nilufar can be referred to as heaven for students in Montreal. Located in the heart of Concordia University campus, you can enjoy a delicious pita for $2.5. The falafels and pitas are indeed a lifesaver because of their low price. Nilufar opens from Mon to Sat at 12 a.m till 7:00 p.m. 

8. Chalet Bar-B-Q

Chalet Bar-B-Q is the longest-standing restaurant in the history of old Montreal cuisine. It has had a reputation for outstanding tasty chicken meals since 1944. Moreover, it also serves a whole bird, half a chicken, or poutine. All dishes are from $10 to $15. It is in the number 456 Sherbrooke St Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Moreover, their business time is from 11 am – 9 pm, closed Monday & Tuesday.

9. Satay Brothers

Satay Brothers Restaurant in Montreal
Satay Brothers Restaurant in Montreal

In addition to their small stand at Atwater Market, it serves delicious buns and the impeccable Laksa soup full of various spices. All dishes are mostly homemade. When visiting there, you can enjoy the energetic atmosphere, and it is always crowded. The chefs and staff are hospitable to meet the needs of their diners. 

10. Ma Poule Mouillée

Ma Poule Mouillée is known as the Portuguese Grill Heaven in Montreal. Ma poule mouillée is covered with modern decor in the shape of metal and red. It specializes in Portuguese chicken. The taste of their chicken is irresistible. Besides, it also has pork, cheese, fries, and delicious gravy. Most of them are under $10. 

11. Falafel St. Jacques

Located in the heart of Lachine, Falafel St. Jacques can be considered as one of Montreal’s best falafel-makers. It majorly serves original vegetarian street food. Furthermore, it is also known as the bakery selling Jewish and Middle Eastern goods, from rugelach to babkas as well as halva croissants. These plates are very delicious and cost you about $9.

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12. Falafel Saint-Jacques

Falafel Saint-Jacques started to serve delicious, authentic, and affordable Middle Eastern veggie cuisine in 2015. It is one of the finest healthy-veggie spots in Montreal! Falafel is well-known for its excellent falafels. Their falafels are soft, fresh, and delectable.! All plates are new, generous, and delicious. Most importantly, the restaurant is an actual cheap place to eat in old Montreal. 

13. Tripolis restaurant

Tripolis is a Greek restaurant located in Chomedey, Laval, Montreal. The restaurant specializes in Greek cuisine. Their food is pretty cheap, and many diners are crazy about them. The inside decoration has remained since it opened. When visiting, you can offer diverse dishes from the menu, such as pikilia, taramasalata, skordalia, tzatziki, and exquisite dolmades. Their Greek salads are a famous dish of their restaurant containing all the seafood, and most ingredients are from local farms. Tripolis is genuinely a cheap place to eat with high quality in Montreal, which is the reason why it has still been so well-known until now.

To sum up, let’s visit the top 13 best cheap restaurants in Montreal above to discover particular Montreal cuisine! We cannot deny that Montreal cuisine is highly diverse and mysterious. Maybe, you have to spend your whole life trying all the dishes in the city. However, everything always takes time. If you have the heart of a food lover, you can do it!



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