Top 10 Best CEGEPs In Montreal 

 Top 10 Best CEGEPs In Montreal – Quebec

The CEGEP system can be considered as the most confusing factor in Quebec’s education. If you plan to study abroad at Montreal colleges, you should know about the CEGEP system and which colleges are worthy of applying to. Let’s try taking a look at this article to figure out what the CEGEP system is and the list of top 10 best CEGEPs in Montreal. 

 Top 10 Best CEGEPs In Montreal 
Top 10 Best CEGEPs In Montreal

1. What is the CEGEP system in Quebec, Canada?

CÉGEP (or CEGEP), first established in 1964 according to Bill 21, stands for “Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel” in French term. It means “ College of general and vocational education” in English. Most significantly, the concept is only valid for the province of Quebec and not used for any Canadian city. 

According to Michell William (2008, pp.03), he mentioned that the CEGEP system is an educational concept for a “unique junior college system” from high school to “a university education” or even “entry into the job market.” Compared to other Canadian states or provinces, it is the same as grades 12 and 13 in the educational system.

Moreover, William also pointed out that 48 CEGEPs serving more than 237,000 students annually and employing 13,000 teachers are located in Quebec currently. Besides, six of CEGEP’s English language institutions are situated in the largest Canadian city, Montreal. 

2. Top 10 Best CEGEPs In Montreal 

2.1. College Canada

If you desire to be a freshman of College Canada, you must have certificates, diplomas, and associate’s degrees to apply for it. Moreover, the College is divided into the development and improves service quality recommended by daycare and child development by providing a convenient living environment.

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Besides, the University also offers internship programs in various countries all over the world. Their students typically have to pay $7,200 for the living cost every year. The College stands at 35th of the best colleges in the world. The tuition and fee are approximately $8,186. 

2.2. McGill University

McGill University
McGill University

Located in Old Montreal, the University of McGill, a public research university, offers undergraduate and graduate certificate programs in various subjects. Plus, it provides international students with many scholarships, such as merit-based scholarships. The living cost students have to pay is about 18,527 dollars per year.

The University ranks at the 21st place of best universities in the world. Its fees and tuition have three types: 2.391 CAD for local tuition, 7,402 CAD for domestic tuition, and 29,200 CAD for international tuition. 

2.3. College LaSalle

College LaSalle, founded in 1959, is the College offering professional, College, and pre-university training. There are six schools, as a part of the educational system of Quebec, that specialize in their particular industries. Moreover, the College grants three kinds of diplomas and stands at the world’s top 50 best fashion schools. The fee and tuition can change yearly. 

2.4. Dawson College

The College was chartered in September 1945, and it offers degrees in diverse fields such as Art, Literature, Communication, Biology, Chemistry or even Civil Engineering, etc. Dawson College’s program is divided into pre-university and career/technical, known widely as the “Blues.”

The only College that owns the most intensive intercollegiate program in the country of the Maple leaf, Canada. In addition, it ranks at number 2901 in the world. The tuition and fees are not too expensive, about 1,430 dollars.

2.5. Herzing College-Montreal

Herzing College – Montreal grants diplomas, certificates, and associates of science degree or even nursing or healthcare, Master’s degree, etc. It is considered one of the top colleges with the highest quality and the most incredible market-driven training programs.

Most importantly, Herzing College-Montreal has spread geographical campus places across the world. It stands at the 117th – 153rd in top regional universities in the Midwest. 

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2.6. University de Montreal 

Founded in 1978, Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and medical degrees are offered in the University de Montreal. Depending on the student’s condition, the University can give loans, grants, and bursaries. It has over 300,000 members participating in the University’s intensive alumni network.

Furthermore, The University de Montreal, as a part of the U15, represents 15 Canadian research universities. Its global ranking is 35th. The fee and tuition for locals are nearly 2,000 CAD, and for domestic people are 7,500 CAD. 

2.7. Vanier College

Vanier College
Vanier College

As a second English-language public college, Vanier College offers twenty-five study programs and technical fields such as Computer Science, Liberal Art, or Mathematics in three years.

Students can take part in athletics games in soccer, football, rugby or basketball. $600-1,143/month are the living cost for students. Locals have to pay 1,080 CAD for tuition and fees, while international students pay about 12,500 CAD. Vanier College ranks at 6758 in the world.

2.8. HEC Montreal

HEC Montreal offers programs, including executive training and an online course platform, for undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates. It provides French MBA programs (full and part-time) as well as English MBA programs (full time). The tuition and fees are from $14,697 to $16,373. HEC Montreal ranks 48 in the regional University. 

2.9. University Concordia

The University Concordia. a public research university, offers programs of Bachelor and Masters degrees. There are two campuses and 21 departments with about 500 full-time members and 400 part-time members in the university. Most significantly, it has three huge libraries and various scholarships for students. The tuition and fee are 2,328 CAD for locals and 7,227.6 CAD for domestic citizens. 

2.10. College Rosemont

Founded in 1954, minors and majors in diverse fields such as Communication, Sport Management, English, Accounting, can be offered at the College Rosemont. Merit-based scholarships are available for students. Moreover, GPA and SAT or ACT scores are required for admission. The College ranks 129-170 in Regional Universities North. The fee and tuition are about 19,100 dollars. 

In conclusion, Quebec’s education is extremely unique because of the CEGEP system. The CEGEP aims to improve university education for more and more Canadians who can be easier to access and go straight into university after high school.

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Moreover, we cannot deny the high quality of the college and university there, especially in Montreal. Through the list of top 10 Best CEGEPs In Montreal, you can take a look to choose the most suitable college for yourself. 



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