Montreal is one of the largest and most populous cities in Canada. Following the spring of the most extended history, it can be referred to as a hot pot gathering a diverse cuisine culture in Canada. There are hundreds of restaurants located in old Montreal, with different cultural characteristics. How long have you been in the most ancient city? And do you know where to eat the most delicious casual food? Please take a look below and try choosing a place from our list of the top 15 best casual restaurants in Montreal. 


1. Stay Brother

Stay Brother is famous for Asian street food such as Singaporean street food or Malaysian and Southeast Asian street food. You can enjoy their delicious laksa soup, papaya salad with fabulous space any time of the year. 

2. Pho Tay Ho

This is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants serving favorable Pho in Montreal. It specializes in Vietnamese cuisine with traditional Vietnamese taste. The populated restaurant can easily occupy diners’ vulnerable hearts, especially the Vietnamese community in Canada. The restaurant also serves flavourful Bun Cha and grilled pork meat with smooth vermicelli and healthy herbs. 

3. Yokato Yokabai

No one does not know the reputation of Yokato Yokabai as the best ramen soup in Montreal. The menu is diverse, with different tastes from broths to toppings of ramen soups. The cha-shu-don is also the new favorite dish in this famous Japanese restaurant.

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4. Chez Doval

Located in Plateau-Mont-Royal, Chez Doval specializes in Portuguese cuisine. The restaurant is well-known for charcoal-grilled meats and fish. The food follows the unique Portuguese style, such as chicken or grilled fish. Chez Doval can be considered as the be-loved destination of Montreal citizens. 

5. Le Red Tiger

Le Red Tiger
Le Red Tiger

Le Red Tiger is a Vietnamese pub located in the Village. It specializes in Vietnamese street food such as the fried chicken wing eaten with Nuoc mam sauce or Vietnamese pancakes mixing pork and shrimp or even tofu. The in-house bartenders created their cocktail menu inspired by Asian ingredients.  

6. Mon Lapin

In Little Italy, there is a wine bar called Mon Lapin. The bar, including only 35 seats, serves 15 roasting dishes with local farm-clean ingredients. Moreover, you also have a chance to savor the collection of natural wines represented in the center of the room. Most significantly, Mon Lapin does not accept reservations. Therefore, remember to stop by soon to experience a special Mon Lapin!                        

7. La Capital Tacos

Located in the heart of Chinatown, La Capital Tacos, a family-run Taqueria, is a Mexican restaurant. The restaurant specializes in Mexican street food with charming flavors from their pork marinade. Tacos, refried beans, homemade salad, and Mexican Jicama salad are unique dishes of this restaurant. Let’s drop by this hot pot to discover Montreal cuisine during your next trip to Chinatown.      

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8. Un Po’ Di Più

Un Po’ Di Più is situated in the middle of glorious old Montreal. An emerging Italian restaurant with Parisian elegance and today’s sensibilities promoted a new brand behind Foxy and Olive & Gourmando. When visiting the restaurant, you can taste different creative plates, cocktails, or coffee.    

9. Le Vin Papillon

Ranking number five in Canada’s Best Restaurant, although Le Vin Papillon is not as new as Mon Lapin, the restaurant still attracts a massive number of customers due to their fresh, healthy vegetable dishes. However, their plates are sometimes cooked with butter or duck fat, not entirely vegetarian. Furthermore, their unique ham can make any diner float on the moon.   

10. Hanzo


From the Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec city projects, Hanzo has soon become a big name in the restaurant race. Influenced by the Crazy 88 scene in Kill Bill, the restaurant’s decor and menu are colorful and playful. Despite its fun setting, they serve super incredible Japanese food and delicious cocktails. When coming into Hanzo, you will be lost in the cinematic dreamscape and satisfied with the professional service.  

11. Melisse 

Melisse specializes in brunch, but it’s also opening for dinner now. Majorly serving fresh local food, their plates are always decorated with the light, new image as airy decor. Besides, the restaurant has a peaceful space, which suits anyone who wants to enjoy sipping a cup of hot coffee and savor delicious dishes after hard-working days. 

12. Le Kioko

Situated in Saint-Henri, Le Kioko represents Montreal’s best sushi. They concentrate on clean ingredients to make the best quality of Japanese food in the city. As a result, their food flavors can blow your mind away. You can offer takeout or delivery when you do not want to directly visit and eat at the restaurant.    

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13. Foiegwa  

Foiegwa is named as “the French-with-hints-of-American” restaurant in the middle of St-Henri. It serves an outstanding selection of meat such as bourguignon with black cod and local organic fried chicken. With the simple decor, you can enjoy a fine-dining experience there. Besides, an American-style cocktail is a must-try drink when visiting the restaurant.

14. Mae Sri

MaeSri is a famous Thai restaurant in ancient Montreal. It is considered a Thai noodle counter. Somehow, it is the unique pot for casual meals for tourists or anyone traveling to Montreal. Even though their price dishes are pretty cheap, their flavors are pretty good and delectable. They also serve vegetarian dishes to suit more and more diners.        

15. Agrikol

Agrikol is a new emerging trend in Gay Village. This Haitian restaurant belongs to Arcade Fire’s Regine Chassagne and Win Butler, Jen Agg, and a celebrity-Roland. All the appearance of the restaurant is a piece of art showing through the restaurant walls. Inspired by a tropical and Caribbean vibe, the dining room is incredibly decorated with gorgeous views covered by live Haitian music every night. The food is pretty delicious, and the service is entirely professional and enthusiastic. 

In conclusion, the variety of Montreal cuisine creates a premise for being the hottest pot attracting many tourists visiting Montreal, which plays an ultimate role in tourism development. Do not miss the list above, and remember to stop by soon to discover mysterious Montreal cuisine!


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