Top 10 Best Butchers in Montreal

Top 10 Best Butchers in Montreal

The old Montreal is not only well-known for unique cuisines such as carrot cakes, but it also has a reputation for being one of the best places selling fresh and amazing meat in Canada. There are hundreds of butchers with professional cuts in Canada. The article below shares you with the top 10 best butchers in Montreal. Let’s take a look and pick the best meat from the op butcher for your family meal!

Top 10 Best Butchers in Montreal
Top 10 Best Butchers in Montreal

1. Boucherie Aga

Boucherie Aga is situated in St-Leonard. They specialize in famous prime rib cuts and serve meat for many Montreal restaurants like Lucca in Little Italy. Besides, Boucherie Aga also specializes in Drummondville’s grain-fed chicken and 14-week aged beef. Most importantly, when visiting there, do not forget to buy unique imported Italian foods, especially Sicilian products such as oil-packed tuna, nut pastes, and olive oils.

2. Boucherie de Tours

Boucherie de Tours has the best meat from Atwater Market’s butchers. Boucherie de Tours can be referred to as the most amazing butcher in the Atwater Market. They supply Joe Beef’s meat. Furthermore, their unique products such as goose foie gras and Kamouraska lamb are pretty famous and delicious. Besides, They are famous for professional Montreal chefs. Boucherie de Tour is an excellent choice for looking for something unique and special, especially French cuts.

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3. Boucherie de Paris

Boucherie de Paris
Boucherie de Paris

Boucherie de Paris, situated in the Cote-des-Neiges neighborhood, is known as a famous butcher shop as well as a popular sandwich place for Universite de Montreal students. They are well-known for Artisanal Bacon. Many diners say that the beef here is as good as the Anjou-Quebec’s pricier beef. The Flank Steak is their most unique cut. If you’re living in this area, remember to drop by the store for a sandwich and a prime cut.

4. Boucherie A. Belanger et Fils

Boucherie A. Belanger et Fils is located in the same place as Boucherie de Tours – Atwater market. Boucherie A. Belanger et Fils has sold the best butchers for around 90 years. Plus, they have a reputation for preserved and organic lamb shanks as well as lamb shoulder selections, and meat selections marinated. 

5. Le Maître Boucher

Le Maître Boucher has opened since 1979 and relocated to a larger building in 2008. It is a famous butcher shop not only for the butchers’ counter filled with delectable looking meats and poultry but all the products with a gourmet feast as well. Le Maître Boucher specializes in shish taouk and Portuguese Style chickens, homemade sausages as well as favorable lacquered ducks. Most of their products are first-rate. Since Brothers Frédéric and Jean-Fabien Lévesque took over this family business, English and French customers have chatted with the butchers and picked up some homemade stock.

6. Boucherie Père & Fils

Boucherie Père & Fils
Boucherie Père & Fils

Boucherie Père & Fils is a French butcher shop founded in September 2013. It  is run by butcher team Olivier and Laurent Dupuy. The customers can easily recognize the large sides of beef, as well as all the lamb, chicken, and pork, through their glass windows. All their meat types are from local farmers. A list of all Dupuys’ suppliers is always available on a blackboard by the front door. Plus, Boucherie Père & Fils is also an excellent place to buy top-notch French charcuterie such as rillettes, pâté de campagn or pâté de foie. Many customers are attracted by their meats such as pulled pork and tangy, tender barbecue ribs. 

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7. Boucherie Lawrence

Boucherie Lawrence was opened in Mile End in June 2013. Led by Sefi Amir, Ethan Wills, Annika Krausz, and chef Marc Cohen, a foodie-hipster favorite run by the team behind the great Lawrence restaurant. Due to their excellent butcher shop, it has soon become the most outstanding choice for many restaurants. Furthermore, the butcher recommends diverse products such as cream, butter, cheese, and terrific homemade sandwiches. In addition, they are on top of hamburger patties and the delicious occasional chocolate-chip cookie. More significantly, Marc Teeft, the Head butcher, is willing to guide you through the array of homemade sausages, terrines, rillettes, saucissons, and salami, as well as the chicken, pork and aged beef. All of these products come from local producers.

8. Slovenia

Slovenia is referred to as the old-school butcher shop. The shop is a popular place with stunning Eastern-European-style homemade sausages, as well as French favorites such as boudin blanc, home-smoked pork loins, or Toulouse sausages and piles of sauerkraut. More especially, their meats such as Kamouraska lamb were sold for several restaurants in huge numbers. Besides, the store is also well-known for imported gourmet foodstuffs selections because of its great prices and friendly butchers in old Montreal.  

9. Boucherie le Marchand du Bourg

 Boucherie le Marchand du Bourg
Boucherie le Marchand du Bourg

Marc Bourg is often called the legend of dry-aged beef in old Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is also known as the Boucherie le Marchand du Bourg’s master. Aged for 40, 120, 180, or 350 days, his meat possesses the most incredible taste there. Moreover, he’s also taking responsibility for the freshness of dry-aged beef. Although his Alberta beef is not quite expensive or even cheaper than many stores, it is still as impressive as the aged Quebec beef due to its meltingly tender flesh and flavors of blue cheese and foie gras. That is the reason why their meat quality is still the best.

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10. Epicerie Latina

Located in the heart of Mile End, Epicerie Latina is one of the most expensive grocery stores located in the heart of Mile End. It is not only one of the best stores to food-shop but it is a heck of a butcher counter as well. It is under the control of Bernard Coat and Alexis Bissonnett – the butcher’s dream team. The store specializes in gorgeous aged beef, masterful cuts, and the boucheries in Paris’s most sophisticated arrondissements. Even though their beef price is quite high, the quality follows.

To sum up, there is the list of the top 10 best butchers in Montreal. Do not forget to drop by one of the greatest places on the list in order to serve the most fabulous meal with incredible meats for your beloved family! Moreover, Montreal is truly a mysterious destination for everyone to discover endlessly, from their cuisine to their history as well as locals living in the city, especially in Chinatowns. 

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