Where to find the best bagels in Montreal, ranked (21 Places)

Where to find the best bagels in Montreal, ranked (21 Places)

Montreal’s bagel scene is booming right now and there are plenty of artisanal bakeries making some truly unique creations on every corner.

In Canada, bagel shops serve as a place where people go to hang out and meet. They can be found in nearly every neighborhood of the city, from the West Island to the East End to the South Shore, and even in the downtown core.

Here’s where you can get great bagels at a great price in Montreal. These are the 21 bagel shops worth visiting when you’re looking for a delicious and cheap bagel in Montreal.

Where to find the best bagels in Montreal

1. St-Viateur Bagel

St-Viateur has a wood-fired oven that’s been running since 1957, making it a landmark in Montreal’s bagels’ long and storied history.

This shop has never lost its Mile End beginnings, even as it has gained international renown and expanded into many bakeries and cafés.

Everything about it is a work of art, from the pile of fresh dough to the sheeba-tossed toss to the mouthwatering taste.

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2. Fairmount Bagel

Make no mistake, Fairmount is the original bagel baker in the city, having been at its position since 1949. The same century-old recipes, traditions and techniques have been followed over generations to make world acclaimed bagels.

Open 24 hours a day, eating from here is one of the necessary meals in Montreal: A package of six fresh sesame bagels, a jar of cream cheese (add smoked salmon if you’re feeling luxury) and that’s all. Dig it and be astonished.

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3. Bagel St-Lo

It’s been open since 2014, yet the Verdun, Quebec-based Bagel St-Lo stands as a worthy representative of Montreal’s storied bagel culture.

Their bakery, run by husband and wife team Philippe St-Laurent and Isa Lora Messier, is also an excellent restaurant serving up eggs benedict on bagels. This is something the OGs rarely do. A true New York-Montreal mashup, right there.

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4. Le Trou

As soon as Le Trou opened its doors, it quickly became a hit in both Griffintown and Old Montreal, even though the owners of the business hadn’t made a bagel before.

Everything about this bagel is made in front of your eyes, from the hand-rolling to the pre-baking to the dipping and baking in honey water to the final product. The smoked salmon and Charlevoix cream cheese bagel is a must-try.

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5. R.E.A.L. Bagel

Providing the greatest bagels in the Côte des-Alpes region One of the best bakeries in Montreal is Neiges, which is located directly next to the Décarie subway station.

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R.E.A.L. Restaurants set out to create a menu unlike any other. In addition to the standard poppy seed and sesame seed types, Bagel now offers Oreo and French Toast variations.

We’re not sure whose award they’re referring to when they say they offer “award-winning” bagels on their website, but the honor that counts most is our admiration. R.E.A.L.I.T. is a good rule of thumb.

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6. Brossard Bagel

In other words, the greatest bagels in town don’t have to be located on the Island. A fine Montreal bagel has made its way to Brossard, a little village on the southern coast of the city’s harbor, thanks to imports.

Numerous locals and tourists to the Saint-Lawrence River have been won over by the way they do things and the flavor they serve.

Brossard Bagel is creating the greatest, and you may become the devil’s advocate in the room if you say so.

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7. Ville-Émard Bagels

Locals are increasingly showing their affection for the Mile End, but the southwest part of town is catching up.

Besides a variety of wood-fired foods, there are other baked delicacies such as pastel de natas, strudels, and knishes available, but most people are content to just get their smoked meat bagel sandwich for an ideal Montrealer snack.

Stop by for a bag of the week’s changing flavor.

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8. Bagels on Greene

The affluent suburb of Westmount, which functions as a city inside a city, is free to do anything it wants. While it has its own municipal hall, police department, plumbing, and even a bagels shop, it is still a Montreal suburb.

Located in the heart of the city, this bakery and deli is a popular destination for residents who come to enjoy its “fusion cuisine” of Indian and Italian food.

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9. MTL Bagel Shop

Since it opened in Côte Saint-Luc in 1992, Glen Spence’s bagel store has enjoyed a devoted following. It takes MTL Bagel’s more than five hours to cut and roll 5,000 pounds of dough each day to make over 2,000 bagels.

There are so many flavors to choose from here that it’s saying something. Try a hot all-dressed bagel or a coconut bagel with a jalapeo pepper. Don’t snub it; Spence’s work is excellent.

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10. District Bagel

One of Mount Royal’s best-known eateries since 2008, District Bagel serves up a variety of options on its menu.

As well as sandwiches and soup, this kosher cafe serves freshly fresh bagels of a cakier consistency in 18 flavors as well as a variety of other baked items, such as delicious blintzes and Danishes.

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11. Bagel St-Henri

Bagel St-Henri is one of several excellent and inexpensive breakfast restaurants in Saint-Henri.

This establishment is an oddity in the city since it sells a bigger, fluffier German version of the bagel, off the beaten route of its neighborhood’s main strip.

If we’re going to give credit where it’s due, and this bagle bakery has earned it, it should be given credit for the good prices and affection its proprietors provide.

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12. Dizz’s Bagel & Deli

When Steve Dizgun and Irwin Dizgun left R.E.A.L. Bagel in 1995, they decided to create their own store.

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In response to the restricted selection of baked goods, cream cheese, and lox available at local bagel shops, they opened a café with one of the city’s largest menus, which includes a modest selection of Chinese entrees and kosher sides in addition to wraps, salads, desserts, and breads of various kinds.

The rainbow bagel is a trademark of Montreal, and they’re proud of it.

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13. Bagelmania

Lest we forget anything on the northern borders of Montreal, consider Bagelmania: If you find yourself forlornly stranded in Laval and aching for the city’s iconic goods, they’ve got what you need, and it’s not just a placebo.

With more than 10 years in the bagel industry, it’s evolved to be a trusty mainstay for Lavalians with a recipe that’s a touch more pumped up in size, but with all the same flavor.

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14. La Fabrique de Bagel

At first, the 1000 de la Gauchetière tower’s hungry workers were served by a downtown bakery, but it has now grown into a staple at five sites around the city (with a sixth on the way at the time of this writing).

Traditional-style bagels are served here, although they aren’t baked in a wood-fired oven. However, the grab-and-go bacon, cheese, and egg, balsamic-sprinkled prosciutto and brie, and maple cream cheese with bacon are hard to argue with.

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15. Hinnawi Bros. Bagel & Café

There are four sites of Hinnawi Bros., a newcomer to Montreal’s bagel market, and they show no indications of slowing down any time soon.

Over a dozen sandwich options are available, from the simple Petit Québec egg and cheese to the Milanais, a fried chicken escalope topped with swiss cheese and spicy mayo, making it an excellent lunch option.

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16. Nosherz

Those who grew up in the West End remember Nosherz as a one-man shop selling bagels door-to-door.

In order to meet the demand for bagels and all they came with, their reinvention saw enough soups, sides, and dessert options to cater everything from a bris to a Bar Mitzvah.

Consider Nosherz’s reintroduction of the cheese bagel, which has been largely overlooked in bagel-centric conversation.

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17. Beaubien Bagel

It’s a bare-bones company in La Petite-Patrie, but it’s a successful bagel alternative for the locals. Bagels are all there is: Beaubien’s menu features 11 flavors and a few sandwiches.

Some people claim that their bread has a fluffier texture than bread from well-known chains, which we believe makes for better sandwich bread.

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18. Bagel Etc

Bagel Etc was famously a favorite place of artist Leonard Cohen. According to Eater Montreal, the Canadian singer-songwriter would have a bagel, bacon, eggs, and an allongé for his customary.

An proprietor of Bagel Etc even previously told the source, “Leonard Cohen was and always will be a big friend of the Bagel.” Aside from receiving the blessing of the popular songwriter, Bagel Etc is a crowd-pleasing brunch restaurant.

This specific Montreal cafe provides one sort of bagel: sesame. As it seems to be the top choice of bagel in the city, it’s a safe option to include on the menu.

Per Bagel Etc’s DoorDash page, there is at least one type of cream cheese available, as well as smoked salmon toppings. There are also various other breakfast plates of potatoes, eggs, and protein available here.

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Bagels are purportedly purchased from Fairmount, a neighboring bagel store in Montreal. Bagel Etc is not the only store to source from other bakers. A couple more on the list source from Fairmount’s rival, St-Viateur.

This iconic restaurant – open since 1982 (through Instagram) — has a long-running dispute with Beautys (via Eater) (via Eater). The eateries are located close each other and are both noted for their bagels.

Although the locales are similar, Beautys obtains their bagels from St-Viateur. Overall, Bagel Etc is worth mentioning as a spot to taste Fairmount’s famed bagels with trimmings in a nice diner environment.

19. Beautys

On this list, Beauty’s Luncheonette is one of the oldest establishments, having opened its doors in 1942. It’s not simply a bagel store; it’s a classic diner with an extensive menu.

According to the menu, Beautys’ most popular meal is “Mish-Mash,” an egg hash with hot dogs, salami, green bell peppers, and onions.

Beautys’ bagel selection is somewhat limited. On Instagram, you can see a sesame seed bagel being served. In addition, there are just a few possibilities for cream cheese.

The “Beautys Special,” commonly known as the “Big Mac,” is the best option for a bagel sandwich. Tomato, red onion, and capers top a smoked salmon bagel sandwich.

On his travel show “The Layover,” Anthony Bourdain had this sandwich while visiting Montreal.

Having had Beautys’ bagel sandwich, the renowned chef had to rethink his preference for New York bagels in favor of Montreal’s version. In the end, Bourdain said that he loved the Montreal-style bagel’s crispness and sweetness.

Beautys, despite all of this, has to be ranked low on our list. According to Frommer’s, their bagels come from St-Viateur. It needs to create its own bagels if it wants to rise in the rankings.

20. Montreal Kosher Bakery


Shops like Montreal Kosher Bakery, a family-owned and run enterprise, have been preserving the ancient 17th century custom of the Polish Jews alive.

With three generations of Jewish bakers behind the counter, the store, which opened its doors in 1976, offers delectable Jewish specialties including challah and potato knish.

Before you go, don’t forget to order some whole-wheat U-shaped cheese bagels and full-circle bagels.

21. O’Bagel

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

This bakery, which uses a gas and wood-burning hybrid oven to bake its bagels, has only been around for a year, but don’t let its youth deter you from trying it out. The bakers at Marche Jean-Talon may be young, but they have a wealth of experience and a passion for what they do that is contagious. O’Bagel is bringing the artisanal side of things to a classic by serving gourmet and natural cream cheeses, bagelwiches, and bagels to take home.


If you’re looking for the best bagels in Montreal, you’re in luck! There are so many good bagel shops here that you’ll definitely find your favorites.

Whether you prefer your bagels with cream cheese and lox, or on a shmear of butter, the options here are endless. In addition, Montreal has lots of other delicious foods to try.

So, if you’re ever looking for a new way to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll find it all in this beautiful city.

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