16 Best Places Where All You Can Eat Sushi Montreal

16 Best Places Where All You Can Eat Sushi Montreal

If you love sushi, you will be pleased to know that this city has a lot of amazing restaurants where you can eat sushi for free or at a very reasonable price.

Nowadays, people tend to visit restaurants to enjoy the freshness of a meal they’ve cooked at home or the comfort of a familiar menu.

But, not all of us can eat sushi everyday, and some people might feel a little hesitant to eat at a restaurant. Here, we present the 16 best places where you can eat sushi at all hours and without spending too much money!

Best all you can eat sushi spots in Montreal

1. Sushi St Denis

For the best sushi in Montreal, sushi fans should head to Sushi St. Denis. Visiting Sushi St. Denis is money well spent if you value your taste buds and genuine Japanese food.

You’ll feel right at home in the relaxing and tranquil atmosphere of our sushi restaurant.

In addition, the restaurant’s lunch and supper menus have a wide variety of tasty options.

These range from appetizers to sushi pizza to sushi maki rolls to house rolls to hand rolls. Sushi St. Denis offers healthful options at rock-bottom costs, which is a major advantage.

2. Takumi Sushi

Takumi Sushi is your best bet in Montreal for a wide variety of sushi options. Sashimis, Makis, Woks, Nigiri, grilled, and more delectable sushi meals can be found at this trendy Montreal restaurant.

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Takumi Sushi uses only the freshest fish and other ingredients to deliver a true Japanese dining experience. Since they only provide soft drinks, you may as well bring your own wine and enjoy it twice as much.

There is service at the restaurant six days a week (5:00 PM to 9:30 PM). Sunday hours for Takumi Sushi are between noon and three o’clock and five o’clock and nine o’clock.

So, take your loved ones to Takumi Sushi on the weekends if you want to have a good time.

3. Tokyo Sushi Bar

A second excellent Montreal sushi buffet is Tokyo Sushi Bar. You and your loved ones may enjoy a variety of tasty sushi meals at this restaurant.

In conclusion, if you find yourself in Old Montreal with a taste for sushi, Tokyo Sushi Bar is where you should go. Not only is the setting peaceful and relaxing, but the food and service are also top-notch.

Additionally, each sushi meal is made to order and grilled right in front of your eyes. You and your buddies will keep coming back for more sushi and drinks.

So if you’re looking for delicious sushi in a relaxing atmosphere, we suggest Tokyo Sushi bar.

4. Sushi Plus

At Sushi Plus, you can choose from a broad variety of delicious sushi meals prepared by skilled chefs that only use organic ingredients and seasonings.

Soups and salads are available as starters, and then you may go on to the sushi of your choosing.

Sushi Plus offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi, as well as conventional tempura meals.

Snapper sushi, rainbow maki rolls, and avocado maki rolls stuffed with fresh cucumbers are just a few of the sushi pairings available. You can get sushi delivered to your door from Sushi Plus, and they have great prices.

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5. Sushi Kanda

You can fill up on sushi until you drop at Sushi Kanda. It’s a nice place for grownups, kids, and everyone in between to get together and eat. If you’re looking for healthful, high-quality Japanese food, we suggest Sushi Kanda.

Montreal’s Sushi Kanda has earned a stellar reputation among locals for its delicious sushi and relaxing, contemporary atmosphere, making it the ideal spot for group dinners and date nights alike.

You won’t find better service or more delicious meals anyplace else in Montreal than at this restaurant.

6. Kuu Bistro

Address: 1219 Phillips Square, Montreal.

Website: More info.

If you’re looking for excellent AYCE sushi in Montreal, go no further than Kuu Bistro. There is an abundance of delicious, freshly caught seafood. You receive a lot of value for your money.

7. Sushi Crescent

Address: 1437 rue Crescent, Montreal.

Website: More info.

That there is always a line at this sushi bar is proof of the quality of the food served there. Their all-you-can-eat (AYCE) lunch for $17.99 or their AYCE supper for $25.99 are unbeatable in the downtown area.

8. Sushi Sainte Catherine

Address: 1801 rue Saint-Catherine O, Montreal

Website: More info.

The owners of the nearby Sushi St. Denis have opened a new restaurant in the Guy-Concordia neighborhood, and it’s called Sushi Sainte Catherine.

9. Sushi Palace

Address: 5 locations on the island, find yours here.

Website: More info.

The all you can eat sushi at Sushi Palace is very cheap, making it a popular choice for lunch and supper. You’ll need to bring a big appetite if you want to sample everything on the menu.

10. Hasu

Address: 1800, boul. St-Martin O in Laval & 2762, boul. St-Charles on West Island.

Website: More info.

The two Hasu sushi restaurants in the city show that excellent AYCE does not need venturing into the heart of the metropolis. Additionally, they have a nice variety of alcoholic beverages.

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11. Sushi St-Jean

Address: 1000 boulevard Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire.

Website: More info.

In the western part of the island, you’ll find a restaurant with an insane sushi assortment and excellent prices. A restaurant special for $23.99 can’t be topped.

12. Sushi Crystal

Address: 4075 Rue Sainte-Catherine O., Westmount.

Website: More information.

Sushi Crystal is one of the greatest locations to obtain all-you-can-eat sushi, and it’s a favorite among all of us. You may get a wide range of goods at fair prices there.

13. Fisshu

Address: 537 Rue Sainte-Catherine O., Montreal.

Website: More information.

Bring your own wine or Sapporo and enjoy unlimited sushi at this BYOB restaurant. That’s what I call a cheap meal!

14. Kalbi

Address: 1017 boul. Saint Laurent, Montreal.

Website: More info.

Here you may order as much as you like from a menu that includes hot plates and Nigiri.

15. Taiyo Sushi

Address: 1709 rue Denis St, Montreal.

Website: More info.

Lunch and supper AYCE sushi at Taiyo is excellent. The romantic atmosphere here is just another reason to bring your significant other here.

16. Yoko Montreal

Address: 4747 rue Jean-Talon Est, Montreal.

Website: More info.

This AYCE sushi restaurant in St-Leonard offers a fantastic ambience and uses fresh products. Their menu is just $26 on weekdays and $30 on weekends.


The top spots are the places where the chef, the restaurant, and the ambience combine to create an unforgettable dining experience.

They all provide fresh, quality ingredients with an impeccable service that ensures you’ll leave satisfied, hungry, and with an appetite for more.

So, when it comes to Sushi, I’ve narrowed it down to 16 of the very best sushi restaurants in Montreal to give you the best sushi experience you’ve ever had!

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