A new microbrewery to discover at Time Out Market Montréal

A new microbrewery to discover at Time Out Market Montréal

After a few years of travelling to the UK to enjoy its beer, Canadian beer connoisseurs are finally getting a taste of their own beer with a new brewery launching this month in Montreal.

This is a place where you’ll feel at home from the very first sip. We only offer a small selection of handcrafted beer and cider at our bar. At the heart of this concept lies the desire to share the love of brewing and enjoy it together.

A new brewery is opening its doors at Time Out Market Montréal this year. Let’s have a look at what’s on offer!

What makes Microbrasserie Charlevoix unique?

It all started with a Belgian beer bottle. Father-in-best law’s buddy brought a Belgian beer to the Tremblays’ one evening. Frédérick Tremblay was delighted.

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Frédérick was so taken by the bottle of Chimay that he began making his own tiny batches of the pleasant beverage.

Everything changed for him and Caroline Bandulet (his future wife and business partner) once they began brewing with an all-grain kit.

Frédérick, whose origins were securely in the Charlevoix area, determined that the pair should establish their brewing business there.

Fast-forward to 1998, when their restaurant Le Saint-Pub debuted, selling Belgian-style beers and meals inspired by the beer made on-site.

In 2001, Nicolas Marrant joined Frédérick following an internship at the Abbaye des Rocs in Belgium (followed by a second at the Charlevoix microbrewery, where the two met) (followed by a second at the Charlevoix microbrewery, where the two met).

The pals make top-of-the-line beers together to this day, while Caroline, a graphic designer, designs the labels.

Having gained an international following by then, the brewery relocated its operations to newer and more up-to-date facilities in order to keep up with demand.

The factory will shift once more in 2023, this time to treble its current output. Flacatoune, Blanche de Charlevoix, Dominus Vobiscum Double and Triple, Vache Folle ESB and Milk Stout.

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All Belgian-inspired beers, are brewed in the heart of Baie-Saint-Paul, although the microbrewery’s goods may be found across Charlevoix and the rest of Ontario.

What beers will be available at Time Out Market Montréal?

A new series of four beers will be on display at Microbrasserie Charlevoix beginning in the first week of June: Blnx (a refreshing Premium Lager), La Vache Folle ESB (a strong red ale with floral, hoppy aromas).

The Sour French Kiss (a sour thirst-quencher with cranberry and blackcurrant flavors), and the Scotch Ale Fumée (notes of peat-smoked barley, whiskey, caramel, yeast and cookies).

What food from Time Out Market Montréal pairs best with my beer?

With seating for up to 100 people, Time Out Market Montréal’s bar is the perfect place to relax with a cold beer or three. Check out our recommended pairings for food and drink from some of the city’s best chefs and restaurants.

Lemongrass beef carpaccio with shrimp fries with a fried egg on top from Blnx + Le Red Tiger.

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Poké bowls containing tuna and sour French Kiss (rice, ponzu sauce, green onion, avocado, cucumber mixed salad, mango, sweet potato, fried wonton, nori, spicy japanese mayonnaise and homemade teriyaki sauce)

Chanthy Yen’s truffle fries with parmesan cheese and La Vache Folle ESB

Chicken poutine with Campo’s grilled chicken and So Jorge cheese curds (along with chorizo chips and house chicken sauce) and a Scotch Ale Fumée

A local microbrewery is given the opportunity to showcase its greatest offerings at Time Out Market Montreal’s Beer Bar every month.


A new microbrewery to discover at Time Out Market Montréal is coming soon. We’ve created an exciting line of brews that are perfect for your next dinner party or backyard BBQ.

Whether you’re looking to introduce your friends to craft beer, or just looking to have some fun with friends and family, we’ve got you covered.

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